Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 26th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Maharaj creates more problems for Bhima

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Guru ji asks them if they think Maharaj will tell the truth to everyone this way. Bhima and Ram ji are hopeful that he will have to atleast tell people something tomorrow.

Dhansukhlal and Mangesh tell Maharaj that Bhima and Ram ji’s questions have prompted people to think. They are looking for the answer as well. Maharaj says I have an answer for everyone. More villagers come to meet Maharaj. Maharaj asks them to gather under the same tree where that Devdasi had breathed her last. I will answer all your questions there. they nod with satisfaction and leave. Maharaj tells Dhansukhlal to perform the last rites of that Devdasi. Scatter half of her ashes under the tree and make a small covered year underneath where you can keep the rest of her ashes. Dhansukhlal and Mangesh nod. Maharaj also tells them to ask Bhima and his father to come there in the evening.

Mangesh comes to Sakpal House and tells Bhima that he can also ask his questions and they will be answered under the same tree where that Devdasi had hung herself. Your Baba should also come there. He walks away. Ram ji congratulates Bhima on making people inquisitive. Maharaj will have to say something now. Bhimbai wonders what he will say. Bhima calls it their victory. They are being forced to take action because of us.

Everyone gathers under the said tree in evening. Maharaj says a kid and his family from lower community put dolls around town with questions and villagers begin to question their Maharaj, their dharma. You want to know how she could not understand her destiny and what she was. A guy says everyone is honest when they are on their deathbed. We need your guidance, not answer. Yell us what’s right and wrong. Bhima asks for answer. She accepted her fate as a Devdasi when she was alive but she renounced it when she was dying. Why?

Maharaj says she might have actually been a Devi and not a Devdasi. Maybe she was cursed to take birth as a human. She became a Dasi but couldn’t do the duties of a servant. Bhima tells him to stop telling stories. One cannot keep track of one birth and you speak about previous births. Maharaj cuts him mid sentence. This is not your school. I called everyone here so their curiosity is at rest. Have you ever seen a Devdasi killing herself before? They shake their heads. This is Moksha (Salvation). There is a mention of something similar in the scriptures. Bhima calls it a distraction but Maharaj focuses on Moksha again. Villagers agree with him. Maharaj tells them to pay their respects and offer donations to this Devi. You too can attain Moksha if she blesses you. Bhima says you are using puja to hide the truth. How and why did she die? Pundit ji reprimands him. Our people forgot how narrow minded you guys are. She is indeed our Devi. Keep these people away from our Devi. Ram ji stops Bhima from arguing with him. Sakpal family moves aside. Guru ji tells Bjima that such people cook fake stories to distract people. They use books and dharma to force people to blindly follow them. Ram ji agrees with him. It is Bhima’s victory. Maharaj was compelled to lie in front of people because of you. He lied today but he will be forced to say the truth tomorrow. They see people offering flowers and money to the tree. Maharaj decides to take care of Bhima and Ram ji from tomorrow for putting him in this position.

Everyone has fallen asleep but Bhima cannot stop thinking about what happened to the Devdasi and how Maharaj lied to people today. He thinks of his Baba advising him to study to become a big man. Everything else becomes small in front of that. He sits down to study. He recalls how his Baba has always told him that books will never leave his side.

Ram ji leaves for work. Bhimbai tells Bhima to stay home. The situation is not good. Bhima reasons that they must go so as to make changes in the society. We must do something. Anand assures her that he will go with Bhima. Bhimbai gives them lunch box. Take care of yourself. Bhima assures her that they will.

Guru ji meets Bhima and Anand on his way back to Satara. Let’s go back home now. Sarvagya Maharaj has decided to give pravachan in the school for 1.5 months. Anand says it must be intentional. Guru ji nods. Bhima suggests speaking to them but Guru ji reasons that thousands of people who have come to attend it have been blinded in the name of dharma. Bhima asks him how they will study. Guru ji is positive they will find a way out of this.


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