Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 3rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 3rd April 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 3rd April 2013 Written Update

The guy explains his story to Viren. The lady is sitting on the couch and crying. He doesn’t know why god did this to them. She feels guilty and responsible for it. And is not being able to recover from the shock. He asks Viren to leave for office as he’s getting late. Viren consoles the guy and leaves.

Sweety is explaining to the new maid what she should be doing. She says she’s the one who’s going to pay her. So she should be listening to her only. Beeji and Chachi comes there. She tells them about the new maid Lakshmy. Chachi is happy about the maid. But beeji gets angry and says they never kept a maid. They all do the works together. But sweety explains that now Beeji and Badi beeji are getting old. And she’s not an expert in this. So Mummyji has to do all works and she has back pain. So she thought she’ll appoint a maid. Beeji is not convinced. But Chachi says it’k. Everyone has a maid. Beeji leaves. Chachi asks the maid to do the works and tells Sweety that she’ll make beeji understand. Chachi leaves. Sweety asks Lakhmy to make masala tea for everyone. And asks her not to do anything what Beeji asks her to.
Jeevika is in the kitchen. Viren comes there. Jeevika asks why he’ sad. He has tears in his eyes. He tells her. Losing their kid before it comes to this world is really sad. Jeevika says it was the hardest time for her. But she recovered with Viren’s and family’s love only. HE tells her something similar happened with his friend and his wife. But she didn’t recover. Jeevika says they ‘ll help Riya recover. She doesn’t have a family also.

Chachi and Beeji are in the hall. Sweety comes there. She tells chachi that she’ll do the work. But chachi says it’s. She ‘s already doing a lot of work. Lakshmy comes there with tea for everyone. Sweety gives it to Chachi. She asks lakshmy to serve beeji. But Laksmy says you asked not to do others works. Beeji and chachi hears that. Sweety tries to cover it up. But beeji says she doesn’t need it. Though Sweety insists beeji doesn’t need it. Beeji says there are only a few people here. If they can’t do the work she’ll do it. Dabbu comes and asks wwhy is everyone upset. Sweety starts shedding her crocodile tears and says Beeji is not letting her keep a maid. She appointed Lakshmy to help Beeji and Badi Beeji. But beeji doesn’t agree. She leaves crying. Dabbu gets angry and asks why beeji is making trouble over small issues. She did it for our good. But you hurt her for no reason.
Riya asks Sambhav to leave her alone. Viren comes there. He came to take his bag. He takes his bag and says there is a restaurant nearby. It’s lunch time. So we can go together. But riya says she’s not hungry. Viren replies she can give him company. He’ll feel good if they come. Sambhav says Viren is his good friend. Not to say no to him. Riya says she’ll come now. Sambhav thanks Viren. I take her out only to hospital.

They are in the restaurant. Sambhav says he’ll take something light. When Viren asks Riya. She’s playing with a knife. Sambhav asks her to leave it. He spoils his dress and goes to washroom when he tries to take the knife. He goes to washroom. Viren says he’ll order something for her too. Manvi is in her car and comes there. She wonders what Viren is doing with this girl here. She’s doubtful. Viren tells riya that i can understand your problem. I can feel it. I lost my kid like yours. I wanted a kid who calls me Papa. But i lost it forever. Sambhav listens to him. He consoles viren. They leave.

Manvi reaches Jeevika’s room. But is about to leave. Bu wonders whether to tell her or not. Manvi asks jeevika where is Jeeju. She says he must be in office. Manvi asks whether they talked. Jeevika says nope. Manvi tells her she saw him with a girl in the restaurant. Jeevika says it must be Riya. Viren went there to take his bag. Then they might have made a plan for lunch. But Manvi says they were just 2 of them. Jeevika asks Manvi whether she’s doubting her jeeju. That her husband has an extra marital affair. Manvi replies she just said what she saw. It must be because she watch lot of movies. Jeevika takes it lightly and leaves. But Manvi is still doubtful.

Precap: Riya and Viren are near his car. Riya tells sorry for her behaviour. She says sorry for disturbing at night. Viren says it’s ok and consoles her. And holds her hand. Manvi sees this from the balcony and wonders what’s happening in this home.

Update Credit to: DesiTvBox

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