Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 7th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Sakpal family rescues Ganga

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 7th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Puranjan makes Niranjan admit the truth in front of everyone. Dhansukhlal and Mangesh feign ignorance. Bhima asks them why out of everyone, it is just the 2 of you who are worried. We did not even take any names. Ram ji threatens to file a case against Dhansukhlal and all those who know the truth yet choose to stay silent. Dhansukhlal is not bothered. A villager tells him to let Ganga go. We don’t want to be caught in this mess. Mangesh too tells him the same thing. These guys would have been happy with what we have done but they are worried as Ram ji threatened to go legal. Dhansukhlal asks Ram ji to promise that there will be no legal proceedings against anyone. Ram ji agrees.

Dhansukhlal takes out a key. Dhruv snatches it from him. Seth ji tells them to free Ganga from the room. Sakpal family rushes towards that room. Guru ji walks away.

The same villager asks Seth ji why he dint end the matter once and for all by killing Ganga. Seth ji says even I feel that ways. Mangesh says we can do that later too. Just keep supporting us. They agree. Pundit ji tells Seth ji to get his house, himself and Mangesh purified. Dhansukhlal agrees.

Dhruv gets Ganga out of the room. She asks her Baba if he promised that Bhima wont continue his studies. Ram ji shakes his head. Bhima saved me. Bhima says it is Dhruv who could make it happen. Flashback shows Dhruv and Bhima discussing about tracking down Puranjan Kaka. Dhruv offers to go to Bombay as Mangesh and Seth ji keeps tab on him and Sakpal family always. Bhima thinks he is right as it might risk Didi’s life more. Dhruv says I am glad that I could be of help to you. Bhima hugs him. Flashback ends. They head home.

Puranjan is beating his brother. Ram ji tells him to forgive him. He is my brother too. We are one family. Forgiving a family member when he does something wrong can keep us united. Bhima nods. We need to be together right now. Ram ji tells Niranjan to return Seth ji his money. We will arrange money for your wife’s treatment. Niranjan nods. Ram ji thanks Puranjan for his timely help but Puranjan says it was Dhruv who saved us.

At night, the boys are discussing Dhruv’s bravery. Dhruv calls himself weak. I would have stopped this society in doing something against you and people from your society if I was brave. Bhima says it isn’t so. Baba says we must change the way society is structured to actually change things around.

Dhansukhlal and Mangesh are drinking. They discuss about how the structure of the society will not let people like Ram ji or Bhima succeed.

Bhima tells Dhruv not to take this personally. The new society will be for equals and everyone will have to agree to accept this system.

Next morning, Guru ji comes to take Bhima to school. Bala and Dhruv want to accompany him for a few days to boost his morale. Ram ji seconds them. Anand too tells him to take them. I cannot go so far every day. I will encourage you from here. Bhima agrees.

Ram ji asks Bhimbai if Bhima’s biography will also be written or discussed by people one day. Will he become a big man one day? She is positive about it. People will talk about him very often. He shrugs. Don’t know if we will live till then or not. She gets thinking. How does it matter if we are around or not? People will remember us as Bhima’s parents. Ram ji says people may not remember us but our son should do something so good that the world cannot forget him. They both smile.

The boys are pulling each other’s legs on their way to school. Seth ji and Mangesh block Guru ji’s way. We wont call you Guru from today as you are showing wrong path to the society. Bhima says it isn’t just a word but also something to believe in too. Guru ji says I know you want to stop me so I am not able to take Bhima to school. It wont happen though. Seth ji agrees. What if you lose something while trying to take him to school? Bhima tells them to challenge him directly. Don’t try to scare him. Mangesh tells him to let Guru ji decide. He has to think as a parent, as the head of the house. He has to make some decisions himself. Guru ji asks them if they will set his house on fire. Do it if you can! I will do what I always do. I will go from this route every day with Bhima. Think calmly about all that you have lost while trying to hurt others. We are getting late. They walk ahead. Dhruv calls Dhansukhlal his other father. You are so brilliant at making people suffer at the cost of anything. If you try to harm Guru ji then remember about the fire that was set in your house once. My Aayi lost her life in that fire. This time I will set fire myself and I will die in that fire too.

Principal Sir takes feedback about Ambedkar Guru ji from a few kids. He is curious to meet Bhima. Guru ji and Bhima reach school just then. He touches the ground with gratitude as soon he steps inside the school.


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