Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 21st January 2020 Written Episode Update: Bheema challenges Narayan he will bring Bala home

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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 21st January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

One must have the resources to fulfil all the needs of a human being and to create the necessities. We must welcome the new era.

Bhimbai tells Meera she is worried since she saw Bala with those drunkards last night. It feels so dark. Meera says even I am worried. Hope Bhaiya succeeds in bringing Bala home asap. Ganga greets them just then. Everyone hugs her happily. Meera says daughters don’t come so soon to their home after marriage. You have become responsible. Don’t you miss us? Ganga says I do miss you but I have to look after that house too. Meera is impressed. Ganga asks her mother how she is. Baba says you don’t take care of yourself. Bhimbai denies. He says anything. You can look for yourself. How’s everyone at home? Bheema and Anand surround Ganga excitedly as soon as they come in. Bhimbai asks her daughter why she came alone. Ganga says he had some work. She gives gifts to Anand and Bheema. I have brought besan laddoos for Bala. Where is he Anand? Bheema shares that he does not live here anymore. He left the house to learn playing instruments. Bhimbai says don’t know what he is up to. Ganga asks them why no one stopped him. bhimbai says he dint listen to anyone. Bheema says he will listen to Didi now. Ganga offers to go with him but Bhimbai tells her to relax. Ganga gives gifts to her sisters.

Bheema informs Bala of Ganga’s arrival. The leader of the troupe tries to stop him but Bala refuses. He runs towards home but Ram ji stands in his way at the doorstep. Ram ji tells him to come inside only if he will stop playing music. You are not welcome here otherwise. Bheema tries to stop him but Ram ji tells him to choose from him and Bala. Bhimbai tries to make her husband understand but in vain. Bheema tells his Baba how he can choose from his Baba and brother. Ram ji says we have to choose our side at every step of life. We have to weigh the pros and cons and be courageous enough to choose what is right. Bala can only return to this house if he will stop playing instruments. This is my choice. Bala recalls his convo with Narayan. It is important / right for me that I cannot stop playing instruments. I don’t want to do anything else apart from that. Meera tries to intervene but Ram ji stops her. Ganga requests her father to let him come. I have come from far to meet you all. He is a kid. Ram ji says kids learn from elders. He is making an unnecessary demand. I wont let it happen. He does not let Ganga interrupt him. No one will say anything now. Bheema requests Bala to stop being stubborn but Bala justifies his choice. Bheema says pardon me but you appear wrong right now. Ganga asks Bala to come outside. We will talk there. Bala stops her. people living inside the house will be troubled if you will meet me outside the house. Everyone is taken aback by his words. Bala runs off. Ram ji warns everyone to stay put but Bheema goes after Bala. Bhimbai requests her husband to let Bheema go. She cries.

Bheema follows Bala and requests him to come home. Don’t take Baba’s words to your heart. Bala retorts that he is his Baba’s son. You like what he says and you are his copy. You are on his side. Just leave. Bala walks away. Narayan was passing by in a bullock cart. He calls out to Bheema and pities him. Your Baba came to talk to your brother and now you tried but nothing worked. Bala will do what I want. I will push him away from all of you. You insulted me in front of everyone in school the other day. This is the revenge of that day only. Go and get used to living without your one brother. Bheema challenges him that he will take his brother home with him. He runs off. Narayan accepts his challenge.

Bhimbai tells her husband to let her son play instruments if he wants to. He is our kid. he says he is my son too. Dint you see what that troupe was doing last night? Will you be able to bear our son in that condition? We must guide Bala to the right path. We are his parents. Meera reasons that it isn’t important that all the kids will study. Everyone has their own interests what will we do if he does something wrong tomorrow? Ram ji says should I not talk sense out of that fear. Do I say that everyone is same? Studies are important for your mental health. It is Bala’s age to study and learn but he is stuck onto playing instruments. Does he even realise how that life will be? It isn’t important to that all our kids will become great people when they grow up but it will be satisfactory for us to as we tried our best. I wont let Bala destroy himself. Bheema assures everyone Bala wont do anything wrong. I will bring him home safely. He tells his mother not to cry or she will fall ill. I will have to worry for you along with Bhaiya otherwise. How can a small kid worry so much? Anand nods. He will have a headache if that happens. Ram ji holds hi close. Ganga says Bheema has become too smart. Anand agrees. He tells about Bheema’s challenge to Principal. Ram ji and Bhimbai look at Bheema in surprise. Anand says the school where we weren’t allowed to enter will bear Bheema’s name in future. You must do this Bheema. He hugs his brother. Everyone looks proudly at Bheema.

Bheema thinks of all the incidents. How to bring Bhaiya home?

Troupe leader meets Narayan at night. Narayan asks him how much he pays Bala. Leader says I don’t give him anything right now but I will give him once he starts playing good music. Narayan gives him a potli of money. Tell him he is playing well. You will give him the biggest share on every occasion. You can take that money from me. Troupe’s leader is confused. How will this help Bala? Narayan replies that Bala will continue playing music this way. An artist needs encouragement and money. Leave now. The leader leaves.

Anand asks Bheema what he is thinking. Bheema says everyone is happy because of Ganga Didi’s arrival. Bala Bhaiya too should be happy with us but he is neither eating laddoo nor is with us. Anand says he is at fault here after all that he did. Is he even bothered by anything after doing all this?

Bala is awake. I know everyone must be upset with me after what I did. I shouldn’t have misbehaved with Anand and Bheema. They are younger than me after all. Ganga Didi must have brought ladoos for me. I need it too. He stands up to go when his leader asks him where he is off to. Bala says to eat besan laddoo. Leader wonders where he would find that at this hour. Bala leaves.

Bala reaches home and notices his father sleeping. He stops at the doorstep as he recalls his father’s condition.

Precap: Bala receives his first pay – 2 paise. He runs off to give it to Anand and Bheema so they can pay their school fees. Anand requests Bala to come home but Bala runs off. Bheema asks Guru ji how much one can earn by playing instruments. Kids taunt him that another brother is after money now. Go and play music. Everyone laughs.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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