Ek mein aur Ek tu (RagSan) episode-18

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Ragini was not able to sleep bcz of that grass she felt uncomfortable…she was irritated..sanskar who was awake asks her what happened…ragini said nothing..but sanskar understood her situation..he drags her on his chest…ragini surprised by his sudden act..she was on sanskar chest..sanskar says with closed eyes now sleep well this grass will not disturb u now…she was jst stared at sanskar lifting her head up…after some while she falls asleep…

Sanskar opened his eyes nd caressed ragini hair who was on his chest sleeping..he says i thought to keep distance frm u..but my heart always want to be with u…i could not able to resist my heart..but its true we cant be one…ragini wakes up nd sees sanskar who was staring at her…
Ragini:u r awake…then y u didnt get up
Sanskar:how can i..u r on me
Ragini:u should have wake me up
Sanskar:i dont want to disturb ur sleep..
Ragini looks at him(still she was on him)..they have eye lock..sanskar brks it nd asks can u get up frm me..ragini gets up nd says sorry nd thank u..
Ragini:sry for troubling u…thanks for beautiful bed..
Ragini:ha..she pointed towards his chest..
Sanskar blushed a little.but composed immediately..nd asks shall we go…ragini nodded..

They started to walk..they walked some distance..ragini says enough i cant move even 1cm..my legs r paining..we will wait for bus…sanskar says we dont knw when will bus come..how much time we will wait..come..ragini says no i cant nd sits on rock which was beside road ,she closed her eyea as she tired..then she felt something she opened her eyes nd found herself on sanskar arms…
Ragini:sanskar what r doing..get me down..u cant hold me d whole distance..
Sanskar doesnt say anything..
Ragini:sanskar u may get tired.. will walk my self..i dont want to trouble u
Sanskar:chup..keep quite
Sanskar:i said keep quite
Ragini in mind his care makes me crazy ,is he loves me this much..
Sanskar in mind what u said i cant hold u..how could u say like that..i can hold u whole my life…
They entered into village..all people looks at them with open mouth..
Ragini:sanskar now get me down..see how all r looking at us..
Sanskar:ignore them
Ragini:plz…im k now..plz get me down…plz..

Sanskar nodded seeing her cute face..he makes her get down…nd they walks to their home avoiding all gaze…sanskar about to go to his room..ragini stops him nd asks can i knw onething…sanskar knw what she was going to ask to avoide her question he says im tired i want to fresh saying he walks to his room…nd says to himself sanskar u escaped this time but what Will u tell if she ask y did u care for her so much..sanskar be normal before she could get doubt on u…after consoling himself he goes to get fresh..after sometime both comes out of room after getting fresh…
Ragini:im hungry
Sanskar:me too
Ragini:sudha aunty didnt returned yet..now what to do..
Sanskar:i will do something
Ragini:i will help u..
Sanskar nodded nd they went to kitchen…
Sanskar:what about upma
Ragini:im k with what u made..
Sanskar was cooking..ragini was admiring him..sanskar looks at he too lost he eyes..he mistakenly keep his palm on hot pan..he screams…ragini who was in her dream world came to sense nd looks at sanskar burned finger…she moved close to him..nd takes his finger with concern she was about to suck it but sanskar jerks nd takea off his hand…ragini asks let me do it..sanskar says no need i will take care my self..saying he goes to his room..ragini feels bad nd thinks what happened to him suddenly…

After a while sanskar came out…ragini sits on sofa…sanskar gwt two plates of upma..nd gives one plate to ragini.
Ragini:i dont want to eat..
Sanskar:u said u r hungry
Ragini:now im not
Ragini keep quite
Sanskar( sits beside her):sorry
Ragini:show me ur hand
Sanskar gives his hand..she touched his finger nd kissed it..nd takes plate nd silently eating her upma…while sanskar looked at her shocked..ragini says stop looking at me ..have upma..
They had upma..
Some time passed..
Sanskar was sleeping in his room..ragini was watching tv..ragini sees sanskar mbl was ringing which was on sofa..ragini first ignores it..but it continuously ringing..displayed uttara name. ragini lifts d call..
Voice(girl):hello sanskar
Ragini:hello..r u uttara
Girl:no im neha..who r u..where is sanskar..

Hearing this ragini cutted call nd says now who d hell is she..he didnt told about her…jst then sanskar came while yawning..
Ragini:who is neha
Ragini:she called u..who was she
Sanskar:i dont knw
Ragini:dnt tell lie…it flashed uttara name so i lift it but she said she was neha…
Sanskar:ohh that neha..she is utrara friend
Ragini:tho..y did she called u..
Sanskar:stop questioning me..i think uttara must told her…
Before ragini could speak but stooped hearing sudha voice..
Ragini comes to her nd hugs her..nd says i missed u aunty

Sudha smiles nd gives to her a big teddy..nd says naina gave it to ur baby…hearing baby ragsan looked at eo…sudha leaves after sometime..ragini hugs d teddy nd says it was so cute..sanskar says oye it was for our baby not for u..hearing our baby..ragini felt goosebumps over her body..sanskar realized what he said..he silently leaves frm there smiling leaving blushed ragini there..

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