Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 17th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Madhvi loses her husband

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Bhima asks Madhvi why she is crying. Your house is not very far from here. come here whenever you feel like. Let me know too so I can come down to meet you too. Dhruv adds that Bhima uses the same route to go to school. Bhima nods. Madhvi’s mother knocks at the door. Bhima and Dhruv leave. Madhvi’s mother tells her that it is time for her vidaai. Madhvi hugs her and cries. They head outside. the box given by Bhima is kept with all the other stuff.

Madhvi’s father gives jewellery to Madhvi’s FIL. He gladly accepts it. Make preps for the vidaai. Madhvi greets everyone with folded hands. She does the same to her father. He looks away as his eyes brim up and blesses her. Madhvi’s FIL takes everyone’s leave. Weather looks unpredictable. Madhvi leaves with her in-laws. Bhima and Dhruv look on from far. Villagers head to their homes as well. Bhima calls out to Madhvi’s father who warns him to stay outside. Bhima says I know you don’t have anything to do with me but I considered your daughters my sisters. You both are alone now. Let me know if you need anything. Madhvi’s father tells him to stay away. This is the biggest help I need. Dhruv tells him that he and people from his community will never change. They turn to leave when they find Ram ji, Bala and Anand waiting there. Ram ji praises Bhima for all that he did. It was very courageous of you! Let me treat you today. Weather changes. Anand says looks like it will rain. Bala remarks that they will get drenched by the time they reach home. Ram ji asks them to come.

It starts raining. Madhvi’s husband tells Madhvi not to be afraid. She replies that she was thinking something. He promises to keep her happy till the time he is alive. They meet with an accident. Driver, Madhvi’s FIL and husband have died on the spot. Madhvi regains conscious. She checks everyone’s pulse one by one but realises that they are no more. She runs back towards her home. A villager notices the dead bodies on his way.

Madhvi reaches her home and hugs her mother. Her parents ask her how she got hurt. The same villager reaches there and tells them about the accident. Only Madhvi survived from that accident.

Dhruv tells Bhima about the accident. Sakpal family is stunned.

Pundit ji puts the blame on Bhima. His shadow is responsible for making her a widow. Remove her jewellery. She has no right to wear it after today. A few widows walk in. He is right.

Bhimbai stops Bhima from going anywhere. Meera seconds her.

Madhvi’s mother removes the vermilion from Madhvi’s forehead and breaks her bangles. Madhvi argues but the ladies call her a widow. Madhvi asks her what that means. The lady tells her what it means. Madhvi requests her mother not to break the bangles. I dint want to wear them but then you forced me to! Don’t break them now. You know how much I love bangles. Her mother tells her it isn’t for her now. Madhvi locks herself inside the house.

Bhima keeps requesting his mother to let him go but she closes the door from inside. You are not going anywhere!

Pundit ji tells Madhvi’s mother to remove the accessories from Madhvi. The longer she wears them, the bigger the chance that it will affect her and everyone else around her. madhvi’s mother tells Madhvi to open the door. Your husband is no more. Madhvi says I am still alive though. I survived that accident and came back home.

Bhimbai tells Bhima that they have their own traditions. You wont get into that. Bhima requests his Baba to convince Aayi.

Pundit ji suggests breaking the door. Two guys challenge Madhvi to open the door or they will break it open. Madhvi looks at herself in the mirror. Madhvi touches her forehead and looks at her bangles.

Bhima insists that he has to go. Please understand. He requests Meera to talk to Aayi to but in vain. He finally requests his Baba to explain to Aayi. Only you can pacify her. Don’t know what Didi must be going through. Ram ji offers to take him to Madhvi’s house if that’s what he wants. Bhima nods. Bhimbai and Meera gasp in shock. What? Meera tells him against it. What will he do there? Ram ji says he will witness what this society does to an innocent, young girl. He asks Bhima to come. Bhima asks him if they will not let anything happen to Didi. Ram ji says I will try. They head to Madhvi’s house. Bhimbai shouts after them. Don’t do something which we will regret. She sends the boys after them and goes with Meera as well.

They guys manage to break in. Madhvi’s mother takes Madhvi outside. madhvi tells her to look at her bangles. They look so beautiful. What will you gain by breaking them? Her mother says you lost your husband so you don’t deserve them anymore. Madhvi insists that the cart upturned on its own. I dint kill anyone. A widow tries to do it but Madhvi bites a lady’s hand and runs away. Villagers chase her.

Bhima notices Madhvi and runs towards her. She requests him to save her. my Aayi is trying to break my bangles. She is saying I have no right to wear them. Why remove them now? I was protesting earlier to wear them but they forced me to wear it. Villagers come as well. They ask Madhvi to come to their side. Bhimbai requests her husband to let them follow their traditions. Ram ji tries to say something but Madhvi’s father warns him to stay away. This is our tradition. We will call police captain this time if you or your father will try to interfere. He asks Madhvi to come to their side. Madhvi and Bhima refuse. Dhansukhlal tells Ram ji to explain to Bhima that Kamna and Madhvi lost everything because of him. mangesh seconds him. Bhima refuses to let anyone take Madhvi. Madhvi’s father pushes him and grabs hold of Madhvi. Ram ji holds Bhima. Dhansukhlal warns Bhima that they will send Ram ji to jail if he takes a step further. This time your father wont be able to return from there.

Precap: The ladies break Madhvi’s bangles. Sakpal family is standing nearby and watching everything. Bhima asks the villagers if they cannot see Madhvi’s pain. Dhansukhlal replies that more than her pain, we can see that she fell in this problem because of you!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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