Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 21st August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 21st August 2013 Written Episode,Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 21st August 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
beeji is crying and bari beeji says to her that you can’t stop loving him no matter how much you want him to go away. Beeji says i am a mother it’s difficult to hide my sentiments. These tears are the proof of the fact that the wound is too deep that i can’t even think of forgiving him. Bari beeji pleads her in tears to forget what happened. To forget what he did ? Why he did? she says we should think of helping him in his hard times. Beeji says after years when i saw my son i wish i could stop him i wish i could embrace him. If i had stopped mahesh that day then everything would have been revealed in front of manvi and i won’t let that happen.

Scene 2
jeevika is startled listening that monty uncle is their father’s

friend. Manvi asks how is everything in chandigarh? She says everything is okay. When jeevika asks about virat she mockingly says why would he give time to desi wife when he’s between so many modern ladies. Jeevika becomes so angry on doubting virat’s character. Manvi says i was just joking. Jeevika disconnects the call.

Scene 3
harshad and viren have prepared divorce papers of vidhi. Harshad says he’ll go and get the details from vidhi. He thinks viren you’re as innocent as cow. Just wait and watch what i’m gonna do to you

scene 4
there manvi is worried about jeevika. Jeevika calls and apologises for what she said. Manvi asks what has happened? Jeevika tells her that vidhi is behaving peculiar. And viren went directly to vidhi without even meeting her. Manvi says there must be something important. Viren is ram you can’t doubt him. Jeevika says no its not like that but i think there is something there are concealing something. Manvi says you always take a lot of tension. Jeevika says you’ve all the solutions. I miss you all so much she says. Life is so perfect these days. Jeevika is in tears. Manvi says don’t worry about anything. Good bye, says manvi.

Scene 5
Vidhi says Viren is innocent but not foolish. He says wow looks like you want a husband like him. He grasps her face saying tell me you like him? She says no. He says good if even dared thinking of another man i’ll kill him. Vidhi is so worried.

Scene 6

Manvi and everyone having lunch. Manvi asks dabo why isn’t he eating anything. When he doesn’t respond she says why are you not saying anything. He says i’m not hungry. She says isn’t there anything else? Look into my eyes and tell me what are you concealing. beeji intrudes saying i just scolded at him because he didn’t go to the shop.

Scene 7
Harshad comes to viren and shows him the papers and that he has got the details of Vidhi’s husband.

Scene 8
Manvi is worried about virat. She wonders why isn’t he calling him and not receiving her call either. She call his manager but he cant listen to her owing to the loudness in the club.

Scene 9
Viren is looking for some money in his suitcase. Jeevika asks why he need money? He says I gave you 4 lac yesterday she says i gave that to mom. Why don’t you get the money from bank tomorrow. He says i don’t have much time. He leaves.

Scene 10
Manvi dreams that virat is sitting with some models and wakes up. She calls but doesn’t receive. Beeji comes and asks what is she doing ? She says i have been calling virat whole day but he isn’t receiving. Beeji says he’ll call you when he will be free.

Scene 11
Viren gives that 2 lac to harshad but he says we have to give all the money to them. I want him to leave vidhi as soon as possible. Viren says i can’t arrange 5 lac right now. Harshad says okay try arranging the money as soon as possible. Vidhi sees Harshad.

Precap: Manvi finds some ballons and flowers and wonders who has placed this? Virat says what are you shocked? She hugs him . They spent some slow dancing and loving moments on the song Kuch Khaas Hai


Update Credit to: Atiba

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