Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 3rd September 2020 Written Episode Update: Dhansukhlal keeps 2 conditions before Ram ji

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Ganga’s husband comes to Sakpal House and asks for Ganga. Bhimbai shares that she left for his home yesterday. They explain the situation but he tells them that no one is ill at his home. Anand asks him if he has hurt her and has come to question them now just to cover his tracks. Ganga’s husband fumes. Bhimbai tells him to be quiet. Bala shares that he made sure before he left from the station. Ganga’s husband asks them if they sent Ganga home first just to save themselves. Why she hasn’t reached home till now then. Have you guys sold her off? Bhima insists they are not lying. He says you never lie. Ram ji says Niranjan was the one who told us all that. He is Puranjan’s brother so he has no reason to lie to us. I will ask him about it. Guru ji comes just then. Ram ji gives a notebook to Bhima and sends him off with Guru ji.

Dhansukhlal and Mangesh calls out to Ram ji on his way home. They admit that they have kidnapped Ganga. Your son left her in the train but the train had not left till then. He made a grave mistake by leaving her alone so we brought her with us. Dhansukhlal adds that he wont find Niranjan anywhere. I have sent him away. Ram ji demands to know where Ganga is. Dhansukhlal warns him to back off or he wont even find his daughter’s dead body. Ram ji complies. Mangesh tells Ram ji to use his brain. It is a sensitive matter. You know how difficult life is for a girl. What if we push her to the edge? You and your son can keep looking for her but you will never find her. ram ji asks them what they want. Dhansukhlal says let’s have a deal first. Dhansukhlal notices Bhima going with Guru ji. Stop your son and tell him he wont study. Ram ji glares at him. Mangesh tells him not to waste time. Don’t share our names if anyone asks you anything. Come back to use once your son is back home. You would have to do one more thing and then you can save your daughter. You claim that all your kids are equal. We will see what you will choose now – son’s education or daughter’s life. Ram ji makes a fist on both his sides angrily.

Ram ji tells Bhima to go back home. Bhima questions him but Ram ji does not explain. He even shouts at his son to go home. Bhima and Guru ji look at each other in confusion. Bhima heads home sadly. Guru ji asks Ram ji what the matter is. Ram ji says it is nothing. Please go to school. Guru ji leaves. Dhansukhlal and Mangesh are watching everything from far.

Bala and Anand are eager to look for Ganga themselves but Meera stops them. They are surprised to see Bhima home. Bhima shares that Baba told him to back home. Manjula wonders what prompted him to do this. Ganga’s husband remarks that something or the other keeps happening in this house. Meera manages the situation. Bhimbai is sure something is wrong. She tells everyone to stay at home and leaves to find her husband.

Ram ji meets Dhansukhlal and Mangesh again. What should I do now? Dhansukhlal tells him to accept it in front of the entire village that it was his mistake to push his kid to study. Promise that you wont do it ever again. Tell Guru ji to stay away from your kids too. Mangesh says we know that your words mean everything to you. You wont back out from your promise ever. That’s all that we want. We will free your daughter then. Ram ji says stopping Bhima from studying is will leave him and me lifeless. Please don’t do this. They stay put. Don’t tell Bhima anything or he will come to question us. We will only take it out on his sister otherwise. They leave.

Bhimbai asks her husband what happened. He says nothing. She asks him why he is here. you had to meet Niranjan Bhai. He repeats that it is nothing. She is curious as they saw Dhansukhlal and Mangesh leaving. What has happened? He tells her the truth. They have a problem with us breathing also. I don’t know what is their problem. Why are they fighting with me kids? Bhimbai says they are cowards. They don’t have the courage to challenge us head on. They think the kids will lose but it wont happen. We will win this time as well. I trust you. Ganga will come home and Bhima will go to study.

Bhima asks his brothers to come with him. we will find Ganga Didi. Bhimbai stops them. Your Baba is looking for her. Ganga’s husband asks her if Ram ji met Niranjan Kaka. Only he can tell us about Ganga now or we can forget about her! Meera tells him not to say so. Bhima asks his mother why Kaka lied to them. Bhimbai decides against telling him anything. I only told Niranjan Bhai to lie at home. I thought Ganga will head home asap after hearing this. Ganga’s husband says you are the one who knit this story. I knew that my in-laws are extremely dramatic. You sent your daughter to her home by lying to her but she dint reach home because she dint want to be there. She has ran off somewhere else altogether. Bhimbai apologizes to him. It is my fault. She heads inside. Ganga’s husband asks them what he should do now. It should be with Bhima’s consent. I don’t want another complication in my life.

Bhima assures his mother her intention wasn’t bad. You said that a lie told to save someone is not a lie. It is Ganga Didi’s fault. She should have told us beforehand if she dint want to go there. This is wrong. Bhimbai thinks how to tell him the truth.

Precap: Ganga’s hands and feet are tied. Dhansukhlal says your father must bend and break now to save you or we will have to sell you off. Meera asks Bhimbai what the truth is. Bhimbai tells her that whatever is happening is a risky situation for both Ganga and Bhima. Bhima overhears them from outside and is taken aback.

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