Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 21st March 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 21st March 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 21st March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts where it ended yesterday where virat stops viren from interfering when he’s talking with his wife. All are shocked hearing that. Virat takes manvi with him and leave. Virika are upset seeing that.

Virat enters outhouse and go directly to take his dress. Manvi goes behind him and tries to talk. But he asks her not to talk to him now. Today, in front of so many people he came to know that his wife is working in a flower shop. She didn’t bother to ask him nor even tell him about it. Why? Did she feel he’ll be jealous when he knows she’s making money. Manvi tries to explain to him that it’s not like that. She just took up the job two days back. When she came that day, policemen were there at their place and she got really scared. She was about to tell him tonight. Virat says that incident was over two days back. She had many opportunities to tell him. But she didn’t. The guy insulted his wife in front of everyone. Manvi protests saying noone has the guts to insult her. She was bending low in front of him, because she wanted her payment. Virat says. What respect will they have when people come to know that a worthless manager threw her out of the party. Manvi gets angry and replies so you are bothered about the world. And not upset that i went for job without informing you. Virat asks her not to talk like that. Viren only slapped him. If it was him he didn’t know what he ‘ld have done. Manvi says she swear upon him that she was about to tell everything to him. Virat says after what my own brother had done with me, i ‘m not in a state to believe anyone. Manvi is shocked hearing that and asks why is he talking like that. she left her family, even her sister for him. So that he doesn’t feel lonely during this time. And he says now he doesn’t trust her anymore. That too because she did a job without telling him. Even he went to take tuitions at that angry lady’s place without telling her. If she wanted she could have also asked her many questions. But she did not do that as she didn’t want to hurt his feelings. He tries to talk, but she stops him. I don’t want to say anything more to you nor want to listen to you. She takes him in front of a mirror and says. Now you can be angry on yourself as much as you want and leaves angrily.

Viren is upset. Jeevika goes to him and asks him why did he react that way to virat at the party. Now he’s more angry at you. Viren gets angry at her and says even If she was in his situation, she ‘ld have done that. He goes and sits on the bed. She goes to him and helps him in removing his shirt’s button and is about to leave when he holds her hands and says sorry. He says he always try not to create AnY more problems, but something or other always happens. She consoles him and hugs him.

Vanshika takes a lot of money from the safe and is about to leave when swamini bua and inder chachù stops her. Swamini bua asks where is she going with the money. She replies that she’s going to virat. She can’t see her son singing in parties and her DIL working in a flower shop to earn money. Sb says even If she force him and make him accept the money, he won’t be happy with it. Chachù says it ‘ll affect virat’s self respect. He’s trying to do something on his own. For that he’s staying away from home for so many days. So let’s respect his decision.

Manvi comes out of the washroom. Virat is lying on the bed and reading a magazine. She goes to mirror and starts combing her hair. He goes behind her. But she goes and sits on the couch. He goes and sits there. But is hesitant to hold her hands. But finally holds her hand. But she leaves his hand. He says sorry to her. Sh asks you need so much of time to say sorry. But then tells sorry to him. If i had told this to you before there would have been no problem. He says the mistake is not hers. It’s his fate’s and the situation they are in now. He says he don’t think he’ll be able to do anything and breaks down. She hugs him and consoles him. And says not to lose confidence at this last moment. When he left home he had said he’ll make 1 lakh purees within a month. Half the month is already over. They ‘ll together achieve this target. He shouldn’t stop her from working and they ‘ll do it.

It’s morning and manvi is about to wake up virat when BELL rings. She goes to open the door. It’s a lady from a nearby shop and asks for virat. As he had not paid money for last week after buying stuffs. She replies he’s sleeping. So asks the lady to talk softly. She says how can someone sleep without repaying someone’s debts. Virat comes there and tells her that he’ll give the money tomorrow evening. She replies he shouldn’t delay it after that. He asks Manvi to bring water for the lady. When manvi goes to fetch water lady starts talking bad about viren. She says viren is a lawyer and used his brain to throw you out of the house and you got trapped in his plan. Virat gets angry and scolds the lady for talking about viren like that and sends her out without giving her water. Manvi feels happy that virat still respects his brother.

The lady goes out and sees viren. She tells him that virat didn’t pay her money. And tells bad about virat to viren. She says. What all did he do for him. But what ‘s he doing in return. Viren gets angry and asks her not to interfere in their problems. He pays their money and ask the lady to leave. Lady leaves annoyed. Jeevika sees this and is happy that viren still loves virat a lot.

Virat receives a call from Mr. Sanghvi. He compliments virat about his job yesterday. Everyone at the party were pretty impressed. But you left without saying anything and without collecting your payment. Virat replies he had some urgent job. Mr. Sanghvi tells about his hotel. Virat says he had come there several times. He says he needs a singer there. And If he’s interested, come there in the evening. We’ll fix your payments and commission. Virat is really excited and says ok. He goes to manvi and shares the happy news. Manvi is also really happy about it.

Manvi is in the kitchen. She decides to call jeevika. But then jeevika calls her. Manvi comments on their connection and picks the call. Both the sisters Say they have to share a happy news. Jeevika says she ‘ll say first and tells that viren still loves virat a lot. Manvi replies that even she wanted to say the same thing. Virat doesn’t show it outside. But he still has same love and respect for viren. Jeevika asks then why aren’t they together. Manvi replies they gotto do something for that before the wall of hatred between them grows to higher heights. And she shares her plan with jeevika. Jeevika replies that she’ll come there with viren. Screen splits on the face of two happy sisters.

Precap: virman and virika are at the restaurant. Manvi goes to viren and says virat got a permanent job here as a singer with 30k salary. Jeevika goes to virat and congratulates him. Viren goes to him and says congrats and extends his hand towards virat.

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