Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 13th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Ganga’s husband loses his life because of plague

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 13th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Villagers are celebrating at Dhansukhlal’s house. Mangesh tells Dhansukhlal that he should think that he got everything back that he had lost. Your son has become your medal. Bali seconds him. People say that British women dance on the music that the Band plays. Mangesh says I am happier about the fact that Bala dint go there. Dhansukhlal nods. We must make some policy to make sure no kid from the lower community should think of doing something which they shouldn’t. Villagers agree. They notice a few people from the lower community coming to Satara. They ask them why they came back from Bombay. The family shares that a plague has spread in Bombay. We saved our life and came back. The shop were we used to work has closed down so we left town. Dhansukhlal asks them what they have come here for. The elder guy says we have a piece of land here. we can somehow stay safe here. Even Ram ji’s SIL has been affected by the plague. We have decided not to go back ever again. Kulkarni overhears everything. Mangesh tells Dhansukhlal that Ram ji’s SIL got affected by the plague. Kulkarni points out that Dhruv has gone to the same town now. Mangesh tells him to be quiet. Kulkarni says he (Dhansukhlal) enjoys finding happiness in someone else’s pain. You are enjoying thinking you sent your son to Bombay in Bala’s place but people are coming back from Bombay now. Your son will pay for your sins. Mangesh fumes. Kulkarni tells him to focus on what Dhansukhlal will do now.

The same family informs Sakpal family about their SIL’s condition. Bhimbai sits down in shock. Everyone rushes to her side. The other family leaves. Meera asks Ram ji what they will do now. Anand asks his Baba what this plague is. Bhima says it is the same disease which gets spread with a touch and the entire city falls prey to it. Ram ji nods. He asks Manjula to bring his coat and turban. Bhimbai wants to come along but he tells her and everyone to take care and leaves.

Ram ji notices everyone running helter-skelter around him. Bhima decides to go with him. Ram ji tells him that plague is a very dangerous disease. Go home. Bhima says I know about this disease. That’s why I dint say this before Aayi but I cannot let you go alone. Didi might need her brother too. Ram ji denies but Bhima reasons that he might need to run to different places. I will help you. Ram ji gives in. Your Aayi will get worried for you if you wont be at home. Bhima shares that he informed Puranjan Kaka on his way. Dhansukhlal taunts them. You wont be able to do anything, Ram ji. I know that your SIL got plague but I believe he is bearing the brunt of the sins that you two have committed! We warned you not to go against our traditions and mess with our rituals but you don’t understand! Bhima asks his Baba to come. It is time for train. Dhansukhlal asks them to leave. Ram ji tells Dhansukhlal only he can say such things. You neither value relations nor people which is why you forgot that Dhruv has gone to Bombay just now. I am praying for him as much as I am praying for my SIL. You wont understand it though. He leaves with Bhima. Dhansukhlal shouts after them. My son does not need you guys. His father is still alive. I will take care of him.

Bhimbai is worried for Ganga and SIL. Puranjan tells her about Bhima going with Ram ji. She wants to go station to bring him back but Meera tells her to let them go. Bhaiya must have thought of something. Stay here. Bhimbai says no one listens to me here. Everyone does whatever they want! I wanted to go with him but he told me to stay at home. He took my little son with him though. How could he do that? Meera comforts Bhimbai.

Ganga’s husband is writhing in pain. Ganga’s in-laws are not letting her go near him. Vaid ji has given him medicine. Don’t go near him. Ram ji and Bhima come there. Ram ji says we must take him to hospital. Ganga’s FIL wants to abide by Vaid’s words but Ram ji reasons that this disease cannot be fixed with Vaid’s medicine. Bhima walks up to his SIL. He covers his face with his Baba’s gamcha. Ganga’s husband says it is good that you are here. One must be truthful in his last moments. Bhima tells him to be positive but his SIL insists he doesn’t have much time. I was jealous of you as you are so young yet your thoughts are so matured. I used to mess with you intentionally to show you down! Bhima assures him that he will be fine.

Ram ji tells Ganga’s in-laws that this disease isn’t normal. It spreads to people in no time. Ganga seconds him but her FIL is afraid of the upper community’s wrath. Her MIL scolds her for sending her son away for work. You were after his life when he was sitting idle at home. People from upper community will beat us if we try to take him from here. Ram ji refuses to sit back and do nothing. I will take him to hospital. Ganga’s husband tells Bhima not to change ever. Make sure you become a big man one day. He breathes his last. Everyone is stunned into silence.

Ganga looks at her in-laws. Ram ji pulls Bhima behind. Ganga asks his Baba what happened. Why did he calm down suddenly? Ram ji stops her from going near her husband. She tells him to let her go. She asks her husband if he fell asleep. Let me wake him up. Ram ji tells her not to go near him. You can catch the disease too. Ganga says he has been writhing in pain since 2 days. Let me wake him up. Bhima tells her that Jija ji will never wake up again. Ganga says he will wake up. Ganga’s MIL asks her husband to go to Vaid. Bhima says you should have taken jija ji to hospital. Ram ji says your son lost your life as you got afraid and dint take him to hospital. Ganga tells him not to say such things about his SIL. He stops her from going to her husband. Flies are hovering around him and it might be dangerous for you. Ganga shouts that she wants to be with her husband. He shouts back at her. I am trying to tell you to stay away from him as it isn’t an ordinary disease. Your husband is no more! He will never wake up or speak again. I wont let you go to him right now as his death wasn’t natural. Ganga looks at her husband in shock. Ram ji tells her that she will catch this disease too if she goes near her husband right now. Ganga moves his hands away.

Precap: Ganga is crying but starts coughing. Ram ji notices the same marks around his neck. I should take her to hospital. Few villagers block their way and tell them that Ganga cannot go to hospital.

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