Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 25th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Bhima uses an idea to make people question Maharaj’s ideologies

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Maharaj leaves. Dhansukhlal tells few villagers to stay right here. make sure this dead body remains here like this. No one should be able to take it down. They nod. Ram ji stops Dhansukhlal. Why stop something when there is no life left? Let it be here if you want to showcase how cruel you are! You torture alive and dead people equally. He asks his family to come. Let them show their strength on the dead body of a girl. Dhansukhlal isn’t bothered. He leaves with Mangesh and Pundit ji. Ram ji comforts Bhima as he cries. Let’s go home.

Mangesh tells Maharaj that people got the wrong message that they lost. It is true that Bhima saved that girl. Dhansukhlal says I am sure they wont leave Satara at all. Mangesh adds that people have started gossiping that Bhima has won over Maharaj. Maharaj tells him ot be quiet. That kid from lower community cannot win over me. I advocate dharma. Dhansukhlal explains that Bhima and Ram ji will aggravate the matter in front of others. They are cunning.

Bhima says our real victory will be when we will spread awareness amongst others. Anand asks him how it can be done. Guru ji says we should have checked Bela’s hair at night when we were having trouble combing them. This way we would have been able to stop the Dasi from putting milk in her hair the second time. We have to tell this to people. They will be cautious next time. Bhima nods. I would have untangled Didi’s hairs if I knew this before. Ram ji asks Guru ji what he thinks. Guru ji reasons that this wont change overnight. Bringing a change in this tradition is what’s important. Bela decides to dedicate her life to curb this tradition.

Maharaj asks villagers what’s the strength and weakness of Bhima and Ram ji. Strength is their family and they are each other’s weaknesses. Maharaj tells him to break their strength and attack on their weaknesses. This family is dangerous than plague. Thousands of Ambedkar and Kulkarniwill be born otherwise. We will be left with nothing.

Bhima says unity will help us fight every odd. Baba says that I must study so we can find solutions. Guru ji seconds Ram ji. I wont let you give up on studies ever. Bela wants to study as well. I will make myself stronger so I can fight these malpractices. Your thoughts tell me that studies are important for that. Bhima agrees with her. They head home. Bela’s Nani requests Bhimbai to return her Bela to her. My Bela used to play with dolls whereas this Bela wants to struggle her entire life. Girls don’t do that. I don’t want her to do all that. She is a girl after all. She would have settled down in a few years and lived a better life. Bhimbai says you are right. I would have said the same thing if I was in your place but I am not in your place. You wont understand what it means to be Ram ji’s wife and Bhima’s mother. It is good to love someone but it is more important to stand by your loved ones when they choose a tougher path. I request you to support Bela. Things will turn out to be good. Bela’s hatred for her loved ones will slowly turn into love. Support her. She leaves.

Bhima imagines the good Dasi running past him. He looks back in shock and confusion. Ram ji asks him what happened. Bhima says nothing. They resume walking. Bhima imagines the good Dasi crying in every corner and starts running. His family follows him. Bhima comes home and sits down on the floor. His family comes in just then. Ram ji asks him why he ran away. Bhima shares that he can see that Didi and hear her questions everywhere. I am feeling very restless. Bhimbai tells him that he must learn to bear it. Bhima says what about the questions that she had asked. Who will answer those questions? Ram ji sits next to him. Who will answer those questions? Who cares? Bhima says the same people who made her a Dasi. Ram ji points out that he is having expectations from those who dint care about her when she was alive. Bhima asks him if those questions will remain unanswered. Ram ji replies that many such questions keep coming in front of us. Time holds them still. They become the voice of the future. It takes time though. Those who are being questioned right now are too many in number. This question is weak in front of it. Your Aayi is right. We should be glad that Bela is with us and we could save her from them. Bhima thinks for a moment. He picks up two small bags and papers. Ram ji asks him what he is doing. Bhima says you said that this question is silent for now. Let’s give it a voice. His family is confused. Bhima explains his idea to them (in mute). Ram ji agrees to help Bhima execute his idea. Bhimbai says it wont work. Ram ji says nothing is happening right now anyways. Everyone divides the task at hand.

Next morning, Sakpal family puts a hanging doll with a note (Answer her questions, Maharaj ji) in every corner around Satara. Mangesh asks him what this is. Bhima says I want an answer. Ask Maharaj ji to answer me. This matter wont become silent without my answers. I wont let it happen. Mangesh asks him what he will do alone. Bhima says this has been put at many places around town. You thought you will be able to quieten the voices by killing one person? Look around yourself. There are many such questions around you. He leaves.

The same villagers who have been following Maharaj blindly become curious as well. Maharaj must answer them.

Bhima is positive that Maharaj would have heard about this by now. He must answer now. Guru ji asks them if they think Maharaj will tell the truth to everyone this way.


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