Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 17th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Narayan fills Bala’s ears against Ram ji

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Every human being should strive to be a good human being. He should be rewarded for the same.

Ram ji is going through his trunk. Bhimbai asks him what he is looking for. He shares that there was a box in which we had kept some money. He finds it. He gives some of it to her to give to Bheema to pay their school fees. Keep some for monthly expenses. I will keep the rest. She speaks of his job. He replies that one should keep trying. Success will be found one day. She says no one in this village is ready to hire you. Where will you find a job? He says my Baba used to say that birds find food every day. Some day they have to go a little far while on the other days, they have to go very far. I may have to go too far too but I will go.

Next morning, Bhimbai gives breakfast to Anand and Bheema. Bheema takes breakfast for Bala. Anand refuses to go with Bheema. Bala Bhaiya always scolds me. Bala is sitting outside. Bheema gives him food but Bala says I am not hungry. Bheema asks him if he is angry. Stay angry if that’s the case but please eat something. Don’t take it out on food. Bala shouts at him. I said I am not hungry. Leave. Bheema says Baba said you and Anand Bhaiya distributed laddoos when I was born. Was it so you could scold me when I grow up and you refuse to eat from my hands? Bala tells him not to
Bheema again requests him to eat. Ram ji watches them from the window. Bala finally eats. Bheema tells Bala he was very enthusiastic to see him and Anand study when he was a kid. I too wont study if you wont. Please come to school with us. Bala looks at him. Ram ji gets emotional.

All 3 brothers head to school. Anand tells Bala to hurry up or they will be late. Bheema whispers at him to let Bala Bhaiya take his time. It is enough that he is coming with us. Narayan notices Bala going to school with his brothers. I will fail if he will go to school again. I must do something. He throws a small stone at Bala and signals him to come to a corner. Bala goes to talk to him. Narayan asks Bala why he is going to school when he doesn’t like to study. Bala shares that his Baba beat him a lot. It is his dream that we should study.

Anand and Bheema turn to ask Bala to hurry up but they are taken aback to realise he is missing. they start searching for him.

Narayan says it is his dream whereas your dream is to become a musician. You can complain to police captain if there is a problem. Bala says Baba was Subedar himself. He isn’t afraid of anyone. Narayan points out that he is his son. You have his blood. You can be pressurised if you will fall weak or get afraid. If you will fight for what yo want then you will become who you want to be!

Anand asks Bala where he was. Bala shouts that he will do whatever he wants to do. He tears the books in front of them and throws them away. Anand says I will tell Baba but Bala isn’t bothered. Narayan looks on. I wont spare you so easily, Ram ji Sakpal. I will make sure you will sell your jewellery in my shop!

Bala comes to the place where the music troupe is. They refuse to make him a part of their troupe. Your family will again make a scene. Bala says I wont go anywhere this time. Anand tries to come to pacify him but Bala pushes him. Anand gets hurt on his forehead. He threatens to retort but the troupe stands in between them. Don’t think he is alone. We are with him. They begin to walk away but Anand tells Bala he isn’t doing the right thing. In the end only your family will be with you. All these people will eventually leave you. Troupe calls it a drama but Anand points out that he is hurt. How will I do drama now? Troupe members tell Bala to ignore him. Bala tells Anand to apply turmeric paste on it. Don’t come after me. I wont return!

Ram ji decides to go far in search of work. Mangesh and few villagers taunt him. Meera tells Ram ji not to pay heed to their words. You haven’t hurt anyone. You will surely find a job. Ram ji walks past Mangesh’s shop. Mangesh and other villagers taunt him on his previous job. They vow to get him thrown out of his new job also!

Bheema informs his Baba about Bala. Bhimbai and Ram ji go with him. Villagers remark that Bala is finally at the right place.

Ram ji, Bhimbai and Bheema find Anand. He tells them everything in detail. Meera takes him home to apply medicinal paste. He tells them about Bala before leaving.

Bala is playing with his troupe. He stops playing upon noticing his family coming there. Troupe leader tells him not to be afraid of anyone. We are with you. Don’t go with them. Ram ji confronts Bala. He is about to slap him but Bala holds his hand. I will complain to police captain if you will hit me. Ram ji tells him to do it and slaps him twice. Bhimbai asks him to come home. Listen to me. He refuses. Ram ji tries to pull him along but Bala manages to break free. He picks up the razor and threatens to slit his throat. Priest complains that he touched his razor. Now you will have to get me a new one.

Meera applies paste on Anand’s forehead. Bala did the wrong thing by leaving house. Anand says who pushes their younger brother like this. Meera says we must bring him back. Anand says Baba will beat him and bring him home. Meera says I doubt. He has become very stubborn.

Bhimbai tries to stop Bala but Ram ji tells Bala to slit his throat. Priest complains of his razor but troupe leader tells him that he will pay for it. Villagers taunt Ram ji and his family. Such families don’t raise their kids well. They just have kids and then are not really able to take care of them or their needs. It doesn’t matter to them even if one of them dies! Bhimbai requests Bala to come home. Don’t insult your parents in front of everyone. Ram ji asks her to come. Villagers again say that why give birth to kids when you cannot take them of them. Bheema says our parents take good care of us. They want us to study and become good human beings. They care about us. He looks at Bala and then at his parents. Bhimbai and Ram ji are in tears. Bheema holds their hands and heads home with them.

Precap: Principal asks about Bala. Anand and Bheema share that he wont come to school now. Principal taunts them that they will also leave school one by one. The process has already begun. Bheema hands him a handwritten note. Everyone else may run away but Bheema Rao will never run away. I will study so much that one day you will be proud of me. Principal walks inside the classroom and is holding Bheema’s note. I promise you in front of all the kids I will etch your name on the main gate of the school the day you will actually make your words come true!

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