Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 31st August 2020 Written Episode Update: Dhruv keeps a feast for Bhima

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Dhansukhlal tells Mangesh they must oust Guru ji from their community. Mangesh tells him to stay quiet for a while or Bhima will start another fight. Our mission was to stop Bhima from going to school. We have won. Another villager seconds him. If we will continue pushing people out of our community then we will be left alone.

Dhruv offers to give party to Bhima. Bala, Anand, Manjula and Ganga tease him but he says I can only cook for a few people. Everyone smiles.

Dhruv and Bhima are having dinner. Dhruv tells him to remember that his poor friend got food for him when Bhima won a battle. Bhima says anyone who hosts a party is not poor. Dhruv rues that he is out of money now. I think I will have to start another business now. I cannot even steal as I am your friend now. Bhima asks him to take help from his Baba but Dhruv wants to do something on his own. How is the food? Bhima says it is bad but I am sure this is the best a friend can cook. Dhruv tells him to eat quietly then. Ram ji and Bhimbai are watching them from the door. Ram ji says we had everything in Mhow but we always wanted someone from another community to be our friend. People would throw away their lunch boxes even if my shadow used to fall on it while returning home. I cannot believe it that Bhima is eating with someone from another community. Bhimbai says what Bhima is doing is a big thing. Ram ji says we must do something for Dhruv too. Bhimbai nods.

Next morning, Bhima is waiting for Madhvi and Kamna. Both the sisters come just then. Kamna compliments Bhima on what happened yesterday. He says I dint go inside. She reasons that he stopped so no one else is in trouble. This is victory. They feed him laddoos. Bhima notices Dhansukhlal walking past that field and he tells the girls to run. Madhvi says we are only giving laddoos to our brother. Bhima is worried about Kamna’s vidaai. They hide behind a tree. Dhansukhlal stops next to Bhima. You are enjoying laddoos here. Bhima offers him one. Dhansukhlal says you couldn’t go to school yet you are celebrating your defeat here. bhima asks him if he always thinks about winning and losing. Dhansukhlal says I wont now. Don’t talk about justice and injustice now as it is maligning the
Should I give you some money? Bhima calls him a genuine dealer. You are giving me money as I am alone. Dhansukhlal nods. No one will find out about it. Bhima says there are 2 more people here apart from us. Madhvi and Kamna get tensed. Bhima tells Dhansukhlal our souls are with us. I don’t know about yours but my soul is conscious. It feels sad when I do something wrong and vice versa. I cannot hurt my soul. Dhansukhlal says it is your choice. I will stand in your way every step of your life. Bhima offers him laddoo again. Dhansukhlal makes a face and walks away. Bhima feeds laddoo to his sisters.

Ram ji comes home and calls out for Bhima. Dhruv shares that he went to meet his sisters. Bhima comes running just then. They make him open a box which is full of books. Everyone is thrilled for Bhima. He asks his Baba of which class are they? Ram ji says society has stopped you from entering in a school so I got all the books that I could find. I want you to soar high and study as much as you want. One must expand their horizons when the struggles grow in life. It is only books that can help you then. Bhimbai hugs him. Study as much as you want. Bhima says when I grow up, I will make a home which will be full of books. Meera asks him if there is a home full of books. Bhima proudly says that he does not know about others but he will definitely have one. He takes his box inside. Ram ji suggests creating a small school for Bhima in the corner of their house only. We will keep 2 books each for him. She nods.

Bhima is cleaning a rack. All three boys come to help but he wants to set it up himself. Ram ji smiles. Let him do it himself. Bhimbai nods. I know you two. Ram ji gives some money to Dhruv to start work. Dhruv asks Bhima if he told Kaka everything. Bhima shakes his head. Bhimbai admits that they overheard everything last night. Please accept it. Dhruv politely refuses. Ram ji tells him to think of it as a loan. Return it to me when you start earning. Bhima too tells him to keep it. You are part of our family now. Bala asks Dhruv what he will do now. Dhruv says I will sew shoes. Ram ji tells him against it. You should think of something else. Dhruv asks him the reason. Ram ji says villagers will pose so many questions on your choice. They will say that Bhima and his family made you do what people from our community do. They will feel insulted and create a fuss. Anand and Bala second him. Dhruv too finds logic in it. They will blame you because of me. I will still do it as they have done my last rites already. I am Dhruv Sakpal now. I will live as per my rules. I will destroy their logics. I wont do it by staying next to you. I will move my home to a distance.

Dhansukhlal says captain was right. We should try to create a divide amongst them. Mangesh and other villagers agree with him. Mangesh says we called a guy who is from their community but will work for us.

Bhima tells Dhruv that his joining their community has increased their problems already. Bhimbai wonders why he is talking to Dhruv like that. Bhima says it does not mean that you will leave us though. Problems were there even when you weren’t around. That wont change even if you shift somewhere else. You can go if you want but don’t call everyone Kaka Kaki, Didi Bhaiya otherwise. Bhimbai smiles. Dhruv tickles him to pacify him. Everyone smiles seeing them thus.

Puranjan’s brother Niranjan comes to meet Dhansukhlal. They know that his wife is not well. Puranjan has gone to Bombay to earn money but wont help you. What kind of a brother is he! Dhansukhlal throws some coins towards him. Get your wife’s treatment done. Mangesh tells him to keep it. You will help us in return.

Precap: Ganga leaves for her home. Bhima wonders why women have to bear all the ill-doings of a man. Meera says husband is God and a wife should always be with her husband. Bhima calls it wrong.

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