Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 22nd October 2020 Written Episode Update: Bhima convinces people from upper community to come to hospital

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 22nd October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Guru ji supports Bhima. People listen to him. What’s the harm in doing it if it saves some lives? Bhima tells his mother not to worry and leaves with his Guru ji.

Ram ji is at police station. The senior stationed there reasons that they are transporting medicines to every place but they lack manpower. Ram ji offers to hand deliver it as the patients are critical. Ram ji tells him that he is glad to meet him. there is an official in English government who treats everyone equally. The guy says everyone is different. There are even a few Britishers who like to help people and do it. Some people do have humanity left. Ram ji thanks him once again.

Two villagers are digging land next to the ill people. Pundit ji is right. This is because of our sins! Bhima and Guru ji reach there just then. Why can’t you save your own people from dying if you are so knowledgeable? Vaid taunts Guru ji. Could your disciple save his people if he is so smart? Guru ji tells him to compare the numbers. Those who are getting treatments and medicines are recovering. More people from your community are dying as they are avoiding medicines. This offends Vaid ji. Bhima tries to explain logic but villagers say we will be glad to die while praying. Bhima reasons that there is nothing precious than life. Come to hospital with us. One of the guys who was digging the ground starts vomiting and coughing. Bhima asks him how he could fall ill when he was praying diligently. It is better to come to hospital. Prayers are a different thing but medicine is something else! The guy runs off to hospital. One ill guy wants to go as well while the other one refuses. Bhima tells them to go to hospital if they want to. Those who refuse to go should rethink. Vaid ji tells everyone to think again but few of them leave for hospital.

Pundit ji tells Dhansukhlal to cash in on this occasion. We should organize yagya right now and you should make huge donations there. Dhansukhlal understands what Pundit ji is trying to do. Mangesh informs them what Bhima and Guru ji have been trying to do in the village.

Bhima requests diseased guy from the upper community to come to hospital with them. Think about your family. Mangesh, Dhansukhlal and Pundit ji come there. Mangesh and Dhansukhlal reprimand Bhima for approaching people from upper community by himself. You will be punished for it! Pundit ji points out that this ill guy is responsible for Bhima’s doom. Get up and touch Bhima. This will be his punishment. Bhima requests the guy not to fall in Pundit ji’s words. Pundit ji keeps telling the guy to do it. It will be your gateway to heaven. Touch Bhima. Bhima and Pundit ji keep telling the guy to get up for their own reasons. The guy gets up and walks towards Bhima. Bhima runs away and the guy falls down. Guru ji questions them. Pundit ji says it is his punishment. He ran away when death was chasing him. guru ji tells him to be in Bhima’s shoes and figure out himself. Dhansukhlal tells him to think out of his books for once. We will go and catch Bhima. He tells the patient to use his strength to catch on with them. You can touch him once we nab him. You are anyways going to die! They go after Bhima.

Puranjan and Bhimbai see more people coming in. Kulkarni also comes there. Puranjan stops Bhimbai from approaching them as they are from upper community. Kulkarni tells people to have patience. Doc will be coming soon. Bhimbai requests doc to do something. He says we must wait for Ram ji to bring medicines. Ram ji comes in just then holding a carton of medicines.

Villagers continue chasing Bhima. He hides in the bushes.

Ram ji asks Bhimbai about Bhima.

Guru ji tells the villagers to leave Bhima. He was saying what’s right for you all. This isn’t right! The ill guy sits under a tree. Dhansukhlal tells him to maintain distance. Pundit ji wonders why Bhima isn’t dying because of this disease. Mangesh says we will celebrate if that happens. Bhima recalls his convo with his Baba last night. Guru ji tells them to leave Bhima. Villagers decide to head back. The ill guy asks them to take him to hospital. I cannot bear this pain anymore. Pundit ji tells him to touch Bhima if he comes near him. You are dying anyways. Do something good before dying! This will take you to heaven.

Kulkarni tells people from his community that Ram ji brought medicine for everyone. You don’t accept anything from him as he is from lower community. It is better to die. You have been discriminating with him your entire life but see how he got medicine for you today! Ram ji says this isn’t time to discuss all this. You can do purification later. Have medicine now. Kulkarni says it is true that the family who has a good leader is always good. This is what you, Puranjan, your wife and your son have been doing. Your son has been trying to talk sense to those who have not been able to understand him till now.

Bhima comes out of his hiding place. Guru ji goes to bring cot. Bhima tells the guy not to worry. You will be fine. Bhima wonders if there is a medicine for those whose heart is ill. I think this stands true for Mangesh, Dhansukhlal and Pundit ji. This Kaka wouldn’t have been in pain if they had taken him to hospital instead. I will ask Baba.

Meera gives lunch box to Anand to give to Ram ji. Manjula says they wont eat as others would be hungry. Bala says we should feed everyone then. Meera says how we will arrange food for everyone. Bala says it is time for us to take action. Bhima does thinks without thinking. We will follow his example. He asks Meera to fill entire ration in a sack and tells Anand to bring big utensils. We will cook outside the hospital only. Manjula decides to go as well. Meera tells them to take precautions. They start working.

Guru ji and Bhima bring the patient to hospital. Doc asks Guru ji about the patient’s caste first. Ram ji looks at Bhima. I know how difficult it would have been for you to convince a guy from upper community to come here for treatment but this is what will give you strength for future.


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