Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 30th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 30th August 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 30th August 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Bari beeji asks Beeji to forgive him. So that he she can have peace herself too. Mahesh comes and calls beeji, he says sorry i was calling bari beeji. Beeji says i wasn’t listening to you either. H says i want warm milk to have medicines with. Bari beeji calls pinki and she bring him milk.

Scene 2
Vidhi receives a text which says vidhi i am coming to you to take my birthday gift. Vidhi is frightened. She locks the door. Shishank knocks the door and asks her open the door. He thinks she has slept and leave.

Scene 3
Manvi says to dabo that i know beeji loves papa so uch but she won’t confess. What can i do that she will express her feelings. Dabo is busy in eating, Manvi shouts at him. He says beeji will kill

me if i suggest you something. Manvi takes his ice cream bowl. Manvi gets an idea. She says they both live in this house they face each other 100 times if not today beeji will forget everything.

Scene 4
Manvi is in kitchen sand so is beeji. She says i will make the best onion bread for pap today. Beeji says what are you doing? You only need 3 bowls for 5 breads. She asks beeji to add spices, She says he wont eat if taste is not good. When she is adding ‘Ajawin’ beeji stops her says he doesn’t like it. Manvi asks beeji to make for him. Mahesh comes in and asks manvi what is she doing? She says beeji is making onion bread for you. Beeji grunts i am not making anything and leaves.

Scene 5
Vidhi comes to jeevika and says doctor has asked me to come for a check up. Shishank comes and says leave the check up my friend Viren is taking me for shopping. Come on vidhi lets go. Viren says vidhi has to go to doctor. Lets go i will shop with you.

Scene 6
Manvi is giving sweets to everybody in the hospital. When a woman asks her if she has got a baby boy, she says no i have got my dad. A doctor asks monty to come along him to tell something.

Scne 7
Viren stops the car in mid way and says i am not coming for shopping. He says how will i pay? Viren hands over him his card and asks him to get out of the car.

Scene 8
Doctor says to Monty that his kidney condition is deteriorating everyday. He asks not to tell this to manvi. He says i don’t wanna die. I wanna live with my daughters i want to live. Please save me. Doctor asks him not worry, everything will be fine.

Scene 9
Jeevika asks sundar to decorate the house. Vidhi comes to her, Jeevika asks if she has ordered the cake? She says i have forgotten. Jeevika asks why do you hate harshad? Whats wrong? Why are you against marrying him and so does viren? Shisahnk comes in , and shows vidhi that how much gifts viren has brought him. Harshad asks jeevika if the arrangements for the party are done? Jeevika says yes everything is done. He hugs viren, to which viren is obviously reluctant. He says thanks buddy for making this birthday grand for me. Now only the gift from vidhi is left which i will take in the part.

Scene 10
Mahesh asks manvi why has she brought him to library? She shows him the letter she wrote in 2nd standard. It says, Dear papa i miss you so much, take a little holiday from God and come to me. We will go to park, zoo and will eat gol gappy not telling beeji. He is in tears.Manvi asks if he didn’t like it? He says no it is so beautiful. She says all these letters are full of wishes that you have to fulfill. He says okay i will but let me read them first. Manvi hand over him all the letters which he reads one by one, smiling.

Scene 11
Viren says to jeevika looking in the mirror that you are looking so beautiful but then the dream of Jeevika shatters there is no viren there. He comes out of the washroom. Vidhi comes in and asks Viren can you go with me? I have to says something important. Viren goes along her.

Scene 12
Manvi says it was so much fun eating chaat with papa. I wish Virat were here. she calls him. Virat tells her that all of the concert tickets have been sold out. She says i have to tell you something Virat says i have to go somewhere Manvi says okay we will talk later. MAhesh comes in and asks who is she talking to? She tells that she was talking to virat. He brings a chess board manvi says i never lose in chess and so does Mahesh.

Scene 13
Vidhi shows Viren the text that says vidhi i will kiss you in the party.

Precap-Vidhi is dancing with shishank and when he is about to kiss her viren stops him and starts dancing with vidhi. This really makes jeevika sad.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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