Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 27th February 2020 Written Episode Update

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 27th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bheema enters in school with Anand and Bala. All students gather around them. Dhruv claps for him and addresses himself as Bheema’s friend. Some students clap along while others look on in confusion. He puts garland around his neck. Ambedkar ji and Guru ji follow Dhruv. They tell him to keep fighting like this at every stage of his life. Dhruv offers sweets to his friends but they refuse. We aren’t happy by his victory. They ask him from where he got this money. Dhruv says my father was sleeping at night so I stole money. Bheema calls it wrong. We won by honesty. We cannot celebrate victory with stolen money. Dhruv says I dint realise it while stealing. It’s done now. We cannot change it. Bheema says it can be done. Admit your misdeed in front of your Baba. Dhruv is worried about his father beating him but Bheema reasons that he will be beaten for truth this time. Think that you are fighting for truth. Go now. Ambedkar ji applauds his thought. Bheema mentally coaxes himself to keep going and fighting for others. Dhruv agrees. I will apologize to Baba once I reach home. Let’s celebrate now. Few kids head inside unhappily. Bheema puts a garland around Dhruv’s neck. You also made a contribution for bringing out the truth. He claps for Dhruv with Anand. Other kids follow suit. Dhruv smiles.

Bheema tells a plan to his brothers (in mute). He tells Ganga to go home. She asks him what will happen with that. Bala says we will start a drama tomorrow through which we can explain things to Jija ji. She reasons she dint do anything wrong. He suggests her to go to Puranjan’s home. Anand nods. Jija ji wont be able to misbehave with you this way. Bhimbai is confused but Ram ji likes their plan. He asks Ganga to come with him. I will drop you to Puranjan’s house. Bhimbai asks him if this will be right. He nods. Her husband should first talk to us as he has come to take Ganga. Ganga goes to pack some clothes. Bhimbai wonders where Ganga’s husband will be. Bala and Bheema go to look for him.

Ganga’s husband wakes up and murmurs that they (Narayan and Mangesh) are better than his in-laws. I am from a lower community yet they respected me, helped me and understood my pain. My in-laws don’t care about my whereabouts. Bala and Bheema come there just then. They request him to come with them. Bheema nods. We do care about you. Let’s go. Bala says Aayi Baba are worried for you. His Jija ji says they gave me a wife who has upset me. I wont go there. Bheema says staying her wont be of any help. Bheema says you aren’t a servant but Jija ji. Let’s go home. Ganga’s husband passes out again. Bheema tells Bala they cannot go if he cannot go home.

Next morning, Ganga’s husband wakes up and finds Bala and Bheema staring right at him. Bheema asks him to come home with them. Don’t you want to have tea? Anand comes running there just then. He informs them that Ganga is not at home. Bheema wonders what if she does something to herself. Ganga’s husband how will she do anything. He runs off. Bheema says it can be now seen how much Ganga Didi matters to him.

Ganga’s husband reaches home and asks for Ganga. Ram ji, Bhimbai and Meera start their drama. Bheema, Anand and Bala come as well. She left as she got hurt by her husband’s words. Ganga’s husband says she has never listened to me. I asked her to come home. I came here to take her with me but now she is missing! Ram ji notices his sad face. Bheema asks everyone to start looking for her. Bhimbai tells them to let it be. She has left. Her husband does not care for her. How many days will she stays at her father’s home? Let it be. Meera and Ram ji tell her not to say so. We care for her. She has two kids also. What about them? Bhimbai asks Ganga’s husband to give Ganga’s kids to them. Our relation will be over then. You can be happy at your home and we will be happy here. Bala argues that jija ji is their Baba. How can a Baba give his kids to someone? Ram ji says I will have no right on my kids if I don’t love their mother. Bhimbai is right. He turns to Ganga’s husband. We will find our daughter as much as we can. It is okay if we are unable to find her. Give your kids to us. Ganga’s husband says I am their father. I can never give them to you! He walks away sadly.

Meera asks Bhimbai why she was asking for the kids. What if he had agreed? Bhimbai says he would never do it. He has a good heart. Bheema seconds her. Jija ji is also upset with Ganga Didi’s disappearance. He came running here after hearing that Didi is missing. Ram ji says let’s hope things become better between them by this drama. Bheema asks his brothers to get ready for school. Bala says you never forget school. Bheema says only education can change society. Ram ji nods. No one will miss school at any cost.

Ganga is very pessimistic about her married life but Puranjan assures her that everything will be fine. Ram ji sits next to her. your husband loves you very much. He panicked after hearing that you are missing. He said no when I asked him to hand over my daughter’s kids to us! This means he does care about his family. Don’t worry. Stop crying. Everything will be fine. Our lie will put things in the right direction.

Ganga’s husband is bothered by what just happened. I cannot give my kids to them! He recalls their happy times. Everything was so good. Ganga suddenly lost her mind and came here. She does not care for her kids at all. They cry for her every day but she is only concerned about herself. Mangesh and Narayan join him. You are right. They are like that only. Why are you sitting alone here? He replies that Ganga is missing. No one knows where she is. What will I say to my kids now? I told them I will come back with their mother only. Narayan let it be. Find a new mother for your kids. Marry a girl from the house opposite to Sakpal family. They should also get to know who you are! Ganga’s husband says they are asking for our kids. Mangesh says they are trying to fool you. Ram ji and Bheema are very good in drama and in fooling people. They see Bheema, Anand and Bala coming in their direction. Bala also alerts his brothers. Narayan asks Ganga’s husband if the kids would go to school if their sister was actually missing.

Sakpal brothers realise that Narayan and Mangesh must be fuelling Ganga’s husband against their family. Bheema asks Narayan and Mangesh if they have seen Didi. Anand joins in the drama. Bala says we don’t even feel like going to school. How will we able to concentrate now? Let’s look for her together. He takes Ganga’s husband from there. Narayan calls out after him but in vain. They begin to go when Bheema warns them not to try to instigate their Jija ji against them. Narayan says why we will intervene in your family matter. Handle it yourself. Anand says this is what I cannot understand. Why are you always after our family? Bheema nods. You tried twice yet both Bala Bhaiya and Baba got saved from you. Remember that you wont be able to harm Jija ji in any way as well. Can we go now? They fold hands.

Precap: Narayan brings a new girl for Ganga’s husband. Marry her. She is from your community only. Sakpal family gets tensed. Bheema wonders if he will end up breaking his sister’s house with his plan.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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