Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 26th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 26th August 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 26th August 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
vidhi is talking to her mom and jeevika listens. She sees jeevika and says i’ll talk to you later mom. Jeevika goes running to her room and cries her heart out. she says this isn’t possible. A part of her says don’t be a door jeevika vidhi and viren are getting closer. Another part of her says he can’t deceit you. He was just talking to her on phone. But then she thinks again there’s something between them they’re concealing. What is between them, that is supposed to be hidden? But she’s giving birth to the child of this family. Viren is like ram clean character. She stops everything saying i trust him he can’t fool me. I will ask him everything today.

Scene 2
virat. Says dont worry bari beeji i’m just going and will be back soon. Dabo says why aren’t you staying ? You just came a day ago. He meets beeji and she says don’t worry about manvi. We’re here to take care of her you just concentrate on your work. he meets pinki and then manvi. She hands over him a list that contain some points.
First, don’t ever look at woman. Second, no dance bar. Third, i should have bio data of all girls in your unit so that i can permit you whom to talk with. A roar of laughter was there in the room . Manvi says she is serious virat. Says are you sacred? She says if a woman ever looked at you i’ll make a balloon of her will pin it later.

Scene 3
viren comes home and asks jeevika what’s wrong? swamni comes in and says actually jeevika is worried about viren. Swamni tells him that she’s not ready to marry harshad. Maybe she loves someone else that’s what worrying vidhi. She doesn’t even want to talk to him. Viren says why are you guys compelling her? If she doesn’t wanna marry why don’t you guys leave her. Jeevika is in deep thoughts. Swamni says i guess you’ve taken it to your heart. She asks jeevika to not talk to him yet but when he’s okay.

Scene 4
manvi looks at a picture of her and virat and says you know how much i’m missing you virat. You were here with me yesterday this time. She then goes to dabo’ s room and finds the photo there. Dabo says i won’t let you see this. She snatches and sees it. She wonders what is he doing with matan uncle when he was her father’s friend. She asks dabo he is hiding something? He says no i’m not. I have to go to buy vegetables. I have to go i won’t tell you anything about this photo. It means you know something? He says no.

Scene 5
Jeevika is in kitchen thinking about Viren’s reaction over what Swamni says. She planned to talk to him. She goes in the room to look for him but he is no where. She wonders where can he be?

Scene 6
Manvi is worried about the photo. She then thinks to call monty uncle. She calls him, who is cooking. She says i want to ask something. She asks you were pap’s firend? What are you doing with Matan uncle in the photo. He says both of them were my friends. Manvi is till not satisfied.

Scene 7
Viren is in vidhi’s room. She is crying and saying i am really embarrassed. don’t cry. I can’t stand you crying. I won’t let anyone pressurize you to wed. Jeevika was there. Vidhi says i want to tell you something his real name is shishank but he is.. Viren’s phone rings and someone says money is ready so he leaves.

Scene 8
Jeevika is really heavy hearted, she thinks what is happening around her. What is going on between Vidhi nd Viren. Manvi calls her. She says i want to tell you something really important. I saw monty uncle’s photo with Matan uncle. and nobody is telling me. You know how it hurts when people close to you hide things, jeevika says it hurts more when they lie to conceal it.

Precap: Viren meets his old teacher and tells him that Harshad is here in his house. The teacher tells him that he died in a plane crash three years ago. Viren asks shishank who is he? He says i am vidhi’s husband.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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