Ek Mutthi Aasman 11th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 11th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Kalpi says I am engaged. I have to ask papa why he didn’t tell me. Suahan says to sanjay why you concealed this from me papa ? Sanjay says when daughters grow up they have to get married. This engagement was done by your own choice. Aryan is a really cine guy. He is my friend’s son. You know him since childhood. Do you have some moan ? She says no I am just shocked. He says I was worried how will you react to this. I am happy you have to complain on it. Should I go or are you more angry at me ? Kalpi smiles he leaves with dheraj. Kamla asks kalpi whats wrong ? she says my family is suffering for me. Dad has chosen him he must be good. Kamla sasy good children always do what their parents say. She says do some rest now. Kalpi says sit with me. I am not used to of sleeping alone.
Kalpi sleeps kamla runs her fingers through he hair. She leaves when kalpi drops off.

Scene 2
There at chowl Pakiya wonders why is kamla not back from the temple ? He goes out in the balcony to look. Manda comes and says are you looking for kamla ? Kamla must have gone for some work. pakiya says what are you saying ? Manda says I am not lying she has got work at some house. She hs become a maid again. Pakiya says shut up. Manda says the same girl who came here and fainted her dad offered kamla the work and she agreed. Pakiya says she has gone to temple. Manda says she has gone to her work as you don’t do anything. Vitthal comes there manda is quite.

Kalpi sees the same dream. Kamla comes and sits next to her. She hugs kamla and says I saw a bad dream. I just got to know about my engagement maybe that’s why I am seeing all this. Kamla says maybe that’s the reason. Kamla says look I have made a dish for you. She says this is so tasty. The taste would have enhanced if we had a tomato sauce with it. Kamla says I will make it next time.

Kamla says to sanjay I am done. I have to leave. He says can you come back ? Aryan is coming to meet her. Kamla says yeah I will come.

Vitthal says to pakiya was manda right ? there is something kamla is concealing. Manda must have heard something, God knows. Kamla says you’re right vittkhal I concealed. kamla says there is no sugar, no pulse nothing in the kitchen. I can’t see you both sleeping hungry. You left the job and pakiya’s mobile shop can’t fuel the house so I have to do the job. Vitthal says you are repeating all that again. pakiya says ai I will fuel this house. I have given two interviews and I am hopeful. Promise me if I get the job you will leave your work. Kamla smiles and says there is nothing better than this for a mom. She says vithhal don’t be gloomy we all need each other. Let me make tea for you. He holds kamla’s hand and says I will make the tea. He says but there is no sugar and tea. kamla takes out some money from the temple and gives it to vitthal. She says take it, We’ve to run the house in this.

Scene 3
kamla goes out to get the tea and sugar . A theif comes and tries to snatch her purse. She is not letting him flee with her purse. He shows her the knife and says I will stab you. Kamla says I am not afraid of him. he stabs kamla and runs. Aryan runs after him and gets kamla’s purse. kamla thanks him. he says to rest of the people what are you satring at ? She says was fighting and you were just standing and looking. Kamla says everyone is so tensed in their lives that they don’t get time for others. He asks kamal to sit in his car. He says meeting a brave lady like you made my day. Kamla asks whats your name ? He says my name is Aryan. Come with me you should go to a doctor. Kamla says I will go by myself. Kamla sasy I feel like I have seen him somewhere.

Scene 4
Sanjay asks kalpi how are the preparations? She says I just got a call from chandi. SHe told me she is my best friend. I think I should go t her.
Kalpi goes to a near by restaurant. Aryan sees her alone in the café. She asks her friend where is she ? She says I will be late. Kalpi checks her make up in the phone. Aryan comes and says we look good together. kalpi says what are you saying. He gives her the coffee. Kalpi says I am not the type of girl you think I am. I will call police if you follow me now.

Precap-Sanjay says I think I should go to pick him. Aryan comes and says Aryan is grown up now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Is aryan raghav 😮 😀

    1. no i dont think so

  2. Noooooo!!!. Only Ashish can act as Ragav. They can’t bring a guy who neither matches Ashish in looks or in acting and try to fill his shoes, which they tried to do with Kalpi replacing Rachana with the below par looking girl, she neither matches the great acting of Rachana or looks and eyes. What is loss for EMA. Hope they realize the mess and loss. Done with this crappy serial, no hope unless they bring RAGNAA (Ashish & Rachana back).

  3. Please ATIYA dont mention SUHANA as KALPI . for us KALPI is RACHANA.

  4. Where is this series going come on yaar we need raghav n kalpie

  5. Negi,u seriously r da best :)*

  6. I’m still missing Ragna. But Asha is doing an okay job so I hope I’ll get over Ragna soon.

  7. Crystal Singh

    I really miss Ragna and Ashish, they did not have to take them out of the show…… okay they remove them, what happen to Gaurie and pakhi? What about raghav, he just disappeared after the accident? no t even his body was found—- and you supposed to be intelligent people call that a story to be aired on television?Wow! no wonder the world is the way it is………. It’s really senseless, a real bring down to Indian people.

  8. I hope thts ragav please let it be him ….nd why change beautiful Kalpana I loved her nd her nd ragav are muuaah! But :'(…..I hope I get used to her change but I am a fan of Asha douhh why can’t the ragav be Arjun…lol

  9. worst…. best was the orig kalpi n raghav… this is all out of gunny sack… soile.. new character does not fit…..

  10. ema gone tru big time sorry to say but iets face the truth

  11. i saw ashish comment in twitter if when kalpi left then raghave had to go. and both rachana and ashishs last shoot in this show was accident one. i love you ashish and headsoff ur decision he is real hero or our and kalpi. no one can replace them for us eaither they are very good actor but raghave and kalpi always be ashish and rachana no one other. i stoped to watch this serial after accident becasue i was still watching when its in wrost situation and being fan can able to tolreate that all pakhi and b*t*h…but still watched becasuse i had hope one day kalpi an raghave will meet but i never thought when that day come creative team changed them totally disapoointment what rubish i really pray and want trp goesdown very very dwon of ths show.

  12. then they realize what they have lost they lost charm of this serial , success of this serial, fan’s faith and intrest on this serial very very bad. and yes your serial was in hight because of ashish and rachan’s acting otherwise no one can gain any praise inthis stupididty

    1. very true . DJ Creative team is biggest fool to run this show in such mess. God only knowns under what impression they are continuing with such nuisance. Instead of searching for some good script writer they change the main lead charm of the show. Really deserve metal Asylum

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