Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 15th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Bala becomes a rebel

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Democracy is like a plant in this country. This plant cannot grow till the time the society unites. It will otherwise be uprooted!

Kailash says I will show you the power of society. You think you can stop the society? Bhimbai requests him to stop. We will go somewhere else if you want. Throw our stuff out but don’t harm us. Bheema questions him. Bhimbai tries to stop him but Surendra, Bala and Anand also stand in support of his brother. Mangesh says we wont have to touch the luggage / stuff of these lowly people. There is a big container of oil in my shop. Let’s burn their house! Villagers support his decision. Mangesh and other villagers fill kerosene oil in buckets.

Kailash pulls his son away from Bheema. Villagers tell him to stop but he reasons that he must get his son out. I know I will also be impure now but I have no choice.

Bhimbai and her family shouts at the villagers to stop but in vain. Bhimbai and Meera drag the kids out of their house. Mangesh smiles as villagers pour kerosene oil all over Bhimbai’s house. Mangesh lights a stick. He next heads towards Ram ji’s house. Bhimbai and Meera hold back the kids while Kailash holds his son. Mangesh is about to light the house when Puranjan comes there with policemen. All the villagers run away. Bheema points at Mangesh. They were setting our house on fire! Kailash asks police what about them. They have made us impure. Officer says you canno set fire to someone’s house because of religion or caste. Surendra’s mother takes him home.

Puranjan asks everyone to go back inside. Meera thanks him for coming on time. we would have lost out house otherwise. Don’t know how we would have survived otherwise! Bhimbai says we will manage it if we lose the house but what will we do if the kids will go astray. She takes Bheema inside with her. Everyone else follows her inside. Meera asks her what the kids did. Bhimbai tells her what she saw today. Our kids are so talented! Meera cries. Bhimbai tells the kids there wont be any school or studies after today. Do what you have decided to do! Once your Baba returns, we will ask him to drop your names from school. Bheema requests her not to do this. We will go to school. She asks him what he will do by going to school. You will keep us in dark? We think you will become great human beings after growing up but look what you are up to! Your Baba walked all his way just to save a penny. Stop going to school so our dreams wont break! It is better that we don’t dream at all! Puranjan asks Bheema what made him do this. You enjoy studying. Bheema thinks of the reason why they had decided to do that in the first place. He looks at his mother silently / sadly. Bhimbai asks him to answer Puranjan. Why did you do this? She cries. He takes out the money. We had no money to submit the fees. You also don’t have any money right now so we decided to do this. Anand says Bheema told us to hide it from you. Bheema keeps the coins in his mother’s hand. She throws it away angrily. Your parents are alive! You don’t have to start earning yet! She walks away unhappily. Bheema picks up the coins sadly. He goes and stands next to his mother. Please don’t stop me from going to school. I will study. Please forgive me. He holds his ears and starts doing sit-ups. She tells him to stop. He hugs her. She asks him why he thinks so much. You are young. We are your parents. Don’t become our parents. Bheema says we have earned this money after working hard. You don’t throw it away. Please accept it. She takes it from him. You are only born to study. Understand it well. Your Baba and I will mortgage ourselves but we wont let anything come between your studies. We will pay every amount! Bala looks at them from the window.

Anand is miffed with Bala. We got caught because of him! Aai will complain about us and Baba will not spare us. He notices Bala going and confronts him. Bala tells him to stay out of his business. I will do as I please. They both start arguing / fighting with each other. Bhimbai pushes them away. Bala and Anand continue to taunt each other. Bhimbai reprimands Bala for not being the ideal brother. They will follow you only. Bala cries. You only say such things to me! You think they aren’t at any fault? Am I a burden to you? He walks away in tears. Bheema follows his brother.

Surendra’s mother tells her son he wont stay here anymore. You will go to your Nani’s house. Your Baba went to police station because of you today! Surendra refuses to go. She stays put. He tells her he will never come back then. Kailash returns just then. He too taunts his son. Surendra’s mother tells her husband to inform his Nani who he befriends. Surendra supports Bheema but his mother shouts at him to be quiet. Surendra asks the villagers what will go wrong if he will touch Bheema. Kailash says we become impure. Surendra asks him if God told him this. You say we are all God’s child. Why do we differentiate then? Everyone is taken aback by his words. Kailash become silent for a second but then tells the cart driver to start driving.

Bheema requests Bala to come home. Don’t be angry. I am hungry. Let’s eat together. Bala says I am neither angry nor hungry. Leave me alone. Bheema asks him to come home. Bala says everyone thinks I am the wrong one always. Go. Bheema denies. He tries to convince him but in vain. Bheema tells him to stop thinking about all this. We all are wrong and got scolded for our mistake. Let’s go home. Bala leaves. Bheema turns and notices Surendra leaving in a cart passing from there. He gets sad.

Precap: No one is able to find Bala anywhere. Everyone goes in different directions. They find him practising again with the music troupe. Ram ji also comes there.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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