Ek mein aur Ek tu (RagSan) episode-3

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Episode 2

Sanskar wakes up nd comes out if his room nd noticed some one was knocking d door…he opens nd sees sudha who gets cofee nd bf for them…sanskar thanked her..sudha smilescnd leaves….
Ragini shouts frm her room coffee coffee..sanskar hears this nd says what d hell is she..is she think im her servent ..mad girl saying he takes his coffe mug nd goes to his room…ragini opens her eyes with a jerk then she realized its not her home..she getsup frm bed nd comes out nd sees coffee on table ..she sips..
Sanskar came
Ragini:u made this coffee na
Sanskar about to speak
Ragini:btw how could u made it..i mean we dnt have any things na
Sanskar tries to speak
Ragini:whatever ..it was good..u should make bf also tasty like this
Sanskar(irritated):will u plz shut up..i didnt made it..aunty gave this..nd dnt try to give orders..nd after drinking coffee clean that vessels those we left night after dinner..ragini who was drinking coffee choked nd spills on sansksr shirt…sanskar shouts what d hell .. ragini asks what u said i should clean those..
Sanskar:ha u only
Ragini:yuck..no way
Sanskar:thn who will clean it..i finished my part of work..remaining was yours..so do it.
Ragini gives a helpless look..nd walks into her room to get bath..
Sanskar asks her to stop…ragini turns..sanskar was coming towards her while unbuttoning his shirt…ragini shocked nd asks what he was doing…sanskar without reply neard her..ragini closed her eyes after a min..she sensed something in her hand..it was sanskar shirt…ragini looks at him confused…sanskar says u spoiled my shirt wash it….nd dont over think im not like ur type..saying he leaves..ragini first doesn’t get it what he meant….after she realized what he meant..before she could say he locked his room..ragini leaves her room banging d door nd she throws his shirt nd says what does thinking of himself idiot..he said dont order me(she immitates)then y he ordering me clean those wash these bla bla…i will not leave him…saadu..saying she goes washroom…

Ragini wears jean nd pink top nd comes out f room nd sees sanskar who was eating bf…ragini moved to him with angry face she takes her bf..they had bf while passing death glares to eo….

Sanskar went to bring veggies nd some household things…ragini went to sudha house to talk about maid..she wants to hire a maid as she cant do that works…ragini told to sudha…sudha said she will send…
Ragini:thank u aunty
Sudha(looking at her neck):still u didnt wear ur mangalsutra
Ragini(she forgt about that):vo..vo..aunty it missed somewhere
Sudha:what?..how could u be careless about ur mangalsutra..
Sudha:k come with me..we should go to buy..
Ragini:aunty i will buy it later..
Sudha:no..dnt neglet come ..

Ragini ,sudha returned back to home after bought mangalsutra in small town which was besides village….ragini turns to go their house…
Ragini turns st her
Sudha:i forgt to ask whats ur name
Ragini:ragini meh….ragini aunty
Sudha:sweet name..whats ur name
Ragini(dont know what to tell as she also dnt knw his name):vo aunty..
Ragini acts as he got a call nd excuses herself saying he(sanskar) was calling..sudha smiles nd went to her home…ragini takes a sigh nd went to her home…

Sanskar came nd sees ragini was trying to wear something(her back was facing him so he cant able see)..its been 5min she was unable to wear..he kept bags there nd moves towards ragini nd removes her hands ragini turns(only half turn not full turn) nd asks what he was doing..sanskar doesnt reply he makes her wear…ragini turns…
Sanskar looks st her mangalsutra then he realized what he had done..
Sanskar(he knws traditional values nd all but ragini doesnt knw properly) :mangalsutra!! y dont u tell
Sanskar:i made u wear mangalsutra
Ragin:ha tho

Sanskar:u should told this..when im wearing
Ragini:did i askd to make me wear..u only came..
Sanskar:but u should stop me na..mad girl
Ragini:jst stop..y r u always shouting on me..u should do that..u shouldnt do this..who r u to me to say all this…i should also knw how to shout…if u will shout again on me i dnt knw what i will do..mind it
Sanskar:i was scaring(he acts )
Sanskar:ha me …btw where did u get this mangalsutra
Ragini:y should i tell u
Sanskar gives a glare nd about to leave..
Ragini:what is ur name
Sanskar:why should i tel u
Ragini:u should..tell me
Sanskar:why u want knw my name
Ragini:dnt over think..aunty asked me, that time i escaped…if she asks me again what i will do..thats y im asking u
Ragini laughed hearing his name

Sanskar:y r u laughing
Ragini:ur name was sanskar but u r not like that…idiot only suits u than sanskar..
Sanskar:i told u dont me call like that
Ragini:i will call u like that only..it is d best name for u than sanskar(she giggles)
Sanskar pulls her holding her wrist nd twisted at her back..
Ragini:leave me idiot its paining
Sanskar:stop calling me like that
Sanskar tightened his grip..ragini stamps his foot ..sanskar leaves her with jerk…ragini runs to her room while shouting idiottttt…….sanskar shouts i will kill u mad girl..i hate uuuu…ragini shouts frm her room i hate u tooo…

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