Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 27th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 27th August 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 27th August 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
viren gets the cash from the man and is about to leave the place when a man pats at his shoulder. He recognizes it’s his school professor they recalled some memories. Viren tells him that harshad is staying his home these days. The professor is really dazed. He tells viren that three years ago harshad died in a plane crash along with his family. His dad was an employee in our school so this news can’t be false. Viren is taken aback.

Scene 2
bari beeji asks dabo where is he going running? He tells that he is escaping actually and so should you guys. She has seen the photo of monty uncle with my dad and now she is continuously asking who is monty uncle? Manvi comes in saying but i’ve figured everything. I know everything

now. Beeji says surely monty has said something to you he’s doing what he did years ago. Beeji figured she’s lying. She asks her. She says yes i was lying because i want to know the reality of monty uncle. Tell me
everything beeji she urges. She asks pinki when beeji doesn’t respond. She moves to dabo when got no answer from pinki either,
then to bari beeji. She says i’m daughter of
this house so deserves to know the reality. When nobody answers she says i’ll do what i want to know the reality and leaves.

Scene 3
viren is still startled over what his professor said and conceives whi is this man in his house. He calls an old friend Raj, who tells him the same thing that he died in a plane crash. Viren confirms if he is talking about the same harshad singh? He says yes i am sure he is the same harshad.

Scene 4
Manvi is going somewhere holding her bag. Beeji stops her but she says everyone is concealing something here from me i won’t stay here for a moment. Beeji says just the way he left the house you are doing the same ? SShe asks who left the house? She says your monty uncle. Beeji wanders over to her and says Monty is your dad and you are his daughter. She loses the grasp on the bag and it fells on the ground.

Scene 5
Swamni and Vanshika aks Jeevika to come along them for the walk. Jeevika is reluctant first but then agrees. Sundar says i have to go to my friend’s wedding. Swamni allows him.

Scene 6
Beeji tells everything to her. She says monty is mahesh my elder son, your dad, I always lied because i didn’t want you to know his reality. He left for a stranger woman, he left your mom. Manvi is bewildered. She can not believe what she has just heard. Beeji moves a little closer to her. Did it hurt? asks beeji. That’s why i hided this truth from you both. This pain killed your mom i didn’t want the same for you. The wounds he has given have taken 20 years to fill. I don’t even want him to see you both. Yes, he is my son but i will never forget him. I embarrass calling him my son. Manvi is unable to say anything. Manvi gathers the courage and says why did you hide this truth from us. Bari beeji says how could we? Manvi shouts truth whatever is truth. Always better than a lie. I tried finding him in skies while he was in this world. She fells on the floor. What do you think beeji is your sin a in anyway lesser than papa? No. You made us orphans when our dad was alive.
You have done so wrong to us, she shouts and leaves the room. Beeji is crying too. Pinki tries to console her.

Scene 7
Shishanq goes to manvi and tries to get closes to her. He says i am your husband this is my right. She says i am pregnant, trying to stop him. He says i don’t care. And how dare you shove me? Is this because of that viren. She says stop it Shishanq there is nothing between us. Better for you, says he.He grasps her hand again and tries to kiss her. Viren comes and slaps him so hard. He asks who are you ? You can’t be my frined. Tell me who the hell are you? This is so painful to me that Vidhi has not told you my reality so far, says shishank. Viren turns back and gives Vidhi a glance.

Scene 8
Manvi is locking the room door. She remembers all the time that she spent with Monty and when Virat said your monty uncle is exactly like you, and when he came their home. Beeji knocks the door pleading her to open the door and so do everyone. Manvi remembers the time when she said i am like your daughter. She started throwing away things and sits on the floor. Vases, paintings and everything that her hands could reach was on the floor. She shouts and cries so hard. Everyone made me fool. Bari beeji says i am begging you come out. Manvi looks at the bracelet he gave her for Jeevika and the locket to her. She remembers when he gave it to her. And when she asked how did he know that her sister’s name is Jeevika. She tries to throw it away too but she can’t. She is crying very hard.

precap-Beeji is looking for dabo and tells him that manvi is not in her room. Manvi goes to Monty.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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