Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 7th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 7th March 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 7th March 2013 Written Update

Manvi is screaming for help in the kitchen. Fire spreads everywhere. Jeevika is in her room carrying ironed clothes to cupboard. She feels like manvi is in trouble. She can’t hear manvi’s screams. But she has an intuition that manvi needs some help. She decides to go check on manvi. Manvi is crying out for help. She calls out to jeevika and virat. Manvi falls down and hurts her elbow. She tries to get up, but she’s unable to. Jeevika rushes to outhouse and opens the door. She’s shocked to see the fire spreading. She finds manvi and runs to her. But manvi falls unconscious. Jeevika looks around. And decides to put off the fire. She finds a bucket filled with water. She pours water everywhere. Then she takes water from a jug. Finally she puts off the fire and goes to manvi. She says to manvi that nothing will happen to her.

Jeevika takes manvi to hospital. Manvi is lying down in stretcher and jeevika, doctor and nurses are taking her to treatment room. Jeevika consoles manvi. Though jeevika says she can’t leave her sister alone in this condition, doctor doesn’t let her come hm. She waits outside impatiently.

Virat reaches out house and calls out manvi. But he can’t find her anywhere. He goes to kitchen and understands that the place caught fire. He gets tensed and calls manvi. But her phone is at the home itself. He calls up jeevika. But jeevika is at hospital. And her phone is in silent mode. And she doesn’t notice the call. Virat is worried for manvi.

In viren’s office, Mr. Tulani apologises for what happened. But viren tells him it’s ok. As he’s not responsible for virat leaving home. Mr. tulani says in today’s world it’s difficult to find a brother like viren. Virat should be happy about it rather than reacting this way. Viren doesn’t like what mr. Tulani said about virat. He says noone knows what fate has in store for them. So it’s better you not talk about these stuffs. Mr. Tulani apologises for what he said. Viren excuses himself saying he has a meeting. Mr. Tulani takes his leave and goes asking viren to call him if there’s anything he can do.

Virat goes to vadhera mansion and stands near the gate. He wonders whether to go inside or not. He feels he shouldn’t fall weak and go inside. People ‘ll laugh at him. But it’s also necessary to know about manvi. Manvi is more important to him than anything else. And for that he should meet jeevika.

On the other Side, doctor tells jeevika that manvi is fine . She’s unconscious because of the shock. Jeevika confirms that manvi ‘ll be alright by taking medicines. Doctor tells her not to panic. And to make manvi take complete rest and make her relax. Jeevika feels dizzy. Doctor asks her not to take manvi’s tension. She says she haven’t had anything from morning. Doctor asks her to go have something from the canteen and leaves. Jeevika remembers she hadn’t informed virat anything about it. Virat is about to enter the vadhera mansion when jeevika calls him. She tells her everything that happened. Virat is shocked to hear all this and rushes to the hospital.

In vadhera house, swamini bua, dadaji, vanshika and inder chachù are talking. Chachù is shocked to hear all what happened between the two brothers. He was away only for two days and so much happened. He consoles vanshika saying he’ll bring back virat. But swamini says he’s not going to come back. He didn’t even listen to dadaji. Vanshika also says the same. All are upset.

In the hospital virat reaches manvi’s room. He asks doctor whether manvi is alright. Doctor assures him that manvi is perfectly fine. And she’ll be conscious soon. Virat thanks jeevika and asks her to leave saying otherwise viren will be angry with her and he doesn’t want to create any more problems. Jeevika is shocked to hear virat talk like this and is not ready to leave manvi in this condition. But virat says manvi is his wife , and she’s his responsibility more than hers. And asks her to let him do his duty. Jeevika sadly looks at manvi. And finally leaves.

Jeevika is walking through the corridor. She feels dizzy. She takes her phone and tries to make a call but the phone slips from her hand and she collapses on the floor.

In manvi’s room, virat is taking care of manvi. Doctor comes there and tells him he can take manvi home after some time. And tells him that the charge of special ward is 5000 rupees. He ‘s shocked to hear that. Doctor asks virat whether he should shift manvi to general ward. Virat says it’s ok and he’ll bring the money and leaves from there.

When he’s in the corridor, he sees a crowd. People are crowding around jeevika. But virat doesn’t see her. They bring a stretcher and take her for treatment.

Manvi becomes conscious and asks for jeevika. Nurse tells her that jeevika left and virat is there. She wonders why jeevika left without saying anything. Doctor comes there and asks manvi how is she. She says she’s fine. But when she comes to know about the room rent she is shocked. When she ask them to shift her to general ward, they reply that virat asked them to put her here. She makes excuses like she has problems with air conditioner. And she feels bored alone in a room. Finally doctor agrees to shift her to general ward.

In vadhera mansion, sb tells viren about jeevika’s absence. They wonder what happened to her. Just then viren receives a phone call and he’s shocked to hear what the other person said.

Manvi is shifted to general ward and she’s happy about it. She wonders why jeevika left without saying meeting her. It must be some unavoidable circumstances. Otherwise she can’t think of her sister leaving her alone even in her dreams. She wishes that jeevika is near her. Jeevika is lying unconscious on the next bed. The two sisters don’t notice each other. Ek hazaron mein meri behna hai is played in the background.

Precap : virat tells viren that if he knew so much about relationships then he should have thought about his sister in law’s husband also. And keeps money on viren’s hands. Viren asks virat to get lost saying manvi became his sister in law even before he married her. Their relationship is older than virman’s relationship.

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