Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 7th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Bhima taps onto the fear element of justice

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Bhima says you hav done it in the past once as well. I tried to explain to you back then and you did understand but I don’t know why you say these things again and again. Ganga’s husband asks him if he thinks he is the smartest one in the world. Keep your sister with you your entire life just like Bua is staying with them. Bhimbai requests him not to do this. She asks Meera to talk to him. Meera reasons that she was compelled to be here. I am not in any pain here but every woman can live well in her actually home only. Please take Ganga with you. Bhimbai tells Ganga to apologize but Ganga reasons that she dint do anything wrong. Meera also tells her to apologize. Bhimbai says there is nothing wrong or right. Please apologize. Ganga’s husband says Bhima has told her well that she hasn’t done anything wrong. People from this house anyways don’t ever think they are wrong. Bhima sent my relatives to jail. Bala and Anand tied me to a cot overnight. Everyone saw it but they are still not wrong. Bhima says I dint know that. Anand comes there just then. Bhima tells him to apologize to their BIL. Anand apologizes. Bhima tells Ganga’s husband he will ask Bala to apologize as well. Please don’t be angry. Ganga’s husband calls it a drama but Bhimbai insists that they are being honest with him. Whatever happened is wrong. I apologized that day as well but it is right that my sons should apologize to you. She asks Anand about Bala.

Bala introduces Dhruv to his team. They are reluctant but Dhruv says everyone has been telling me the same thing but it’s of no use. Teach me how to play instruments. They request him to leave. Your father will kill us if he finds out! We can neither teach you how to play instruments nor let you stay here. Dhruv assures them from his Baba’s front but Bala tells him that even he knows what all his Baba is capable of. They leave. Dhansukhlal tells the gang they did the right thing. I will pay you money in return.

Ganga’s husband says it is your daughter who will take care of my house so I don’t care what your sons think / do. She thinks her brothers are right though. Bhima says you are wrong and she is right. Why should she apologize? Ganga’s husband tells Bhimbai to quieten her son. He will ruin things one day. Bhima says no one can stop me from saying the truth. Bhimbai tells him to be quiet but he continues. He thinks he can leave our Didi if we wont do as he says. It is okay. Remember one thing though. If I can fight for justice for Bhaskar’s Bhabhi then I can fight for my Didi too! Ganga’s husband tells them to fight with Bhima’s help. I will leave. Bhimbai tells him to wait but he advises her to talk some sense into Bhima instead. He leaves. Bhimbai asks Bhima why he does not understand that his Didi’s life will become hell. The kids will be impacted. Her house will be destroyed. Someone should pacify him and bring him back. What should I do? Problems don’t end ever! Bhima notices his Didi crying. He goes somewhere.

Bala requests Dhruv to hear him out but Dhruv says I now know what I have to do. Go home now. He walks away. Anand tells Bala about what happened at home just now.

Dhruv comes home and calls out to his Baba. I have come to understand you and your games over all these years. It is you who met those guys before me and have paid them money! You threatened them yet I will still play instruments. I have learnt it from Bhima that we must do what we put our mind to. Dhansukhlal accepts it as a challenge. They will never let you join their group. Dhruv says I chose to play instruments so I can break your pride. I will do this in this birth itself!

Bhima tells Ganga’s husband he swears upon his sister, if you leave today, I will make sure she will never return home with you. I will approach court and put charges against you. I request you not to break this relation and come home with me. Bala and Anand come there as well. They politely apologize to Ganga’s husband once again. Ganga’s husband thinks of Bhima’s words. Bala holds his hand and takes him home. Bhima thinks I understand one thing today. Justice is satisfactory for the right people and fear for the wrong ones.

Bhaskar comes home. I am sad about what happened but I am satisfied too. I will move on in life now. I will follow Bhima’s advice. He is shocked to see Manjula there. what if someone had seen you coming here? She says I got to know what happened. I thought you must be worried so I came to check on you. He tells her not to come again. It isn’t right. She agrees. I don’t get to say anything to you whenever you come to my home. I wanted to thank you for all that you have done for my family. He wakes up with a start and realises he was dreaming.

Ganga’s husband is still at Sakpal House. Ganga gives him tea. Bhimbai says I know all that shouldn’t have happened but even we dint want things to get ugly. Manjula’s wedding dint happen. Both the families are pained over the incident. You are smart. Please forget everything and forgive my kids too. He agrees. who will go to contest for relations now? Meera comes back with empty pot. A dog died in the well from which we get water. We dint get water like always. Bhimbai is sure someone from the higher community would have done it intentionally. How would it happen in our wells always? Bhima asks her if they do it intentionally. What do they get by doing this? Bhimbai says I don’t know. Maybe they feel satiated. Meera asks her how they will cook food. We have no water at home. We cannot get water from any other well as they belong to the upper communities. Bhima offers to bring it but Bhimbai tells him not to go anywhere. This distinction is most prominent in food items! Don’t go. He promises to ask for water. I wont argue. I will come back empty handed if they will refuse. Bhimbai is hesitant but Meera tells her to trust him. Ganga isn’t sure. He will surely do something. She goes after Bhima.

Bhima asks the ladies from other community to give him water from their well. She tells him to take it from their well but he explains that a dog fell in that well and died.

Precap: Bhima refuses to leave without water. He tells Ganga to cover her head using her saree like those ladies. Mix with them. They wont stop you then. Bhimbai comes there just then. She asks Bhima about Ganga. He gestures her to be quiet and points at Ganga who is walking towards the well with her head covered. A lady asks her who she is.

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