Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 18th September 2020 Written Episode Update

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 18th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dhansukhlal warns Bhima that they will send Ram ji to jail if he takes a step further. This time your father wont be able to return from there.

Villagers and Madhvi’s father bring Madhvi home. Madhvi’s mother holds her. Madhvi begs to be let free. Sakpal family follows as well. Bhima asks them to free his sister but Dhansukhlal reminds him to stay out of their matter. This is our tradition.

A widow tells Madhvi’s mother to break Madhvi’s bangles. Madhvi resists but in vain. She cries. Bhima is in tears as well. He recalls how Madhvi had told him to bring colourful bangles whenever he will go out of town. He asks her why she likes bangles so much. She shares that she loves the sound which they make. Madhvi’s mother cries as she removes Madhvi’s ornaments. The widows take Madhvi inside.

Bhima shouts at the villagers. Dhansukhlal asks Ram ji why he isn’t taking his son away from here. he creates problems wherever he goes. Bhima refuses to leave. Bhima asks the villagers if they cannot see Madhvi’s pain. Dhansukhlal replies that more than her pain, we can see that she fell in this problem because of you! See how a family fell apart because of you! Mangesh calls him a curse for Satara. We must stop him of every house will be under the same wrath. Bhima tries to explain but Madhvi’s father shouts at him to leave. You snatched colours from the lives of my daughters. Sakpal family turns to go when the door opens. Madhvi steps out with the widows. She is dressed just like them. They stand around her and create a makeshift cover using saree. They pour water over her. Bhimbai and Bhima are in tears whereas the boys look at each other in shock / confusion. Madhvi shivers as strong wind blows. The lady tells her not to get afraid so easily. You have to walk on coals your entire life now. Pundit ji explains the next ritual. Madhvi obliges. Her head will be shaved tomorrow and then she will take a vow. There will be no colour, hope or happiness in her life.

Bhima asks his Baba what it means. She will have to do it because of the husband who dint stay with her even for a day? Pundit ji says a woman becomes the servant of her husband the moment they are married. She will follow the rules even if he is no more. He tells a list of do’s and don’ts. Bhima argues that this isn’t her fault. Why will she spend her life like this? Dhansukhlal tells him to be quiet. These are our traditions. You wont understand it as there is no obligation in your community. We can sacrifice our life for these traditions. Bhima questions his Baba how people can do this to someone in the name of traditions. Bhimbai asks him to come home but he refuses. Didi is so scared. They are wrong. Mangesh tells him to leave quietly. We know other alternatives too. Ram ji asks Bhima to come home. Bhima declines but Ram ji firmly tells him to come. Dhansukhlal points out that now Bhima does not even listen to his Baba. Sakpal family heads home.

Pundit ji tells Madhvi’s mother they will do the remaining rituals tomorrow. Everyone leaves. Madhvi goes inside with her mother in a state of shock.

Ram ji says it may be right or wrong but this has been happening since decades now. Bhima asks him if a guy has to spend his life in a similar manner if he loses his wife. Ram ji shakes his head. Bhima says what’s Didi’s fault in this then. Meera says it is because she is a woman. There are different rules for women in this society. Ram ji nods. Society abuses women and tries to keep them under control to keep them in check. Bhimbai asks him why he is telling all this to Bhima. Ram ji says it isn’t right to hide the truth from him. He turns to Bhima. This is a bitter truth of our society. This society snatches the right of a woman to be happy when she loses her husband. Bhima says I will question this. Bhimbai says every woman should have the right to be happy even if she loses her husband. She is a woman too. He says this is what I am saying. She says it isn’t there right now. It should be. Know the difference. You don’t have the power to turn things around like that. He talks about trying. She clearly tells him it wont make a difference. They will do what they have decided to do with Madhvi. Her parents are right there. Everything is happening as per their wish. Even if they are against it, they will have to oblige as it is their tradition. They cannot fight from their community. You can vent your grief but that’s it for now. Bhima speak about fighting for it. She shouts that they don’t have to struggle right now. You don’t know but they can easily kill people if we protest against their age old traditions. You are young and you want to teach the world? You got hurt the other day when they hit you with sticks! What if your Baba hadn’t reached there that day? Where all will we be to save you? He asks her why they shouldn’t struggle to bring change. She tells her husband to make him understand why he shouldn’t meddle in this matter. He is also not allowed to step out of the house. She goes. Bhima tries to say something btu Ram ji tells him to be quiet. Your Aayi is right. These malpractices wont go away just because you want them to. Everyone will instead become your enemy this way.

Bhimbai cries thinking about what happened with Madhvi today.

Madhvi is sitting quietly outside. Her mother brings food for her. She tries to feed Madhvi but Madhvi wont even look at her. You will have to live the life you are destined to! You must bear this pain. Eat something or you will die. Her husband looks on. She tells him to explain to Madhvi. She isn’t crying or saying anything. She should let it out. She wont be able to live this way. Madhvi’s father requests Madhvi to eat something. He tries to feed her as well but she wont even look at him. He tries to scare her by talking about beating her but in vain. He walks away sadly.

Bhima cannot stop thinking about what happened today.

Precap: Madvi’s mother comes to Sakpal House. She stops at the entrance. Madhvi has turned into a stone. She hasn’t uttered a single word since afternoon. She might die this way. Maybe she will say something if Bhima meets her.

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