Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 7th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 7th June 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 7th June 2013 Written Update

Manvi serves tea to both families. Virat says He has AN idea. And asks viren to support him. Virat goes to both families and says. I showed You a video in youtube na. Punjabis are gr8 at dancing. And vicky’s family is happy. But viren says south indians are good at classical stuffs. There ‘ll be atleast one person in every home who does classical dance or sings well. Manvi and jeevika joins them. And finally vicky’s and shri’s parents start fighting. Virat says he has a plan. And they’ll conduct a dance competition. Whoever loses will ve to agree to all what other family say. Both families agree. Jeevika says competition is on. And Manvi wishes best of luck to chaddas and iyers. Viren feels virat introduced a new fight. But virat assures him that this will bring them close.

Both families start practising. And vicky and shri ask each other to get ready as both families are doing great.

Finally it’s the dance competition. Virat says it’s very important. As it’s between two cultures . Two states. Viren tells the rules. They ‘ll put any music. And they have to dance accordingly. The first song played is chamak chalo. Finally both families end up Dancing together. And shri and vicky starts dancing together. And shri’s father notice that. And all stops dancing. Shri’s mom asks why is she dancing with this loser. And vicky’s aunt retorts asking them to control their daughter. Finally they put blame on virat. For playing songs that made their kids do all this. But virat says his intentions were not all those. Vicky’s dad says it’s all their plan. Initially dadaji ordered house arrest. And now virat’s plan.

Virika and virman have a good laugh over all what happened. Manvi says virat’s plan was awesome. And goes to hug him. But he doesn’t let her saying she din bath and make fun of her. But manvi retorts saying he can’t save himself from her. Manvi says after vicky’s and shri’s chapter began, we dint even stop laughing. Jeevika wishes the same happiness for vicky and shri.

Shri’s family are talking. Someone knock their door. Shri’s mom goes out and sees a note. They go outside and meet punjabi family. They tell each other that they are tired of fighting. Their kids think they are fools. But they are the boss. They join hands to separate their kids.

It’s morning. And jeevika thinks it’s 6. Still there is no noise here. Vicky’s dad wakes up and decides to text shri’s dad. Shri’s parents also wakes up. Shri’s mom plays music. And punjabi’s enjoy the music. Vicky’s dad replies it reminded him of his marriage. Shri’s parents comments that vicky’s parents are not bad. He called us to make this plan. They decide to fight. So that they can separate their kids.

Vicky and shri reaches and their parents start fighting. Trying to solve their fight, vicky and shri end up fighting with each other. Though manvi and jeevika tries to interfere shri’s and vicky’s parents don’t let them. And they try to pour ghee in the fire. When vicky’s mom says he doesn’t care for her. Shri says there ‘s nothing like that. Vicky asks her to control her family. And both families leaves from there. Before leaving shri’s and vicky’s parents shows thumps up to each other. And manvi and jeevika notices that.

Manvi tells virat that she feels shri’s and vicky’s parents joined together and made a plan. They decide to keep a watch on both families to know the truth. Shri’s mom tells her he’s mummy’s boy and is not the right guy for her. On the other side vicky’s mom tells him that a girl who cannot be good Bahu can’t be good wife either. Shri texts vicky to come and meet her. Vicky texts back saying he’ll meet her in 5 minutes at terrace. Both families are happy on the success of their plan. Vicky’s dad is texting shri’s dad. And virat sees this.

Precap: jeevika tells virman that i hope all these don’t create AnY misunderstanding between vicky and shri. Vicky asks shri to elope with him. But shri says she has another plan.

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