Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 18th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Bheema, Anand and Bala set out to find a Barrister

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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 18th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sakpal family silently watches police captain take Ram ji away. One villager taunts Ram ji and Bhimbai’s equation. They got separated. Mangesh says they have no social status. Bhimbai folds her hands and sits down. Why are you all doing this? Please have mercy on us. Bheema tells Bhimbai not to beg the villagers. Narayan tells him it is his fate to bend down in front of them. Don’t negate it. He tells Bhimbai they did this as they intervened in our community’s matters. You crossed your limits! Mangesh adds that they will also intervene now that it has begun. Your husband will rot in jail now. He deserves it! They laugh. Bheema says nothing will happen to Baba. I will get Baba out of jail at any cost. Villagers taunt him by calling him Barrister Sahab. They leave.

Bheema asks his mother to come home. She asks him if his Baba will get out of jail if they will go home. She cries. Bheema takes her with him. Guru ji looks on helplessly.

Guru ji notices Ambedkar ji and greets him. Ambedkar ji says my suspension is about to end. What happened? You look tensed. Guru ji tells him everything. Ambedkar ji says Ram ji’s family shouldn’t have meddled in this matter. What was the charge? Guru ji says entire village was against him. What could anyone have done? Ambedkar ji asks him who he supported in front of police captain. Guru ji walks away n the pretext of drinking water but Ambedkar ji asks him again. Guru ji says I couldn’t gather courage to tell the truth and I couldn’t bear to lie either. Ambedkar ji says educated people use their words to cover things up. You should have supported the innocent! You are a respectable teacher. Police captain would have valued your opinion. Guru ji says I wanted to but the crowd was very big. I am in a fix now. Ambedkar ji says I understand. I would have done the same if I was in your place. Guru ji asks him what will happen now. Ambedkar ji says majority will be against Ram ji. They will ruin his life while trying to teach him a lesson and people like us, who know that it is wrong, will sit quietly. No one would like to be ousted from the society! Guru ji asks him if there is no way they can save Ram ji. Ambedkar ji says not for now. I hope Bheema wont break down amidst all this.

Bhimbai says we were fools. They were right. We crossed our limits! We should have let things as they were. We meddled into things for no reason. Bheema assures her that everything will be fine like Baba says. Bhimbai says there is nothing left to change. It is done already. Meera questions her but Bhimbai says you know how many lives have been ruined because of this. We are well aware of this society’s norms. We shouldn’t have let Didi stay here. why did we intervene? We couldn’t even save her by letting her stay here. Plus, Ram ji is in jail. Don’t know what will happen now! Anand asks Bheema how they will get Baba out of jail now. Bheema says I don’t know but Baba always says that we should be patient in times of difficulty. We must not lose hope. We will get Baba out of jail.

Next morning, Bheema asks Ambedkar ji to take them to the best Barrister. Ambedkar ji says you are very young while the situation is very bad. Bheema says we need to do something though. Ambedkar ji tells Bheema he cannot take them to Barrister. It would be a problem for me if I will take you to him. I wont be able to stay in this society otherwise. Anand says you want to help us but cannot. How does your wanting to help actually helps us? Bala seconds him. Ambedkar ji says you are young right now. As an adult, I have lot many responsibilities. Bheema tells him to just guide him. we will find our own way. He tells his brothers to always remember that person is stronger than situation. Please share the address of Barrister. We will meet him. Ambedkar ji gives it to him.

Anand and Bala say we must ask some elder to accompany us but Bheema reasons that this is their fight. We will handle this on our own. They step out of school and meet Narayan. He asks them where they are off to. Anand whispers in Bheema’s ears. Don’t tell him anything or he will create a new problem for us! Narayan asks them again. You were so confident yesterday that you will get your Baba out of jail. I am sure you cannot understand how to do it now. I can understand your pain as you are without a father now. I am sure you don’t know what to do now or how. Bheema says we understand. I took details of the best Barrister from Ambedkar ji. He cannot go so we are going on our own. Narayan asks him if they aren’t afraid of him. Bheema says Anand Bhaiya told me not to tell you yet I told you that we are going to meet Barrister. I would have lied to you if I was afraid of you. Baba always says that truth might be alone but it is always stronger than all the lies put together! Liars can shout as much as they want to but they are weak and coward! Narayan fumes hearing his words. I will slap you! Dhruv steps in between and challenges him to try hitting Bheema if he dares to. I will hit you with a stone if you take a step towards Bheema. You know how well I aim as you only have taught me how to steal mangoes from others’ farms since childhood. Narayan questions his stance. Bheema tells Dhruv this isn’t the right way to speak to father. A father is a father. We must respect them. Dhruv says if a Baba is like yours then kids turn out to be like Bheema but a kid will pick up a stone only in case his Baba is like him (Narayan). He asks Bheema, Bala and Anand to leave asap. They comply. Narayan challenges him to come home. I wont spare you. Dhruv says even I will find a Barrister then and I will tell him that you are the one who has killed my mother. Narayan walks away in a huff.

Bhimbai and Ganga request villagers to help them bring Ram ji home. They taunt him mercilessly. Narayan says they are begging us here while her boys are meeting a Barrister at this very moment. Do you think we are fools? Villagers ask Bhimbai to leave. First speak to your sons and then come to us! Ganga takes her mother with her. Narayan says these people are daring to approach a Barrister now. Mangesh says it wont help. They don’t have money to pay him after all. He would also be from our community only.

Ram ji is siting cross legged on the floor. Police captain says I know you haven’t done anything. Justice isn’t as easy as it appears. It is way more difficult in reality. I feel both angry and pity when I see you. Bhimbai requests him to leave her husband. We will leave this village. This is what I have told the villagers now. They are upset at Bheema has approached a Barrister. He got his details somehow but we wont be able to pay his fees or anything. We will leave the town overnight. You can say that we eloped. Police captain speaks rudely to her. Ram ji reminds him that he is their culprit and not his wife. Don’t speak to her like this. He assures Bhimbai everything will be fine. Go home. She is reluctant but he insists. They leave. Police captain asks Ram ji if his kid isn’t weird. He is so young yet he is on his way to find a Barrister. Isn’t he crazy? Ram ji nods. He is crazy but if his madness works then I will get out of jail without any charge! Police captain gets curious about Bheema. Ram ji says he is Bheema. He does amazing things.

Precap: Barrister’s assistant asks Bheema, Anand and Bala to come tomorrow if they want to meet Barrister. Bring one rupee. Bheema asks him from where they will get so much money. Assistant says this is his fees. At home, Bhimbai tells Bheema they don’t want to file any case or approach any Barrister. Bheema reasons that he wont be able to get Baba out of jail otherwise. I wont let him stay there and I wont let anyone beg the villagers either. Bhimbai looks at him in surprise.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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