Ek Mutthi Aasman 11th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Mutthi Aasman 11th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Vitthal says you were waiting for him in wedding dress but he never came. He broke our dreams. We are nit like thme who break relationships in moments. He says kamal forget what all your dreams. She doesn’t deserve them. She took advantahge of our trust and love. She made fun of us. Vitthak says i used to be proud of her. I used to wish everyone gets a daughter like kalpi. Whom will say all this to now ? What will i say to people. You ahve proved me wrong kalpi. Kalpi says baba i.. He is about to slap again. Kamla stops him and says you never slapped her in whole life. Vitthal says she has lost all the respect Kamla. She has broken my trust. I was so wrong whole my life. I was wrong that parents should not beat kids. You broke me kalpi. Kamla says stop is Vitthal lets go home.

Scene 2
There are Kalpi’s pictures all over Raghav;s bed. He says just come in my life kalpi. Our fate wants us to be together as well. We will be together one day. He kisses Kalpi’s photo and places it on his chest.

Scene 3
Kalpi is crying the rain. She looks at the sindur mixed in the rain water on the floor. She tries to collect it but she can’t. She and puts it in her head. Kamla comes there and looks at Kalpi crying. She sits with her. Kamla says kalpi, you are not getting your ai baba but understand the signs of nature. Evern God does not want you to pick this sindur up. He has washed it in rain. What you thibnk i can’t differenciate between raind drops and your tears. i know what you feel and i know you are right but sometime life confuses us. We have to come out of those confusions. Life is to live, to move forward. Your baba is right. Moving on is life, you canm’t stay with this relationship for whole year. Move ahead in your life your mom is with you. Kalpi says i can’t live without baba. I never hurt him. He always agreed to what i said then why is he not getting me this time. Kamla says you ahev to ask for an apology sometimes. He will fogive you.

Scene 4
Vitthal is sitting in the balcony. Kamla and kalpi come to him. Kalpi says baba.. he goes in. Kalpi holds his feet. He stops for a moment. Kalpi is in tears. Kamla says vitthal pardon you princess. Look in her eyes. Forgive her please. Vitthal says i don’t even have forgiveness to give her. He leaves. Kamla goes to him.
Vitthal says when dreams shatter they cayuse so much pain. Kamla syas yuou are the strength of kalpi. If you lose who will bring kalpi out of all this mess. Kalpi needs us. We can’t leave her alone. Vitthal says what is left now ? She will make us famous like this ? She has done what she had to. I saw a dream when she was born. I thought she will have a fistful sky but today thi sky is leaving me and i can’t do anything. I couldn’t give kalpi what she wanted. I think this is why she done this to me. Kamla syas you need to calm down we haev to think and do something. Vitthal says i am trying to calm down but i can’t help it. kamla says for kalpi vitthal. Vitthal says i don’t know any kalpi. kamla says our kalpana, the princess of Vitthal. Try to understand she has grown up. Beating her or scolding at her won’t make any difference we have to teach her. SHe is the most important part of our life. Everyone makes mistake, so has she. People change, time change but truth remains same. Truth is that kalpi is our daughter and we have to show her the path. Vitthal says i can’t understand you today. He goes downstairs.

Vitthal goes to the temple and sits there in disappointment. Kamla follows him.

Precap- Kamla says to kalpi that my daughter is not just to get married and be a housewife. You have the strength to do something anf if you don’t forget Ragahv you won’t do anything special in your life. You have to fulfill our dream.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Xcuse me mrs.kamala… z ur daughter need to complete ur dream only.. dnt she have anything herself.???
    If u had brought up her with so much love… then we can understand… here.. u had given allur love and duties to pakhi.. and demanding completion of dreams from kalpi… how sick u r….. cheeee….

    1. I totally agree with u

    2. yaa…… u r corrrect..

  2. I think that kalkpi will listen to the stupid kamla words and fullfill her parents dreams.anyhow but kalpi should not forget raghav forever in her life.

  3. I am soooooooooo tired of this non-ending drama of Kamla and now Vittal has joined her. Is a child born just to fulfill his/her parents dream or is this child suppose to grow up and have dreams for themselves? Get real people. Is this how life is in India? Forgive me as I am from a different world entirely

  4. when she will die and ?both gouri and kamala-better met an accident die soon. we also relieved and RAGHNA too.b*t*h she is

    1. then……vitthal will remain…??

      1. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Vittal is hen pecked husband.pakiya – no use.dumbla not doing anything , keeping kapoors at home.how they maintaining in mumbai???????

  5. Crystal Singh

    It is such a shame how everyone keeps coming down on Kalpi. When will all this end and allow the girl to have some fun on the show, she has been poor all her life, why can’t she now enjoy and see how the other side lives? Doesn’t she deserve to have all the comforts that pakhi takes for granted……. By simply sleeping on a bed …. not the floor. C’mon writers cut the girl some slack.

    1. vashtie motilal

      why kalpi have to filful everyone dream …dam hell don’t she have her own dream … pokie raghav tell u from day 1 he love kalpi but u still want to make him your don’t u have anyself respect oh i forgot u ar an kapoor thet alway want wat not belong 2 them

  6. I think kapli will make everyone happy and fulfill everyones dreams…….her new job will be a distraction from all her poblms but I have a feeling her new job will be somehow linked to raghav……but I do admire her as being a faithful wife to raghav coz she does not want to come between pakhi and raghav but yet pahki wants to impress him so much that e forgets kalpi…..the 2 girls are so different from each other…….she will nvr be able to meet up to kalpi standards and that’s why raghav will nvr leave her and even married her knowing the predicament hes placed in…only a person that knows wat true love is and knows wats trust will be able to understand and that’s why kalpi would play a better wife to raghav than pakhi……..

    1. ya,next episodes should be like that which you said…..

  7. accept ths guyz….kalpi shld nw moveon…..apne carrier pe concentrate karegi aur apna aur apne aai baba ka sapna pura karegi…raghav kalpi ka intezaar krta rahe ga…..paji raghav ko impress karti rahegi….aur issi k saath ek saal beit jayega…..uske baat b jo cvs chahe gi wohi hoga….

    1. Yeah i also feel that

  8. This is ISHAAN SINGH MANHAAS -tweeter message.i copy and paste it here!
    Ishaan Singh Manhas
    Guys no matter how much you tweet the actors regarding the storyline…nothing is going to happen…its not in their hands at all!!!
    My view
    he is hinted -nothing going to happen-so far as story line is concerned . it is up to the story writers and directors and producers.DJ creative unit. better stop giving feedback. we will discuss it somewhere .not here. we can open a separate page.NO HOPES for RAGHNA. they all decided to promote PAKHI.

  9. Hi! RAGHAN FANS FRIENDS!you want to know who is PAKHI?here she.biggest blunder – we dont want see PAKHI but in reality she is working and managing DJ creations!!!!! you all requesting them to dump her ? DJ and PD actually promoting her.check her facebook page. which i have given here.NO HOPE FOR RAGHNA. if so THE END -EMA.now you all decide.
    Shirina Singh
    Shirina Singh’s photo.
    Shirina Singh
    Add Friend
    Works at DJ’s A Creative Unit

  10. https://www.facebook.com/shirenna.sambyal
    Shirina Singh
    .Shirina Singh Works at DJ’s A Creative Unit

  11. Hi, I start looking at this show from along time ago when Kamala first start working or the Kapoo:s Neetu never br*ast feed pookie .So kamala use to run to pookie from a baby to br*ast feed her.So Kal never get all the love from her mum bcus kamala have to share Kals [email protected] with pookie, I use to cry how a mother can give birth and wrapped up Kal in a baby in a babyblaket and put her on the floor then go nettu bed and fee pookie Kals milk and there were times kalama will leave Kal at home with her dad just to be it pookie Rags always love Kal from Small help her with school wrk he gave her a pen pookie start crying for the pen kamala took the pen and give to pookie from that time Rags I know has a good heart Kal . So dad you don’t know what went on in the kapoo,s home with kamala that bad mother.Nettu try ordering Kal to things around the house Kamala stop Kal that was good I was really happy to see that also kala ma help Rags she give him a Murtie that dad give her and tell him to keep it in his pocket help him get away from the kapoos house.So are they making hm a bad person because he listen to his mom but he make a big mistake he can get out off it bt he have be strong.

  12. Plz am tired of dis EMA can they new and good cos dats what I need nw. Kalpi u jst have 2 b strng as always Raghav is urs weda they like it or nt.

  13. Why does Kamala always asks Kalpi to forget Raghav,is it because he is Pakhi’s husband?Doesn’t Kamala understand,that Kalpi and Raghav’s love is true love and 1st love and it is very hard to forget.Raghav and Kalpi have to be strong and move on.Kalpi you are so connected with God and I’m sure He will never let you down.

    1. Ho sakta hai ,I too feel so, but. It’s disgusting, the magic which creates by rag haves and kalpis we don’t see in rakhi at all . Pakhi always look good with sammy. Their chemistry may prove pakhi

  14. Hello all tu frnds dd ap anshu Girija ji choco ek
    Don’t like to comment on paaji &dumla
    But since long time I feel ki paaji Dj creative unit wale tony&diya singh ki related lagti hai
    Diya singh or paji or real paji ki mom ke face long aligator jese long hai or woh sab singh hai
    So diya &tony paaji ko age lane ke raghna ka rakhi Kia ho

    1. PAKHI -Shirina singh works in the management team.so no hopes for RAGHNA

  15. ESA muje Lagta hai
    Paji to chip character hai so don’t like her
    Par real me shirina ko bolna nahi Ata woh women ne raha hua men lagti Hai to esi ladki to kon role dega
    Jo uske jan pahechan wale honge wohi use paaji ka role denge
    What say frnds

  16. Hi every1….
    Seems this show has gone way down…..
    Don’t like anymore…

  17. Choco anshu ap Girija ji
    Soon I’ll close my twitter acc ,So sometime I’ll c u on tu page

  18. Anybody plz muje batao ki twitter acc
    Cancel karta ho to kese karte hai

    1. hi mon u cn deactivate ur twitter account only on laptop…..go setting page there u must fnd any deactivation link….u cn deactivate there….if nothng works u remove ur contact nmz ur tweets make ur account empity after sm tym it automatically gets closd….

  19. I thnk kamla is step mom of kalpi coz real mother always wants there chidrn happy…n she always hurt kalpli always suport pakhii…..chii…..
    N tht pakhii she dont even understand tht raghav wil always lov kalpii nt her…y shez always comes betwn them

  20. where were kamla when her daughter needed her love and guidance. kamla gave that to pakhi, and still she only wishes good for pakhi, she only want pakhi to be happy. what do kamla trying to tell mothers out there, that it is ok to want good for other but not your own. kalpi need to think long and hard what she wants, what she needs.

  21. Vithal is just as bad as Kamla. The only revenge happening here is kalpi’s misery. Everyone else is having a good time. Even Raghav is slowly being nice to paaki. Kalpi is only one suffering. Why??? What did she do??? Raghav should have come to her rescue and tell everyone why he married paaki and stick up for kalpi. Instead, he is quiet and let’s kalpi suffer!!! This show sucks!!

  22. yeh toh aur ek uttaran hai

  23. may to tamil nadu se hoon hindi serials dekthi hoon. sabhi serials ek jaisa hi hotha hai sabhi serial mai shaadi ko khel banakar rak detha hai. aisa kyon! mai toh koyi tamil serials nahi dekthi usmai toh sabhi aurath burah hothe hai hain pavithra rishta mai toh koyi bhi rishta pavithra nahi hai sasural simar ka aur uttaran ,saath nibana saathiya ,kab katham hoga

  24. hi chocopi mon dd girjaji anshu and all tu frns i watched yesterdays epi and noticed how kamla eyes and face expressions changed(aag ugalne lagti hai) while som one talkig to hurt pakhi ………………when vithal was beating kalpi she didnot stop him an said vithal u have right to scold ur daughter……………………..double standared women ……….not treating her daughters in same way stupid

  25. frns one thing also irritating me that no one ask kalpi ki hua kya that bs listens only one sided story and starts scolding kalpi…………………………kamla fulfill all the wishes of pakhi and wants that kalpna fulfill their wishes what a irony …………………….parents only nourish their children does not want any thing in returns

  26. Hello mon, ek, net, girjaji, ap, anshu and all other tu friends, guys kamla is thiking that raghave got marry with pakhi so now kalpi should move on an forget him as he already gave lots of hearbroken pain to her and destroyed her. if u remember kamla told to reagha love is something beyond everything u selected revenge over love how could he say he loved to kalpi being monthere and has experience she is thinking good in fear that again kalpi get this hearbreaken pain as ragahve will not come and will not giver her daughter that respect what she deserve. he already married wid paakhi if heleave her and get marry to kalpi then again she i 2nd wife of ragahve and utran of paakhi he give her as she loved raghave. in this scence i also dont want raghave and kalpi get together this time. i just want kalpi should move on be strong fulfill her parents dream and get away from this place to pune and all and here raghav when get to know that she left he become stronger then before rude selfish and take all kapoors in gun point no softness for pakhi even and show in front of all that she is not his wife. even he took his mom, and kamla and vitthl also in rude way, and take his revenge now this fight is not only for reveng it is fight for his love truthness that is destroyed by all of them. seprated them. paakhi is a person who make that much distance between raghav and kalpi and now kalpi left becasue of her because kalpi also loved him and treat him as her husband and as per court paper pakhi is wife of him and she will get hurt and kamla also she left him. he has to take revenge by hook and crook, and show everyone that he only loved kalpi and get all respect for his love and proofe that everyone get accept it by heart. and pakkhi teach her lesson not to always take other things specially kalpi show her that he is raghave not kalpi whom she always make fool. not him. pls do not do any mstake tht is against ur true love otherwise there is nothing in ema pls pls do not break soul feeling of us about true love which we al feeling in raghave and kalpi.

  27. Neetu has destroied raghav mom and dad life to make and create misuderstanding between them and paakhi seprated raghave and kalp to marry with him and tried to get his love and forget kalpi. sammy was correct dont forget raghave pakhi is kapoor kapooor who never be good. so be strong do not let ur self that much down that one day u and kalpi love and all of us feel shame. do not let ur self that much down in love just proof that u r strong person and loveed only kalpi, u loves only kalpi and will love only kalpi by heart. no one take her palce in ur live even though in dream by softness and kindess anything u only loved, love and will love to kalpi kalpi soulmate hai kalpi tere.

  28. dd i agree that kamla wants gud for kalpi but see how she is behaving wth her sab kuch chhin kar kaisa bhala? if she wants that kalpi shuld move on than first of all pakhi ki mala japna band kare and kalpi ko sahi tarike se treat kare …….raghav ko bhula de ka ratta lagati rahegi to kalpi kaise aage badegi……..raghna saath honge ya nahi ye one yr bad hoga abhi to kamla pakhi ko bhula kar sirf aur sirf kalpi ke liye soache……………….and last she shuld thro out the kapoors frm her house ……………par madam aisa nahi karengi hihihihihihi….

  29. according to me kaml se badi stu…………………….pid koi nahi jo apna ghar jala kar criminals ko save kar rahi hai and…………….ha ji vithal baba ab apke romance ke din nahi hai bachoo ko bhi mauka do life mai romance lane ka kya kamla kamla karte aage piche ghumte rahte ho aur galat sahi mai difference nahi karte

  30. lol…..lol..lol….bool he gayi mei toh……

  31. no no no guyz nt changd it galti se hogaya…..

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