Ek mein aur Ek tu (RagSan) episode-2

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Thank u for ur comments friends…..
Episode 1
Sanskar running behind ragini nd asks her to stop…
Sanskar:oy miss ruko
Ragino doesnt
Sanskar:oy mad girl
Ragini(turns at him angrily):im not a mad..u only pagal
Sanskar:k k stop…meri bath suno

Ragini:y should i
Sanskar:u should…im ready to do what u said..
Ragini:but u said ..u dont
Sanskar:now im telling u na..im ready to act as ur husband
Sanskar nodded….
They went to one house nd knocks d door..one middle aged woman opens d door with beautiful smile…she was sudha(played by Poonam dhillon)
Sanskar:vo..aunty ji..we came to ask house for rent…
She looks at ragini top to bottom who was in short nd tee..then looks at sanskar…
sanskar (understands):vo..aunty dont misunderstands us…we r married
Sudha:such mein u both r married
Ragini:ha aunty..we love eachother..but our parents didnt agree for marriage..my dad wants to make my marriage with someone who was a bad person..so we eloped nd we got married in temple yesterday..
Sanskar widened his eyes hearing ragini..

Ragini:i cant live without him…he also hena..
She looks at sanskar who was nodded blankly
Sudha:dont u both thought about ur parents..how they will feel..
Voice (came frm behind):dont u remember sudha dear we also eloped nd setteled here..
Sudha(looks at him):thats y i only knw how much they will suffer without their parents love..
He:but now we r happy na..with our parents…
He looks at ragsan nd forward hand to them hii buddies im prakash..nd she is my wife sudha..
Prakash:u both can stay here..dnt worry..
Ragsan smiles nd thanked them..
Prakash:its k..i will get keys
Sudha:u said u both r married..but where is ur mangalsutra
Ragini:vo..aunty i removed when i slept last night in train..i will wear it later..
Sudha(caressing ragini cheek):i understands u r modern girl but its not good to remove mangalsutra after marriage..
Ragini:i will wear aunty..
Prakash gave keys nd shows a house which was besides their house…ragsan entered d house..ragini kneely observed d house which has 2bedrooms ,kitchen nd hall ..
it was neet nd clean…ragini says how can anyone lives in this small house that too 2persons..nd there is no AC ,no fridge ,no washing machine..oh god.. but ragini u have to live here only thought in hee mind..
Sanskar:oy stop ur bakwas..give money we have to pay advance
Ragini opens her one of bag which contain full of money bundles….
Sanskar(shocked to see this):now i understand y they r back of u
Ragini:what u understood

Sanskar:u did a robbery right thats they r searching u
Ragini:stop ur imagination there only…i dont need to do any robery..this is my money only.
Sanskar:u earned it
Ragini:no my dad earned it for me only..
Sanskar:whatever i dont care
Sudha came ..

Sudha:did u both liked this house
Ragsan nodded..
Sudha(smiles):i cleaned it yestered only…u dnt wry for dinner i will send it today…if u both need anything inform me…
Saying she leaves..
Ragini:aunty was so sweet
Sanskar:ha not like u..
Ragini glares at him..sanskar gives i dnt care look nd goes one of room…ragini too goes another room….
Ragini calls dadi..
Dadi:ladoo..tum teek tho heina..
Ragini:ha dadi..im fine..
Dadi:where r u
Ragini:vo..dadi im in xyz village…she told what had happend..
Dadi:areh laado..what u did..how could u trust an unknown persom like that..
Ragini:i dnt knw dadi y i trusted him…he was like stupid but i dnt think he was that bad..
Dadi:but laddo
Ragini:dnt wry dadi..i will take care of myself..

Dadi:k ladoo takecare…ur dad was coming bye…
Ragini:bye..love u dadi…
Dadi:i love u too laado..
Ragini cuts d call nd thinks y she has trust on some stranger..afyer a while she brushed off her thoughts nd goes to get fresh..
After got frresh she came wearing loose tee nd night short which makes her tighs clearly visible… she hears door knock…she opens d door nd sees sanskar..sanskar looks at her..
Sanskar:u dnt have any clothes except these
Ragini:kya hua..is it bad
Sanskar:this is village..u should wear traditional cloths
Ragini:traditional?no way..i only have modern cloths nd im only comfort in these only..
Sanskar:k but u should wear full dress when u wii go out.it wd be better
Sanskar:aunty sent dinner come..
They sits nd having dinner….
Ragini:btw ..do u knw cooking
Sanskar:thoda thoda
Ragini:thank god u knew
Sanskar:dont u knw how to cook
Ragini:no..its k..u r there na to cook
Sanskar:oh hello dnt think somuch..we want share our works also..i will cook one day nd u should cook another day
Ragini:but i dnt knw na..

Sanskar:k..i will cook this whole weak..next weak u should cook by learning..
Ragini:frm where
Sanskae:sudha aunty…orelse i will cook for myself only..i dnt lnw what will u do
Ragini(helplessly):k …
They finished dinner….ragini about to go her room sanskar stops her..
Sanskar:see miss this is my room(pointing towards his room)..dnt dare to come inside…stay away frm me….i knw im hot nd bandsome..dont try to take advantage of me..im only ur fake husband….got it..
Saying sanskar leaves with mischievous smile…while ragini stand with mouth opened in O shape….

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