Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 21st August 2020 Written Episode Update

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 21st August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ram ji says problems surface in relations but we cannot just run away when that happens. You will find people like Seth ji at every step who will try to stop you but you must not stop at any cost. Your relations will be threatened but you must save them. Understand that things will get difficult even while I am alive or when I am gone. You and people around you will always face problems! Think of solving the problems and not of running away. He gives the rakhi to Bhima. Think what you want to do about it. On one hand, Seth ji does not let you sit or study with kids from higher class while on the other hand, this girl from upper class wants to be your sister. Bhima asks his Baba for money. Ram ji happily gives it to him and hugs his son. Everyone smiles.

Next morning, Madhvi and her sister are following Dhruv. Madhvi’s sister questions Anand who says I have no idea why Bhima has called you. She asks Madhvi why she is going. Madhvi says my brother has called me so I must go. Bhima brings sweets for them. Madhvi’s sister reprimands him. Bhima apologizes to her and calls her Didi. Madhvi rebukes him as well. Bhima apologizes to both of them. I realized my mistake so I went to market in the morning and brought this for my sister. I dint even give a piece to Anand Bhaiya. Scold me as much as you want but I wont leave. I brought rakhi’s too. Tie me too. Madhvi and her sister laugh. Madhvi’s sister tells Madhvi she was right about her brother. He is very sweet. Bhima requests Madhvi’s sister to tie him a rakhi too. I will get your blessings this way. I really need it. I have to fight with the entire society to help everyone get education. Everyone needs to study. I need to fight for them. My Didi can then sit with everyone in the school and study. Madhvi’s sister wishes him well. Madhvi says every girl of the society will continue to bless you then. You will win. Bhima says I will win as my sisters have rooted for me. Dhruv tries to take a piece but Bhima does not let him.

Dhansukhlal and Mangesh taunt Guru ji for resigning. How will he take care of his family then? Guru ji says I am an educated person and I can take care of my family’s need with its help. I also look after the accounts of some elites of Satara. The money that I earn from it can help me run my house well. Dhansukhlal says what if we meet those people tomorrow and tell them everything. You will lose that job as well then. Guru ji says I don’t care. You can try this too. Dhansukhlal tells Guru ji to understand that whoever will try to help Bhima will be taken down by us. Why can’t you understand this small thing? Mangesh says you are well educated and there is a live example before you – Dhruv. Can you not understand it? Guru ji advises him to calm down. Look behind you. Mangesh and Dhansukhlal turn around and notices Bhima, Anand and Dhruv standing behind them.

Bhima asks Guru ji to come with him. Dhansukhlal says you are saying as if you will make an army. Bhima says yes, we will make an army of needy people and people who have been abused by you. Their strength would be no less than the strength of an English army. Guru ji advises Dhansukhlal to visit the school every day now. A new sun of Satara will rise from this school only! He goes with the boys. Dhansukhlal tells Mangesh to find out where people from Bhima’s community live. I want their full details. I will figure out how much money they owe to me. I will also fight now. I will see how people from this community will study. Mangesh agrees. It is a battle of our pride now.

Guru ji and the boys meet a few villagers. They try to convince them to send their kids to school. Villagers say we can do the work we do without education. Why do we need this? Guru ji says you need to tell the world that you too have a right to be human. Explain them that this is your right and it should be given to you. Struggle right now so your kids don’t have to struggle in the future. Your kids shouldn’t be missing out on the rights that you are missing. Bhima adds that we do the work of religion yet we aren’t a part of it. It would be difficult to treat us like that once we get educated. Dhruv tells them to send their kids definitely if they trust his friend. I will handle my father. They agree to send their kids to school. Anand, Bhima, Dhruv and Ambedkar Guru ji fold their hands thankfully and leave. Dhansukhlal asks those villagers to return their interest money. Villager points out that the interest is still pending. Mangesh shows him the accounts. Villager says I don’t understand this so how I can trust you. Dhansukhlal threatens about English army. Villager says I don’t have money. Mangesh tells them not to fall in Guru ji and Bhima’s words. Don’t send your kids to school. They see Bhima and his group speaking to other villagers and threaten them one by one in a similar manner.

Ganga tells her mother what is happening in the town. Don’t know who will win in this struggle. Bhimbai argues that this is what your Baba talks about. Bhima wont listen to me if I will try to stop me! He never listens to me. Ram ji says Bhima wont listen but people will hear his good thoughts. Victory and defeat will eb announced this way. Bhimbai says I cannot lose my kid to this. He tells her not to make her son weak. She argues that she cannot just sit back and things getting over. Ram ji says struggle is to gain something. Even I took leave from work so I can stand by my son in his fight. I am the one who shaped that outlook in him towards education. He begins to go when Bhimbai tries to stop him. He says I supported you when you decided to get Manjula married but I am with my son in this matter. I am his father. First of all, I am with the person who is fighting for the right thing.

Bhima says I thought everyone will be here by now but no one is here. Dhansukhlal says we are here but no one else will come. Bala says they will come as they understand and accept what Bhima says. Dhruv says they aren’t like people from your community who show fake support but run away when it is actually time to help. Bhima says they will come. I trust them and vice versa. Dhansukhlal says we will also wait and watch how they will come.

Precap: Villagers come in support of Bhima but tell him that they cannot send their kids to study. Dhruv says things could have worked out in favour if there was a way to ignite the same fire in others too. Bhima picks up a piece of burning log. Now there will be fire!

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