Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 18th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Will Bhima be allowed to study?

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Dhansukhlal asks Anand and Bhima to leave. Other kids were told to go back. Ambedkar Guru ji questions him but Dhansukhlal points at the lock. No one will study from today onwards. Studies have ruined our kids, our homes, our tradition. Ambedkar ji explains that knowledge makes you capable of fighting against justice. You are mistaken. I wont let it happen. He takes a step forward but the villagers push him behind. Bhima tells Dhansukhlal he knows why he is doing this. Dhansukhlal says I lost my son. I have made a sacrifice for this society. I have a right to make this decision. Bhima says it is wrong. Baba says those who do not understand from their mistakes meet a bad fate. You dint understand the reality even after losing your son! Dhansukhlal says I don’t care what you and your Baba says. Bhima says I know you are doing this so kids like me cannot study but I am telling you that you wont be able to stop anyone who really wants to study from studying. I wont let this school close down! You have kept innumerable challenges in front of me till date. I will consider this as a challenge too and wont let the school close down! Dhansukhlal says this school will never open after today. This is my promise to you. If the school reopens then I will leave Satara. In fact, the pride of all of us is at stake here. It will be either this school or us now! I will see how this happens and how you will study here. Villagers second him. They leave.

Ambedkar Guru ji tells Bhima not to worry. I will speak to them and Principal Sir too. No one can stop you from studying till the time I am here. He goes. Anand and Bhima eye their school sadly. Dhansukhlal’s words echo in the background. Bhima starts running. Anand requests him to stop.

Bala is training Dhruv. The group members are impressed by how quick Dhruv is catching up. Society had put this thought in our mind that only people from our community can play music. Dhruv’s actions hint that everyone from every community is capable of doing everything. Few passerby’s taunt Dhruv who scolds them. I am not Seth ji’s son anymore. I am Dhruv Sakpal. Bala supports him. They ask Dhruv to take a break. Have lunch. Dhruv requests the group members if they can lend him some money. I can buy some necessary things with it. Their leader gives him some money considering his circumstances. Dhruv and Bala smile.

Bhimbai asks Ram ji if everything is finalised. He nods. I start from tomorrow. If my name comes in front of the Englishmen then I wont be spared. You all will be in problem then. Bhimbai tells him to forget all this. Villagers around us are always looking for an opportunity to backstab us. You are just retired Subedar. Forget the rest. He is surprised to see Anand and Bhima home early. Anand tells them what happened. Bhimbai says this is what I was worried about. I was sure Seth ji will do something like this. Bhima says they were saying bad things about studies.

Ambedkar ji and Paresh meet a few villagers and explain the importance of education to them. Bala and Dhruv overhear their convo.

Ram ji says it is okay but Bhima says I have to study. How will I study? Bhimbai assures him that everything will be fine. Bhima asks his Baba to leave this town. Let’s go somewhere else. Ram ji and Bhimbai look at each other in confusion. Ram ji asks him if he is certain situation will be different at some other place. Till when will we run from people and circumstances? We wont go anywhere. I will teach you if the school closes! Bala and Dhruv enter just then. Bala shares that Panchayat has kept a meeting in school in the evening. The decision will be announced there only. Bhima says I will keep my point there. I will tell them not to close the school. Bhimbai asks him if he is sure they will understand him. He says I don’t care. I have to study! He runs outside. Ram ji tells Bhimbai to wait till the evening.

Everyone has gathered in the school premises. Ambedkar Guru ji says we must not close the school because of personal grudges. People share their opinions in favour and against the idea of having a school in the village. One guy suggests that only the kids from their community should go to school. Kids from lower community should not be even allowed to enter inside. it will solve the problem. Dhansukhlal and many other villagers like the idea. Dhansukhlal says I want this promise that this boy wont go to school. Dhruv is furious but Bala and Anand hold him.

Ambedkar Guru ji says there shouldn’t be any discrepancy with anyone in Saraswati’s temple. Dhansukhlal says there shouldn’t be any social unrest here. Things changed once Bhima came here. Bhima recalls his Baba’s advise of being a warrior and never forgetting that it is okay not to question the right and wrong sometimes and instead hold the values dearly. Bhima says I wont step out of the house. I will not meet or speak to anyone but don’t stop kids from studying. You can throw me out of this village the day you see me talking to someone. Don’t stop me from studying though. Please allow me to study. Ram ji thinks I know the battle of truth that Bhima is fighting right now. Anand says I will stop studying if you want. Only one of us will come to school but please don’t stop Bhima from going to school. Bhima is taken aback. How will it be ok if you wont study? Anand tells him to study. I don’t enjoy it much. Ram ji’s friend says we will make sure that no kid from our community will come to school. Just allow Bhima. Bhima tries to say something but his Kaka tells him to let him complete. Ambedkar ji also speaks in Bhima’s favour. He too requests the Panchayat.

Precap: Panchayat announces a decision against Bhima and all the kids from his community. Bhima is heartbroken. He locks himself in a room as soon as he is home.

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