Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 5th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 5th April 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 5th April 2013 Written Update

Rhea runs and hold Viren and pleads and requests him that she is fine.. Sambhav wants the staff to take her away . Viren stops them , Sambhav says she needs treatment .. Viren disagrees, the staff leave.. Rhea is still clinging onto Viren .. Viren tries to explain that Rhea needs his help and not the help from asylum… Sambhav says Rhea just wants to commit suicide ..viren defends that asylum is not the option .. Sambhav is helpless.. Rhea accuses Sambhav that he wants to see her in mental torment ..Viren tries to calm down the couple… and offers to take Rhea with him for a change.. Sambhav agrees.. Viren assures them everything will be fine.. Rhea requests Viren not to bring her back to this place.. Viren and Rhea leave ..

Virat is driving and realizes Viren forgot his office back and decides to go to shiv shakti apartments and give him .. Viren and Rhea walking on the road…Rhea tells that they will have tea here .. on a road side tea shop… Rhea starts telling Viren about how she hates living her life and rants about Sambhav not caring for her and not understanding her …and tells Viren that for the first time some one understood her feelings (here it’s Viren)

Virat reaches the place .. calls Viren whose phone is left behind at home..Virat notices Viren with Rhea on a bench before a tea shop… Rhea is happy seeing a rose bouquet with a vendor…Virat is shocked seeing Viren give flowers to Rhea…and he is confused

@Hrishikesh .. Sweety gifts a suit to the maid lakshmi and flaunts her wealth

@Vadhera house.. Maanvi is watering the plants.. Virat comes and apologizes for last night.. Maanvi says she cares naught for his sorry or thank you.. Virat says he has seen what she was telling .. Maanvi asks him what he say..Virat explains everything from the time they left to Viren giving flowers to Rhea..Jeevika overhears their conversation .. they are shocked to see Jeevika…

Jeevika asks them what they want to have for dinner.. VirMan are confused …Jeevika tells that she over heard them and the girl they were talking about was Viren’s friends wife who is going through a depression …Virenji is just helping her and she has no objection to it … Jeevika tells them about miscarriage which is forcing Rhea towards suicide and Viren ji is just helping her… Jeevika chides maanvi for still thinking about this.. Maanvi and Virat apologize to Jeevika ..Jeevika forgives them and says in future if Virenji does try anything like that she has two of her detectives in Virat and Maanvi and leaves…

Virat says bhabhi did not react much .. but is scared of viren’s reaction ..they decide not to doubt Viren in any situation … Maanvi shares her confusion with Virat if Rhea is sick her husband should take care.. and says imagine if she herself falls sick would he (virat) take care of her or allow his friend to take care of his wife…Virat says obviously he would take care of her..Virat says bhai has very less time.. and if he spends time with Rhea how will he take time for bhabhi… they are both thinking ..

@Virika room – Viren asks Jeevika if he was wrong .. jeevika says he is right .. mental asylum is not what Rhea needs she needs love and care .. Viren talks about Rhea still being in depression over her miscarriage. Jeevika is having tears…Viren hugs her and tells that jeevika was strong enough to keep all the anguish and despair within herself and did not let others be affected by it…and says that they will get back their lost happiness once again pretty soon … and assures her everything will be fine..he hugs her and thinks that Rhea’s talk is opening up Jeevika’s pain and her anguish and he has to be extra careful and not let Jeevika know anything of Rhea ..

Precap: Virat and Maanvi go towards Viren’s car.. he notices the car keys have a hotel tag ..and wonders .. Maanvi tells he might have gone to a meeting . they sit in the car (Viren’s car) Maanvi finds a lipstick in the car seat .. both are shocked..

Update Credit to: munnihyderabad

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