Ek Mutthi Aasman 10th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 10th October 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 10th October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Prem is dancing on loud music in his room . This is annoying Ragahv who is working on his laptop. He turns the laptop off and goes to bed. Prem thinks what else can i do to tease him.
Diviyah is pressing prem’s clothes on bed. He says what are you doing? Get this all out of here. Diviyah gets and angry and says i am pressing your clothes. He syas yeah yeah okay. Mummy ji calls diviyah. Raghav is sleeping on the other side of the bed. Prem sees his hand heading towards iron. Raghav’s hand burns. He scream. Sahil and everyone come in, Prem laughs and says papa Raghav’s hand got touched to the press. Shail slaps him and says couldn’y you stop him when you were seeing the press. Kamla applies the burn cream on his hand. Kamla says to sahil this must not be Prem’s fault. Diviyah comes in and says i told prem about the press and asked him to look after it. Sahil sees Prem fiercely. Kamla asks kalpi and paki to go out. Sahil sends Mummy ji out too. Nettu says why you slapped him ? who hits a big boy? Sahil says don’t you favor him he was laughing. SAhil says to neetu that this is you who has made him like this. You have a problem in staying home, You even went out today. Nettu says it was my important meeting today. Nettu leaves with Prem. Sahil says to kamla that you will take care of him.
Kamla asks raghav to tell her whatever he needs. Raghav says to her don’t try to be my mom, i hate her so much. He leaves. Kamla thinks i realize today how children get weak without parents.

Scene 2
Vitthal is in mandir singing his sone. Manda laughs and throws a coin towards him. He says i am not a beggar. She says people give coins to the people who sing in there. Not currency notes. I know you don’t need money but your son does. He was fighting with the carpet seller for 500 rupees. i told the shop keeper that he will give you in a long time, his father actually sings in the mandir. Vitthal gets the coin from the floor and give it back to manda. He says buy an apple from this. Like your heart your face is getting black too.

Scene 3
Mummy ji asking nettu to get down and have the dinner. Nettu cries and says i don’t wanna eat anything. Shail comes in and asks mummy ji to go down he will bring Nettu. Nettu says that there was no fault of your son, you made it his fault in front of everyone. Sahil says i know he could stop all this. You know this well that he is not happy in sharing his room and you didn’t make him agree. Sahil says that i have got custody of him after fighting he wanted to go with mishra. I have to win his confidence. I am doing all this for prem. I want to make him owner of 100 crore. Nettu says you should have told me before. i will take care of him a lot now but what if he goes some where. Sahil says he won’t go anywhere but lets us go. On a romantic dinner. Like a boyfriend. She hugs him and smiles.

Scene 4
Kamla is worried about vitthal. when he comes in kamla asks where was he? He starts crying. she bows down and asks him whats wrong? He says that my son just needed 500 hundred rupees but i could not give him. I am his father can’t arrange 500 rupees fro him. What would he think of me? I couldn’t face him. I went to find work but i couldn’t find one. Kamla hugs him and says don’t say this vitthal our kids are proud of us. They says that our dad does the arti of God with proud. They know that their dad is a worker. They know that their baba’s hand are for making clothes. She is in tears as well. I know that God will give us a second chance. I believe it. He asks her not yo cry. Vitthal places his head in her lap. She says we have only one dream that our children are our future why should we think of others.

Scene 5
Paki sasy to Raghav that its my final result today i will show you if its good. Will you mind if i call you ragahv? He says no. She says thats right. I wont show you if its bad.

Scene 6
Kalpana says that its my school test’s result. I won’t get all 100 marks. I did one question wrong. Kamla says that you worked hard don’t be worried. Kamla says that its paki’s result too pass her with good grades.

Precap-Raghav is talking to mishra and says that i don’t wanna stay here. Nertu over hears and he sees her too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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