Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 28th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 28th June 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 28th June 2013 Written Update

Vanshika and jeevika are worried about what doctor is gonna tell tomorrow. Viren reaches there. They share with him what doctor asked. When she replies doctor wanted to meet them together, He asks her why din he cal her. But vanshika asks him to compose himself as jeevika is already worried. And they’ll go together and meet doc tomorrow.

Virat comes back. Manvi says she was badly waiting for him. But he behaves indifferently with her. She says after baby comes she won’t ve time for him. If he wants he can spend time with her now. She starts discussing everyth regarding baby. How they’ll split their works. But he ignores her and leaves. Manvi goes to virika’s room and starts to cry. Saying virat doesn’t love her anymore. They try to console her. Viren tells her it’s all her mood swings and nothing else. And not to worry. He says he had read abt them. Manvi leaves from there. Jeevika is impressed with viren’s knowledge.

Virman are lying On bed. Facing opposite sides. Manvi feels bad that virat’s behaviour towards her changed. The entire family is taking care of her and she needs virat the most now. Virat gets up and is worried. Discussion goes in his head regarding what he’s doing is right or wrong. Finally, he decides to tell manvi. He goes and says that he’s not ready to take the responsibility now. But she’s fast asleep.

Manvi is searching for jeevika. When she calls her up, jeevika though she’s in hospital lies to manvi that she’s with vanshika in the market. Manvi is hungry and goes to kitchen. There she overhears two servants talking. That all are worried for jeevika. And she went to hospital with vanshika. Manvi is doubtful.

Dadaji and swamini bua are discussing abt jeevika. They wish that doc doesn’t give anY bad news today. Otherwise jeevika ‘ll be shattered. Manvi hears this. When she asks what happened to jeevika. They reply nothing. And asks her not to take stress. Manvi says she’ll find out and leaves for hospital. To inform viren about Manvi, though dadaji calls viren he disconnects the cal as it’s their turn to meet the doc. Swamini bua and dadaji leaves to hospital. So that they reach before manvi.

At the hospital, doc says she studied the report. When she’s hesitant to reveal it, viren tells her they are ready to hear that. She says jeevika’s uterus line is weak and she can’t carry a baby. And there is No treatment for this. Jeevika is shattered. All the moments when she was pregnant the first time goes through their mind. How happy family was. Viren’s plans for d kid. How he took care of jeevika. Jeevika breaks down and hugs viren and keeps crying. Viren can’t control his tears either. Vanshika tries to console her. Soon manvi’s picture comes to jeevika’s mind. How happy manvi was to know abt she being a maasi. And how she was shattered and said she can’t live after jeevika abortd her kid to save manvi. She asks viren to promise that manvi ‘ll never come to know abt this. She can live with her fate. But manvi shouldnt be given any stress now. But comes hearing this and all are shocked to see her. She asks whether she doesn’t have d right to know or whether they don’t think she’s capable of handling it.

Precap: manvi tells jeevika her dream ‘ll be completed. Jeevika asks how. Manvi puts jeevika’s hand on her stomach and says this baby is hers forever now.

Update Credit to: desitvbox

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