Ek Mutthi Aasman 11th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 11th October 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 11th October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Raghav gets the call from mishra. He says yes i have arrived here and i am not feeling good here. Nettu over hears and Raghav sees her too. She checks raghav’s phone, he comes in and says bad manners aunty you are not supposed to check someone’s phone. She says i was just seeing your phone is good. she then makes another excuse that i was just here to ask if you are okay? He says yes i am.

Scene 2
Kalpi and Diviyah are going by walk to Nettu’s house.Kalpana says will we go by walk? Ai asked to hire an auto. Diviyah says we will get one a little far from here. Dharminder sees them and offers them a drive. He gives kalpi a chocolate and one to diviyah as well. He asks kalpi how was her school
? she says i have got my result but i will first tell my ai. Dharminder is constantly staring at diviyah. Kalpana nags that you are not listening to me you are just staring Diviyah from the mirror. He says no no i was just looking at the traffic.

Scene 3
Kamla asks Paki to eat the meal. She is busy playing the game on a phone. Kamla asks whose phone is this? Paki rewceives a call on the phone and says that she is not here. Kalpi and diviyah come in. Kalpana says look ai i ahve good full numbers i am first in the whole school. Teacher has said excellent to me. Kamla asks Paki it was your result today too? Where is your report car. Nettu comes in and asks her to show the result. She says if its good then i will buy you the same phone. Paki shows her report card to nettu. Kamla asks kalpi to show her to nettu. Nettu gets angry when she sees the result of kalpi. She says that keep your girl to you. Kalpana says to kamla that she has failed. Nettu says that its all because of you kamla you just focus on your girl and never stop her from playing. Nettu says that I will not sign this report. Paki says i will get sin from kamla maa, nettu says she will thumb it i will see how your teacher will accept that.
Paki goes to her room and angrily throws things away. She says its all because of the teacher she is jealous of me. Kamla asks her to calm down. She says i don’t like that teacher. Kamla asks her to learn from kalpi. Paki says no i don’t wanna learn. Kamla says you have to. Its even to learn from teacher or kalpi. Paki says okay i will learn from kalpi. Kamla says okay teach her kalpi. kalpi says that i ma studying english. Kamla sasy teach her yet. They start studying. Raghav comes in and sees them studying. Whats wrong, why are you staring me ? Asks paki. She says lookraghav is staring at me. Kamla says call him raghav brother. she says no i won’t. Raghav says leaves her she doesn’t even knows maths. Paki tells her all what she has learned so far.
Kamla tells nettu that paki is studying. When nettu some sin she finds her studying from kalpi. Kamla is really happy to see them. Paki is enjoying it and asks her to do more. Nettu says so these are my days a m maids daughter is teaching my daughter. She sees their future in which kalpi is the boss and poki is a maid, poki is serving kalpi. Seh says no this is not possible. then Kalpana shouts at paki saying why can’t you understand. She remebers what guuru ji said about kalpi. She says i will never let this happen. She gets in and takes all the copied and says this is too much will she teach you now. She says to kamla what will your daughter teach me she doesn’t knows anything by herself. Paki says leave my hand i wanna study from kalpana. Nettu says to kamla that don’t show your talent to my daughter. Kamla says stop it madam i work here not kalpana. Love doesn’t sees rich poor it multiplies when given. Kalpi gives her notes while giving to paki. Kamla says don’t you see madam doesn’t needs help.

Precap-Kamla and paki are leaving. PAki is begging them to stay. She asks nettu to leave her hand.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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