Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 1st August 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 1st August 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 1st August 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
phone rings beeji receives the call, the hello from other side dazed her. I know who you are, you are dead for us, says beeji. Bari beeji asks. Beeji says he called, how dare he. He was dead for us when he made his new world. Bari beeji asks to forgive him. Beeji says i will never forgive him for what i have been through. Beeji remembers the past talking to that man, vahesh. Go to the new life you made get lost now you will be dead for us onwards. And don’t care about jeevika and manvi i am here for them. Beeji says to bari beeji i regret giving birth to a man like him. I will never pardon him for what he has done.

scene 2
jeevika comes after taking bath and viren in staring her with love. She dries her hair with towel. Viren gets up from bed and hugs hes from back moving fingers through her hair and kissed her neck. Jeevika says viren jee, dont you wanna go out? Viren says no, i wanna stay here locked in this room. Jeevika says i didn’t come to be locked here. Suddenly It starts raining hard out, jeevika hugs viren so hard. Viren says look God is also merciful today. We have two options either lock up in the rain out or this room . Then takes her up in the arms and lay her in the bed and lays himself over her.

Scene 3
There in hospital manvi thinks not to inform virat about the mis carriage. She asks what maa was saying? Virat says nothing just and audition call was there on landline so she informed me. Manvi says you should hurrily go back then but wait i will go along with you. Virat tries to refrain saying your tests are on going here. Manvi says tests can be conducted anywhere.

Scene 4

maa is really worried about what would she do now. She suddenly gets a call from jeevika and is so worried what will she tell her. She didn’t receive and jeevika keeps on calling. She receives intending to tell her truth. Jeevika asks about vidhi? maa tells her that vidhi has left the house but jeevika couldn’t listen to her due to network problem. Jeevika says i’ll call you later i guess there is network problem due to rain . Maa is worried how will she face jeevika when she’ll come to know about it.

Scene 5
bari beeji suggests that concealing the truth that their father is alive, from jeevika and manvi isn’t good. Beeji says why are you being to strange? 20 years ago we decided not to tell the truth of their father to them. The page that has closed already doesn’t need to be opened now. Suddenly manvi comes and asks what truth beeji ? beeji says nothing is like that. Manvi urges no you people are hiding something . Bari beeji says your beeji is making samosas for you so she wanted to surprise you. What did the doctor say? Asks beeji. Virat. Says everything is perfect, baby and mom both just as you all prayed. Manvi says beeji hurry up in making samosas actually i’ll be leaving for chandigarh soon with virat her has an audition there. Beeji thinks this is better that manvi is leaving. beeji suggests her to leave come on i’ll help you in packing. Manvi says Whoa! I thought you will try to stop me but you’re forcing me to go . Beeji says its not like that you should not leave virat. Alone. Virat. Says no beeji she should stay here. Manvi says oh my God. My husband don’t wanna let me go with him my grandmother don’t want me to stay. What should i do now. She asks bari beeji to suggest her something. Bari beeji asks her to stay so she’s staying.

Scene 6
virat is leaving he hugs manvi saying i’ll be back soon . Take care of your self. Manvi says i’ll miss you and so does virat. He leaves. Manvi thinks about the injection schedules and is checking it. Suddenly virat. Comes back she hides the schedule under pillow. Virat says i forgot the keys and rummages for it in the room he’s about to touch the pillow and manvi shouts so loud here are the keys. He says okay i heard why are you shouting. He takes the keys hugs her and leaves.

Scene 7
manvi is hungry and thinking why is beeji taking so long to make samosas. She finds advert of a pizza corner in newspaper. She calls then and orders a pizza they say we haven’t started home delivery. She scold at them. Then plans to go to the pizza corner. Manvi says to beeji that i’m going to eat pizza. Beeji says i’m making samosas for you and you are going out. Beeji says no i wont let you. I will bring pizza for you. Manvi laughs saying you will bring pizza? Maybe you get confused and by a paratha instead. Manvi says im going and asks bari beeji. Bari beeji says yes go and take dabo with you. Manvi asks dabo and they both go running to the corner.

Precap – manvi is goin through all photo albums and wondering why there is no photo of her dad ? asks beeji why there is not a single photo of papa in home. The dish in beeji’s hand falls on the floor.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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