Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 4th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 4th April 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 4th April 2013 Written Update

Manvi is packing all the cds. Virat comes and asks why she’s doing this. She replies she’s tired of all the stories with extra marital affairs and stuffs. So she’s throwing it away. Virat replies all these happen only in romantic movies and not in thriller movies. He takes the cds from her and says now well watch only thriller movies.

Viren gets a call from Sambhav. Riya wants to tell sorry for her behavior at the restaurant. Viren says he can’t come now. He’ll come tomorrow. But Sambhav replies they are waiting near his gate. She says sorry for that. Sambhav gets a phone call from his boss in us. he excuses himself and goes to attend the call. Riya says sorry once again. To a good person like you i said all that. And i woke you up at this time. Even you lost your kid. Manvi is watching them from the balcony. She wonders what’s Viren doing with this female at night. Viren consoles the girl. He says during this time you have to be strong. Atleast for Sambhav. He loves you so much. Riya replies Sambhav doesn’t understand her at all. For him his career, his job are important. But Viren replies it’s not like that. He left his job and came for you. She replies but he treats her like a patient. Doesn’t understand her feelings. He tries to talk to her. Sambhav comes back. He once again tells sorry for disturbing at night and they leave.

Viren enters home. He looks around. But noone is there. He goes inside. MAnvi is watching him from behind her door. Virat wakes up and asks whether she started walking during sleep. and why is she upset. She tells him everything about Viren and the girl. Virat replies she’s mad. And asks her to check her eyes before saying anything about his brother. He goes to sleep and manvi is upset.

Viren enters his room. He sees Jeevika sleeping. He kisses on her forehead. Viren sleeps. Jeevika asks why is he upset. He asks she’s still awake. She replies if he kisses so lovingly anyone’ll wake up. He says she knows him so well. He tells about Riya and Sambhav coming there. God helped us recover quickly from the pain of losing our kid. But Riya is still upset. Jeevika asks him to go and meet them regularly and help them. Viren says he wants to involve her but couldn’t wake you up. Jeevika replies it’s ok. Whoever helps it’s good. They sleep.

It’s morning. Virat is leaving. Jeevika asks him to have tea. He says he has a meeting with Mr. Sanghvi. She asks him to have something on the way. She asks about Manvi. He replies she’s in the room. Jeevika feels something is wrong.

Manvi is in her room. She’s confused whether what she was a dream or happened in real. No it was not a dream. Whether she should tell everything to jeevika. And give a 10kV shock to jeevika. But i should tell everything. Issue is not small. Jeevika enters. She asks whether manvi is fine. She never sits idle like this during daytime. Manvi is still thinking. Jeevika asks whether she fought with virat. Manvi says that happen every other day. Jeevika says you got a very good husband and family. Now you should be more mature and take things seriously. Manvi thinks a bit and then says. Virat has a new friend now. And is meeting her often. I don’t know anything much. Jeevika replies you are doubting a good person like him. His virtues won’t let him take anY wrong paths. Manvi asks what’s your opinion about viren in this matters. She replies she trust him 1000 times more. Manvi says ok.

At hrishikesh, pinky chachi asks the maid to wash the clothes. Sweety and dabbu comes there. Sweety is wearing a heavy salwar and dabbu is wearing a suite. They are wearing shades too. All look at them. Maid tells her she looks really good. She asks the maid to call her ma’am. Badi beeji says they should get prize for this. Beeji and chachi says this is too much when they are at home. Sweety tells but when jeevika wears clothes like this they don’t say anything. Beeji replies they are rich people. We shouldn’t compare ourselves with them. Dabbu asks whether they are looking bad. Beeji says they look good. But change it now. Dabbu tells sweety If beeji doesn’t like it, let’s change it and they leave.

Virat and viren are in car. Viren asks virat about his album’s release date. But he’s not listening. Viren asks whether he fought with manvi. He replies our relationship started with a fight. And it’ll happen everyday. Viren asks him to be more serious. Virat gets down to take money from atm. Then viren gets a call from Sambhav asking him to come home. Viren says he’s going to office. But he hears riya shouting to leave her. Sambhav goes to riya. Viren calls his office and asks his secretary to postpone all his meeting to afternoon. When virat comes viren says he has an important work now. And says he’ll go in an auto and asks him to take the car. Though virat says he’ll drop viren, viren leaves immediately.

Two nurses are bringing riya outside. Viren comes there and asks what’s sambhav doing. Sambhav replies he’s taking her to mental hospital. He should ve done it before. Riya loosens their control and rushes to viren calls him and hugs him. Sambhav is watching shocked. Viren also looks at him shocked.

Precap: virat tells manvi that i didn’t listen to you yesterday. But today what i saw. He tells her. (we can’t hear it). Both are upset. Jeevika is listening to their conversation. They see her….

Update Credit to: DesiTvBox

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