Ek Mutthi Aasman 11th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 11th November 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 11th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Kalpi is working in Nettu’s house. Nettu says top her hey wanna be madam this crockery is very expensive if it breaks you will have to pay whole of your life. Kalpi says madam can i go ? Ai will be worried about me. Nettu insults her in front of her friends and says when you wanted money fro the same Ai you were working so hard in this house. Now everything is done so you are not interested in work. Nettu asks Kalpi to fry the chips. Kalpi even doesn’t know hoe to turn on the gas.
Nettu asks Kalpi to clean the floor kamla comes in with paki and pakiya. Kalpi drops the plate on floor looking at them. Nettu is so angry but kalpi isn’t listening to her. kamla comes and slaps kalpi. Nettu and her friends are dazed. kamla says you no right to break our dream. She asks Pakiya to take her home. Nettu says don’t need to shout. Clean this first kalpi you have to complete your work i paid the bill completely. Kamla shouts at pakiya to take her home. Nettu says she is my maid i have paid her for that. Call her otherwise i will i will call police. kamla says yes call them i will tell them that you have hired a small girl in this. kamla shouts you have betrayed me madam. You wanted that i don’t want her to work that is why you paid my bill so you can make my daughter your maid. You have no right to shatter anyone’s dream. Nettu says what will a maid’s daughter become instead of tyhe same. Kamla says this is the return of my love ? I loved your daughter like mine but when it was my daughter’s turn you took her childhood from her. at least think about the milk i fed paki with. I used to let kalpi sleep on floor just to feed your daughter. I had to ignore pakiya, my husband broke and you made my daughter a maid. You forgot everything, everything. Mummy ji asks did kamla feed paki ? Is that true nettu ? Nettu is just so embarrassed. She says you couldn’t keep quiet this is wait you have been waiting for all these years? Nettu and kamla both are in tears and so is paki. Kamla leaves. Mummy ji asks was that true what kamla was saying ? Nettu says she was just a maid and what will she say you will believe. Paki says she was right i know why i hate you now. You even didn’t feed me. That same kamla maa took care of me when you were busy in your partied. Now i know why i love her so much because she is my real mom not you. She leaves and so do all of nettu’s friends.
paki is crying in her room. Nettu says what do you know why i didn’t feed you ? Did someone ask me what i felt through all this.

Scene 2
kamla is on her way to home she is crying. There nettu is crying on sahil’s shoulder. Kalpi says to kamla that ai all i did was to save you baba was trying so hard i had no option then her. Please forgive me i know you never wanted me to work. Just talk to me please. She hugs her. Vitthal asks kalpi to go out and leave ai alone for a few moments. She says no i won’t. Vitthal says then just don’t cry i will talk to her. kalpi leaves and pakiya too.
Outside Pakiya swipes kalpi’s tears and says she is just sad because of her illness. kalpi says that’s alright but just ask her to talk to me.
kamla says to vitthal that i wanna die after seeing all that. Vitthal says why don’t you understand she did all this for you and me. kamla says do you believe the same that maid’s daughter will be maid ? This was your dream too. But all that is happeneing and we can’t blame kalpi. We will never let our shortcomings be hers vitthal. I know what should i do now. Vitthal asks what ? she says i have to send her away from me.

Precap- Nettu tells sahil that poki has gone from the house she must have gone to kamla. This woman has made my life hell. Sahil asks the security about paki..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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