Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 4th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 4th September 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 4th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Matan comes home. Mahesh asks him how is he ? Matan is unable to say anything. Why are back here? ‘ bhai sahab’ when did you start calling me ‘ bhai sahab’ ? Don’t talk about the past, says matan. Why are you back. Beeji isn’t liking your presence here. Beeji says my son is back i have no worries now. Ask him to leave this house, beeji says to matan. Please if you care a little about beeji if you want to see her happy then please leave us alone. We’ve suffered a lot already because of you not anymore, says matan addressing to mahesh. Manvi jumps in and says why are you saying this? He’s your brother aren’t you happy to see him after a long time. You know nothing manvi , says matan. Come with me i’ll explain you


Scene 2
viren is running on the road and remembering jeevika asking him why is attitude so changed? Why is he quiet? What should i do? He ponders. I think now that i should pour my heart out when everything will be solved.

Scene 3
jeevika is dishearten and packing her stuff up . She stares at the picture of her wedding day. She thinks this is better for you and all of us. I should go away from yours and vidhi’s life. Everything will be solved. She holds up a pen and paper to pencil what has she been through this time and to inform Viren that she has to go beacuse she doesn’t wanna come between them. She wants him to live happily with Vidhi and that she will never come back. She takes that photo with her.
Scene 6
Jeevika is at Mandir remembering Viren dancing with Vidhi and saying her that they will go to a place no one can annoy us.

Scene 4
Matan tries to convince Manvi that her dad doesn’t deserves to be pardoned. Where was he when you were fight with cancer. He wasn’t with you we were. He didn’t even know what were you going through what were we all suffering from. You are neglecting us for him now. Manvi says whatever a dad does a child cannot stop feeling for her dad. If you were at my place wouldn’t you have forgiven your dad? Wouldn’t have you accepted him? Everyone makes mistakes and he has been punished for it long ago. Was he happy staying away from us? He has been through the same what we have.We can forget and move on. Pleases embrace him.

Scene 5
Viren comes in the room looking for Jeevika but he can’t find her anywhere. He gets a glance on the letter which says Viren i am leaving far away from you and this house. Don’t feel like i am angry with you. I couldn’t give you what vidhi is giving. I will never come between you both. I wish you never remember me. Viren doesn’t know what to do. He is really worried. When he call her he finds that her number is switched off.

Scene 6
Viren tells Vidhi that Jeevika has left the house. Vidhi says its all her fault Viren says no its his fault. They both leave to find her.

Scene 7
Matan finds BEeji crying. he asks whats wrong? Beeji says i am so happy that my son is back. She says that i feel so alone. He says you can never be wrong. I am because of you. I trust you. Mahesh listens to them. Mahesh thinks that beeji is right matan has done responsibilities of two sons.

Scene 8
Viren and Vidhi are rummaging for Jeevika on the roads showing her picture to people and asking if they have seen her? They both go to another place. Vidhi is calling her constantly but her phone is off. Where should i look for her now? Says viren. He looks at the God and remembers the temple where he went with Jeevika and she said that whenever i am worried i come here it soothes me. Viren goes rushing to the temple.
Jeevika is parying in front of God and is about to leave Viren and Vidhi arrives from back. They look for her everywhere. When Viren can’t find her he beseeches in front of God to help him finding Jeevika. Vidhi tries to console him.
Jeevika comes to pray again and stands besides Viren no t knowing its him. They have both closed their eyes Viren is leaving but he has a sudden glance over the lady standing in front of him that is Jeevika. When Jeevika turns she finds him. Both of them are in tears.

Precap-Shishank says to jeevika i know what are you going through Bhabhi i am also surprised to see viren and vidhi getting closer.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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