Ek Mutthi Aasman 11th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 11th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Vitthal says you were waiting for him in wedding dress but he never came. He broke our dreams. We are nit like thme who break relationships in moments. He says kamal forget what all your dreams. She doesn’t deserve them. She took advantahge of our trust and love. She made fun of us. Vitthak says i used to be proud of her. I used to wish everyone gets a daughter like kalpi. Whom will say all this to now ? What will i say to people. You ahve proved me wrong kalpi. Kalpi says baba i.. He is about to slap again. Kamla stops him and says you never slapped her in whole life. Vitthal says she has lost all the respect Kamla. She has broken my trust. I was so wrong whole my life. I was wrong that parents should not beat kids. You broke me kalpi. Kamla says stop is Vitthal lets go home.

Scene 2
There are Kalpi’s pictures all over Raghav;s bed. He says just come in my life kalpi. Our fate wants us to be together as well. We will be together one day. He kisses Kalpi’s photo and places it on his chest.

Scene 3
Kalpi is crying the rain. She looks at the sindur mixed in the rain water on the floor. She tries to collect it but she can’t. She and puts it in her head. Kamla comes there and looks at Kalpi crying. She sits with her. Kamla says kalpi, you are not getting your ai baba but understand the signs of nature. Evern God does not want you to pick this sindur up. He has washed it in rain. What you thibnk i can’t differenciate between raind drops and your tears. i know what you feel and i know you are right but sometime life confuses us. We have to come out of those confusions. Life is to live, to move forward. Your baba is right. Moving on is life, you canm’t stay with this relationship for whole year. Move ahead in your life your mom is with you. Kalpi says i can’t live without baba. I never hurt him. He always agreed to what i said then why is he not getting me this time. Kamla says you ahev to ask for an apology sometimes. He will fogive you.

Scene 4
Vitthal is sitting in the balcony. Kamla and kalpi come to him. Kalpi says baba.. he goes in. Kalpi holds his feet. He stops for a moment. Kalpi is in tears. Kamla says vitthal pardon you princess. Look in her eyes. Forgive her please. Vitthal says i don’t even have forgiveness to give her. He leaves. Kamla goes to him.
Vitthal says when dreams shatter they cayuse so much pain. Kamla syas yuou are the strength of kalpi. If you lose who will bring kalpi out of all this mess. Kalpi needs us. We can’t leave her alone. Vitthal says what is left now ? She will make us famous like this ? She has done what she had to. I saw a dream when she was born. I thought she will have a fistful sky but today thi sky is leaving me and i can’t do anything. I couldn’t give kalpi what she wanted. I think this is why she done this to me. Kamla syas you need to calm down we haev to think and do something. Vitthal says i am trying to calm down but i can’t help it. kamla says for kalpi vitthal. Vitthal says i don’t know any kalpi. kamla says our kalpana, the princess of Vitthal. Try to understand she has grown up. Beating her or scolding at her won’t make any difference we have to teach her. SHe is the most important part of our life. Everyone makes mistake, so has she. People change, time change but truth remains same. Truth is that kalpi is our daughter and we have to show her the path. Vitthal says i can’t understand you today. He goes downstairs.

Vitthal goes to the temple and sits there in disappointment. Kamla follows him.

Precap- Kamla says to kalpi that my daughter is not just to get married and be a housewife. You have the strength to do something anf if you don’t forget Ragahv you won’t do anything special in your life. You have to fulfill our dream.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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