Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 17th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Dhruv Sakpal comes into being

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Dhansukhlal finally walks around the bare stretcher holding the pot and then breaks the pot on the ground shocking Sakpal family. Paresh looks on from far. You still dint understand, Seth ji? Supporting wrong ideals will lead you the wrong way and it eventually breaks and destroys you!

Dhansukhlal cries as he sets fire to the stretcher. Pundit ji tells the villagers to go home and take a bath. It’s over now. Everyone leaves except Dhansukhlal and Mangesh. They are leaving when Dhruv announces that the story has begun now. You Dhruv died here today and a new Dhruv has been born in its place today. He tells Ram ji his identity hasn’t finished but has been made yet. I am the emblem of the divisions made by this society and for the misdeeds done by my father. I am on Sakpal’s side from today so from today onwards even will have a new name – Dhruv Sakpal! I will make my home at this very place. I will stay here not just as Bhima’s friend but his neighbour too. I will pay for my father’s and this society’s crimes! Mangesh takes Dhansukhlal with him.

Dhruv tells Bhima he will do penitence for all the wrongs done by his father’s society. Bhimbai caresses his head. paresh apologizes to Dhruv. I tried my best to make your father understand things logically but no one gained anything in the end. Dhruv says it’s they who have lost everything. I have gained a new identity, a new community and new neighbours. Now I will make my new home. Ram ji asks him to come to their home with Bhima but Dhruv insists he will make his home at this very place where his father did his last rites. You guide Bhima. Do the same for me. Don’t shelter me and make me weak. Bhimbai reasons that he is young but Dhruv says Bhima is even younger than me. It is intentions that make one strong. Bhima agrees. Paresh also offers to help.

Next morning, Sakpal family and Paresh start making a house for Dhruv.

Dhansukhlal tells Pundit ji that Dhruv is stubborn. He will be fine after staying away for 2-3 days. You can include him in our society once again then. Pundit ji tells him to understand that he is dead. Dhansukhlal says there are ways to make the living dead so there must be something to turn it around too. Mangesh speaks in his support upon Dhansukhlal’s askance. Dhansukhlal offers to pay hefty sum to Pundit ji. Pundit ji rues that he wont have anything left for the temple after his dead if he will continue to waste his money like that. Stay alive and attain moksha. He leaves.

Ram ji folds his hands before Paresh who holds his hands back and gestures him against it. He even drinks water from their glasses. They all make the house together. At night, Bhima congratulates Dhruv on his new home. Dhruv says my Aayi would have been happy today as this was her dream. Bhima is sure she must be happy seeing this today. Dhruv nods. It is a different thing if it is good or bad. Bhimbai says every house is good if the people living in the house are good. Their relations, intentions make the house stronger. Bhima agrees. She gives him food. Dhruv asks Bhima to eat with him. Bhimbai sweetly feeds them with her own hands. Dhruv gets emotional and hugs her. He cries his heart out and calls her Aayi. They are startled by the noise made by Dhansukhlal and look up. Dhansukhlal says now I am certain that you are lost. You were born in our community and you are calling her Aayi? I did have love for you but it is dead today because of this Bhima, Bhimbai and Ram ji Sakpal! I wont spare anyone. I will take revenge from everyone. Dhruv calls out after him. Seth Dhansukhlal ji, please take the plate with you or people might see it tomorrow and suggest keeping a purification puja for you as well. Dhansukhlal takes the plate with him as he walks away in a huff. Bhimbai looks disturbed.

Next morning, Bhimbai tells her husband what happened last night. I am scared. He says it is bound to happen but it is equally important to live. She nods. He says one must pay the price of standing with the truth. We supported Dhruv and we will have to eventually pay for it. Bhima says it wont be right for Dhruv if we back out today. Ram ji asks for tea. Dhruv tells Bhimbai (Aayi) not to make tea today as he has got it for everyone already. He gives a glass of milk to Bhima. Ram ji asks him how he made tea. Dhruv says I stole coal from Mangesh’s shop and bought the rest of the ingredients. Bhima calls it wrong but Dhruv reasons that he is dead for everyone. I am ghost after all. Everyone smiles. Meera tells everyone to make preps to go to school. Bala nods. Anand and Bhima will go to school while Dhruv and I will go to learn music. Bhima thinks Aayi is right. They wont sit quietly at all. Let’s see what they do next.

Dhansukhlal tells his well wishers they wont let the school reopen today. Who is our biggest enemy? Mangesh takes Bhima’s name. Pundit ji seconds him. Too much of knowledge pushes people to question so we wont let it happen. Don’t you want the same? Villagers agrees but point out that English army wont be happy with it. Dhansukhlal says they very well know who they should keep happy in Satara – the rich people! They will do whatever we want. They are ruling us because of our these traits only. They head to school.

Bhima and Anand are headed to school. Bhima is excited. Anand says there was a time when all 4 of used to go to school together. It is just the two of us now. Their paths have changed. Bhima nods. The paths will change as the destination is different.

Dhansukhlal and the other villagers take down the school’s board and destroy stuff. They even lock the classes. Bhima and Anand reach there just then. Bhima questions Dhansukhlal on his actions. Dhansukhlal tells him that the school has been closed.


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