Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 5th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 5th August 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 5th August 2013 Written Update

Episode begins where Friday left off, Beeji drops the plate of peas when Maanvi asks her about her father’s photo. Beeji asks her as to why did she ask for the photo and Maanvi tells her that she was going through old photos, but she couldn’t find any one of her dad. She then asks Beeji why did she react in such a way, and Beeji covers it up. Maanvi replies that when she met the uncle at the parlor, she had a fuzzy and warm feeling inside her, and she felt that if her dad was alive, he’d be just like the uncle. She then says she wanted to talk to her dad’s picture, and again asks the question. Beeji then tells her that since her father left them suddenly, any picture or memoir of his would get her emotional. She then tells Maanvi that to save

herself from the emotional turmoil, she dropped everything into the Ganga; Mannu tearfully hugs Beeji and apologises. She then tries to help and pick up the peas but Beeji asks her to go in and rest.

Badi Beeji asks Beeji as to what is she doing, as Maanvi DOES need a father’s love. Beeji is thoughtful.

Vidhi’s mom tells Vanshikaa and Virat that Vidhi will go along with them. She then thanks Vanshikaa and the Vadheras for keeping Vidhi happy, as she was unable to give her daughter the happiness she deserves. She apologises on Vidhi’s behalf if she’s done anything to hurt them, to which Vanshikaa apologises for her errant behavior. Vanshikaa also goes up to Vidhi and asks her to promise to always come out and clear out her issues with her or with anyone else in the family. Virat also promises on behalf of the Vadheras to always keep Vidhi happy. Virat takes Vidhi’s bag and is taking it out when he bumps into a table and drops a frame. As he picks it up and is about to look at it, Vidhi’s mother comes running and takes it from his hand. She then makes an excuse that she didn’t want the broken glass shards to hurt him, and then the three of them leave.

Swamini is about to call up Virat and check on them when Virat-Vanshikaa-Vidhi enter the Vadhera Mansion. Swamini heaves a sigh of relief and admonishes Vidhi for running off suddenly, and exclaims how happy she is. Virat then tells Swamini-Vidhi-Viren that such a thing should not happen in the future. Vidhi tries to apologise when Vanshikaa stops her and tries to explain to her that they need to sort things out among themselves instead of taking such drastic decision. Virat then tells that this incident shouldn’t reach Viren-Jeevika’s ears, and at the same time, Viren enters and asks as to what are they hiding from him and Jeevika. Viren then asks him as to where is Maanvi, and why did he come back from HK so soon. Jeevika asks him as to why did he leave Maanvi alone in HK; and Jeevika goes into a panicked frenzy. Virat-Vanshikaa-Swamini are stumped as to what to answer when Vidhi pipes up that he returned without Maanvi cause of her. She then goes on and makes up a story that her father had come over and was trying to force her to go along with him, which is why Virat hurried over to try and sort the situation out. Viren then tells them that they should have called him, when she says that she didn’t want to disturb them so they asked Virat to come over instead. Vanshikaa asks them not to stress out and Virat says all issues are sorted out.

Maanvi is annoyed that Virat hasn’t called her even once on reaching home. She calls him and asks him if he’s forgotten her on going home. Virat replies that he was quite busy; Maanvi asks him about the audition. He awkwardly replies it was okay and asks her as to how is the baby, and she tells him what did the mommy and baby do all day; including the encounter with Monty Uncle at the pizza parlor. She then asks him to come to HK as she is tired and she wants to lie in his lap and sleep. Virat says that he’s always with her, and all she has to do is close her eyes and he’ll be there. She smiles and agrees and both keep the phone after uttering a cute I love you.

Viren and Jeevika are unpacking and Viren is moaning about how fast their honeymoon ended. She pacifies him and tells him that they’ll so go out on a vacation again. Virat comes in and says that he’s going to HK now as he doesn’t want to leave Maanvi alone at such a time. Viren teases him and says that in front of the wife, now he has no value for his brother and bhabhi. Jeevika playfully chides him for teasing Virat and encourages Virat to go off to meet Maanvi. They exchange a few parting words and Virat leaves.

Maanvi’s sleeping in her room and suddenly she wakes up due to severe stomach ache. She stumbles over to the washroom to wash her face and rinse her mouth, but her condition only seems to worsen. As she walks out of the washroom into her room, the pain becomes unbearable and she faints, collapsing on the floor.

Jeevika comes into Vidhi’s room with a gift for her from Goa, its a statue of the Virgin Mary and Infant Jesus. Vidhi thanks her for the gift and Jeevika notices Vidhi’s packed luggage. Jeevika panics and asks Vidhi as to why is her bag packed, to which Vidhi covers up and says that she was thinking of leaving to pacify her father, but Virat saved the day. She also thanks Vanshikaa for being there for her; and Vanshikaa overhears this from outside and is touched.

As Virat is about to leave from CG, he calls up Maanvi to check on her if she’s taken her medicines or no, but she doesn’t pick her call. He decides her to call Dabba. Dabba is eating cold samosas when his phone rings, and it is Virat. Virat asks him to check on Maanvi as he isn’t able to contact her. As Dabba enters Maanvi’s room, he’s shocked to find her on the ground and he screams Maanvi Di in shock. He tells Virat that Maanvi is lying comatose on the floor. He’s panicking as to what to do, and Virat screeches his car to a halt. He asks Dabba to go and get Beeji and Pinky, while he himself restarts the car to reach HK ASAP. Dabba calls Beeji and Pinky who are shocked to see Maanvi in such a state.

Precap: Beeji is waiting outside the room where Maanvi is in, and Virat calls her to check on Maanvi. She replies that Maanvi’s now fine. At the same time, Monty is behind talking to the doctor and approaching her; and she can sense something.

Update Credit to: BalamPichkaari

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