Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 8th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Jijabai saved Bhima

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In this episode whilst the Murti was being constructed Puranjan and his fellows came telling Maharaj that what they were doing is wrong. Maharaj asked them to leave. Puranjan and his fellows stated that this is their fight as well and they are all Bhima in this. Seth ji was angry. This made Maharaj determined to kill Bhima otherwise everyone will turn against him, he told the villagers that they will lose everything.

Bhima was sitting in the dark, Jijabai came and sat besides him. She asked Bhima if he was afraid when everyone threw stones at him, she asked him to be honest. Bhima agreed, he said that he felt that he might die. She questioned him why he didn’t tell this truth to everyone? Why is he putting everyone in danger? He answered that their struggle has a purpose, and that fighting danger makes one valiant. Jijabai asked Bhima to tell everyone the truth so that the people may come out of their illusion of considering him fearless otherwise it will be of no use. She added what Ramji told her earlier about everyone standing with Bhima, she told him that she is not a part of it she does not consider him right. He cannot the change the history from this fight. By causing trouble in peoples life, creating difficulties for the neighborhood Bhima is resultantly digging more problems for his own cast. She left Bhima in a dismay.

Seth ji and Mangesh were drunk waiting for some people. Two men arrived, Seth ji asked them to remember what Maharaj told them and that since that man was not able to beat Bhima on Panchayat day he is being offered another opportunity to do so. He was the best man in the village, so it won’t be difficult for him to kill a child. Seth ji will instruct him regarding this matter, he must be very vigilant while executing this job. Agreeing to Seth ji the two men left.

Bhima was thinking about what Jijabai had said to him.

Mangesh offered tea to Seth ji, Pandit and the two men appointed to kill Bhima. He asked them to be ready. They were noticing Jijabai sweeping the floor.

Ramji left to find some work, he denied Jijabai’s request to have tea.

Seth ji asked the men to be prepared as Ramji has left.

Tulsa also left to fill some water.

Mangesh being aware of their routine informed the men that after Anand and Baala leave , Bhima will come and study. Bhima came out with his bag.

Jijabai was going out to buy milk, Bhima asked her to do the job, Jijabai denied and left. Bhima went back to studying his books.
Mangesh told them to be ready as only a disabled woman was left in the house. As they were preparing themselves a man came asking Bhima for water. Bhima asked him whether he was aware of his cast, he pleaded for water. Bhima went inside to bring some.

That man gave the Mangesh an indication as he also appointed to kill Bhima. Bhima came out and handed him water, he grabbed him. Bhima struggled to free himself. Meera came out, the two men pushed Meera on the floor. the men were about to hit Bhima with a stick but Jijabai took a hold of it. Meera was astound. Seth ji, Mangesh, and Pandit stood up in shock. The other man was about to hit Jijabai, but she defended herself, by grabbing the stick she warned everyone not to come close. Even if she is a stepmother, she will not let anyone hurt Bhima. She told everyone that despite their troubled relation as long she lives here no one is allowed to raise eye at her family.

Mangesh was mad at the sudden motherly affection Jijabai showed. He caller her dramatic, as she was the main reason their home destroyed. She answered that her doings were concerned to her family only and not to anyone else. She asked them not to bother her family in future or she will retaliate. Seth ji called her mental for not understanding that power belongs to the strong ones, but he was not surprised as she belonged to the lower cast. Jijabai asked him to consider himself an idiot for thinking that Bhima was alone and that they would kill him. She said that she sensed trouble while leaving, when she saw two men covered in a quilt in such scorching heat.

Pandit asked the men to beat Jijabai. They stood to hit her, Rami stooped them and pushed them away. Ramji told them he is alive and to protect his wife, she is his responsibility. He asked everyone to leave. Mangesh claimed that he was here to help them and left.

Bhima expressed gratitude towards Jijabai for saving his leaving. She said that it was her duty as a mother, as her duty she will save him from everything dangerous and also make him understand that his fight will not help . She told Bhima that his family has kept him in an imaginary world, away from the reality. She will not do so. She wants him to focus on his study, and career. Ramji said that no one thinks liker her. Meera was glad that she saved Bhima today despite of what she thinks. Meera asked Anand and Baala to get some milk and Jijabai and Tulsa to prepare for tea.

Ramji told Bhima that everyone will not believe and support him but that doesn’t mean that they are against him. Bhima must respect other opinions as well. Ramji kissed him on the forehead and left.

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