Ek Mutthi Aasman 10th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Mutthi Aasman 10th December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 10th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Kamla calls Paki. She says I am coming to you Kamla maa. Paki says you tell why you didn’t come on the party. You didn’t do good with me you should have come. Paki shouts and her car is out of control. She falls from the mountain. Kamla worries but she thinks she shouldn’t spoil Kalpi’s birthday. Paki is hanging on a stem. She is shouting for help. Kamla worries. She says I am coming paki. Paki is losing her control over the stem. She is about to fall suddenly a hand holds hers. Its Raghav. He gets her up and Paki hugs him. Paki looks at him. She is trying to say something. Raghav says don’t say me thanks. Paki says why would I say you thanks nobody cares about me it would have been better if i had died but why am I telling you this. Raghav says hto her

to go up you need to go down once again. Are you ready ? come. He takes her and jumps. They are both hanging on the stem. He says have you got the meaning of up and down now.

Scene 2
Vitthal and Pakiya and all others are celebrating Kalpi’s birthday. Kalpi says Ai has gone. Pakiya says no she is out. Vitthal says let me call her. Kalpi says no she has gone.
Sahil asks Kamla where is paki. She says to kamla to reach the temple. He calls the center to track the location of Paki’s car.
A guy comes in and tells Vitthal that kamla has gone in a taxi somewhere. Kalpi says so i am done with my birthday. Vitthal says she must have gone to bring something cut the cake. Kalpi says no I won’t until Ai doesn’t get back.

Scene 3
Raghav gets paki up and is leaving. Paki stops her and falls on the ground. Raghav throws water on her face. She opens her eyes and says thank you. Raghav says are you okay now? Get up. He gives her the water. Paki says tell me your name at least. He leaves and Sahil and Nettu pass her but don’t notice him. When they get to paki she tells them that her car was out of control and he saved him. Sahil asks him to stop but he is leaving.
When Raghav gets down he passes Kamla. Kamla stops for a moment but he doesn’t and leaves. Kamla says who was he? Looks like i know him. Kamla gets a call and Its Sahil. She says yes i have arrived i am coming in a moment.
Nettu says sorry to Paki and says I love you. Paki sees Kamla and goes running to her. Kamla hugs her and asks are you okay ?Thank God nothing happened to you. Nettu is looking at her in disgust. Kamla says Sir called me thats why i came here. Now I am going Paki is all right thats enough for me. Its Kalpi’s birthday. Paki says please take me with you I wanna go with you. Nettu says Poki sweet heart.. Sahil says let her go. Its her special day today. Sahil says to kamla go take her.

Scene 4
There Kalpi, Vitthal and Pakiya are waiting for kamla. Kalpi is in tears.
Paki asks the driver to drive fast.
Vitthal says she is not fair to kalpi once again. Pakiya says she must have some important work and I know she will come back before 12. Vitthal says yes lets see who wins today. You trust in kamla or my lost of trust in her. Pakiya says your trust will never break in her. Vitthal says I hope so.
Kalpi inside is waiting kamla to come. She remembers how kamla said that she will spend all her time with kalpi. A daughter’s birthday is the biggest day. She trows away all the decorations in resentment.

Precap-Kamla gets home with Paki. She says to Vitthal that kalpi isn’t home. He says i don’t know anything. If she doesn’t cut the cake before 12 i will never forgive you..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I loved todays episode nd paki nd raghav scene thy luk awesome together hope they r the next pair:-):-) i wnt thm to become a couple plz:-*

  2. No,rashmi,i think raghav and kalpi r couple not paki n raghav,even they r gud frnd in childhood,n paki hated raghav,i think love triangle between paki,kalpi n raghav

  3. No,rashmi,i think raghav and kalpi r couple not paki n raghav,even they r gud frnd in childhood,n paki hated raghav,i think love triangle between paki,kalpi n raghav;-)

  4. No.is gonna be kalpi:raghav,pooki:pakya dats intrestn

  5. I would really like it if kalpi and raghav got 2geva they suit betta their chemistry is going to be interesting .. kalpi the quiet one verse mr stubborn raghav …. as for paki she needs someone a little quiet but also a little fun like raghavs assistant that guy that follows him around will be perfect for paki lol

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