Ek Mutthi Aasman 11th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 11th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 11th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Kalpi goes down stairs with Gauri. Raghav calls her but she disconnects. Kalpi says tai why is Ai always so angry. Gauri says every mom is like that. They are always worried fir their kids. Kalpi says you know everything. Do you have kids ? Gauri tries to remember ans sits on the stairs. Gauri says chinto, Raghav calls again. GAuri says you are confused whether to talk to him or not then you should. Gauri receives the phone and says hello. Raghav says Kamla maa ? She says not Kamla but consider me maa. I am Kalpi’s aunt. How are you son ? He says I am fine. Is Kalpi still angry ? She says yes but ask her how much ? She gives phone to Kalpi. Raghav says look Kalpana I am very sorry. I know I did hurt you but I never said sorry before I don’t know how to ask for pardon. I don’t know how to make friends and relationships. I have been alone fro years so I feel weird when someone is with me. I thought I’d spent my whole life with loneliness but then you came in to my life and I felt like I started living. I startes hating my loneliness. I am 32 and been there for all those years alone so I got those bad habits. I wanna get rid of them. I need you to change me. I need your help to make your place in my life. I know you are so angry but just tell me will you come tomorrow ? Kalpi says yes. He says thank you so much. Kalpi smiles, Gauri is looking at her she goes and hugs her and says you are so nice. GAuri says you like him right ? Kalpi says yes I do but don’t tell Ai. SHe says no I won’t.

Scene 2
At night Kalpi asks baba where were you I was waiting. Now close your eyes she makes him wear a hat and aviators. Vitthal looks in the mirror and laughs. Kamla says you look like a boss. Vitthal dances and they all laugh. Kalpi is really happy.

Scene 3
Next morning, Raghav’s door bell rings. Its Kalpi there. He says so you are here I was waiting for you. Come in, Kalpi goes in. She is slipping off her slipper. He says no don’t. Kalpi says that’s what we do at our house. Raghav asks tea or coffee? She says water. He says there is kitchen take it out yourself and bring for me as well. Kalpi goes and takes out the water. Kalpi is cleaning the handle of fridge. He stops her and says please be comfortable. This is your house as well. In future.. They both smile. She says pizza and fast food are not good for health. He says I said I got bad habots by living alone but you’re here now everything is gonna be okay. Lets order something Indian. There in that diary we have numbers of all indian restaurants. I am going out for a while can you do that for me ? She says yes. Kalpi starts calling at different restaurants but they don’t have Indian food. She says what to do now. I should make it my self.

Scene 4
Pakhi wonders where are both Raghav and Kalpi. She asks Sammy ? He says Kalpi is working on a surprise. Kalpi calls Sammy, he says wow that’s really nice Kalpi. Pakhi says whats going on ? Is sammy that guy ? No It can’t be.
There Kalpi is busy in making lunch for Raghav. She serves it n the tabel. Doorbell rings. Its Raghav. He says is my food ready ? SHe says no one was having an indian order I have made it myself. He says what ? SHe says yeah I made ladyfinger. He says wow lets have it. He is coughing hard. SHe asks are you okay ? He say yeah I am allergic to room sprays. Kalpi says you should have stopped me. He say I can tolerate it but not your tears. Kalpi says I am really sorry are you ? He says you are here so I am gonna be all right.

PRECAP- Kalpi is in Raghav’s arms and they’re both smiling. Song ‘tum hi ho’ plays in the background.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Hi!! just watched todya’s episode.Raghav started sneezing and kalpana called her mom what she can do when someone get allergy due to spray? at the same time pakiya spraying himself -gouri gets same kind allergic reaction.when kalpana ask kamala – she asks gouri what can be done in that kind of situation -gouri told nimbu and onion -then kamala going out for some work at that time gouri switched on Tv saw sahil kapoor and she started shouting – he is the one who spoiled her life -when kamala came inside the prog was over.kamala called neetu told abt gouri’s reaction. neetu told her to bring gouri to city hospital there same dr.give electric shock to gouri.kamala called kalpana n told abt gouri ,Raghav n kalpana are going to hospital.this is short story. may be many mistakes

  2. there is no precap like scene which we saw on friday

  3. This is not done !!!! what the heck … they fooled us 🙁

  4. I want repeat telecast timings for Ek mutthi asmaan in Afternoon

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