Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 28th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 28th March 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 28th March 2013 Written Update

Virat walks away angrily. Everyone tries to stop him. Swamini bua wonders what happened to him. Virat is walking on the road recollecting manvi’s words. He gets a phone call from Mr. Sanghvi and he asks to come to his office for an important work.

Manvi is trying to call the gangster she appointed to beat up viren. Jeevika is worried.

On the other side blackmailer calls a gangster and asks him to kill viren.

Virat reaches Mr. Sanghvi’s office. He gives virat a new contract for a music album. And gives 1 lakh rupees as advance. He is excited. Mr. Sanghvi says he’s not doing any favour. But virat’s voice is just superb. Virat shakes hand with mr. Sanghvi and by mistake applies the color on his hands. They smile. Virat is happy that his challenge is completed. Mr. Sanghvi asks him to Go and celebrate holi with his family.

Manvi is trying to call the gangster. But phone is unreachable. Beeji comes and asks why virat left. Manvi tells they had a small fight. He’ll come back soon. The sisters decide to go outside and look for them.

Sweety goes to swamini bua and tries to apply color on her face. But swamini bua ignores her. She says she doesn’t like colours. Sweety thinks to herself that she’s trying to impress her. But by that time, swamini bua escapes from there. And a random lady apply color on sweety’s face and she gets annoyed.

The gang which the blackmailer had sent reaches vadhera house. Manvi mistakens them to be the ones she had appointed and goes to them and complains that their boss is not picking up the call. She says she cancelled the plan and ask them to go play holi with their family. They wonders what’s wrong with this female. They think they had drunk bhaang. She leaves and they try to find viren.

Manvi goes to jeevika and tells her that she had sent back the gangster. They are relieved. But Then manvi receives a call from the person she appointed. He says they’ll be late to reach. Manvi understands that she had mistaken the people who came now.

Jeevika sees someone trying to hit viren and she calls out his name. Many people beat up viren. They threaten the family members with a knife. Manvi informs jeevika that these are not the ones she appointed. The sisters are worried and don’t know who had send them. They are beating up viren badly. Viren tries to fight back. But there are many of them. Someone is about to hit viren with a hockey stick when virat comes and holds the stick. The two brothers put on a great fight. But Then the money virat got falls from his pocket. One of the guy takes it and show it to virat.

He’s showing the money and virat is asking him to leave it. Viren sees this and rushes to the guy and tries to take the money from him. Dabbu asks chachù to help them. But the guy throws the money in the air and it falls on the floor. Viren tries to take it, but a guy stamps on his hand. Virat frees himself and beats up everyone. Virat sees someone stamping viren and he comes there and saves viren. Madan chachù also fights with a few of them. Inder chachù brings the policemen. They ask the gangster who had sent him. He replies DK had sent them to kill viren. Police assures that they’ll arrest DK. And they leave. Jeevika goes and hugs viren. They are relieved. Virat goes to viren and tells him an incident that happened in their childhood. When virat’s football team won and a few seniors tried to misbehave with him, viren came and saved him. Virat says today he had beaten up these guys and now the account is balanced. Viren says even now he’s his big brother. He had beaten up more guys. But virat doesn’t agree. Viren asks. Oh you are always right. And virat replies. ‘M not always wrong.

Virat says sorry to viren. He says i had hurt you a lot. He joins his hands and ask for forgiveness. Viren says he had also hurt him. Now leave all this. He gives virat his money and says your first salary. Virat replies you have rights on my first salary. Both the sisters are really happy. Virat says whatever he did was wrong. But still viren didn’t say anything bad about him. He did really bad with viren. Viren says it’s ok. Virat asks him to correct him whenever he does anything wrong. Viren assures him that he’ll do it. The brothers hug. And all are really happy. But sweety smirks.

Precap: inder chachù says they were missing this flavor. Virat and manvi’s. Now that they are back everything is complete. In virika’s room, viren tells jeevika that he’ll never forget this day. Virat came back to him today. On Holi. So he’ll not forget this wound and this day.

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