Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 17th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 17th April 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 17th April 2013 Written Update

Viren-Jeevika Conversation in Jail

Jeevika and Viren are sharing food at the jail, and Jeevika explains to Viren about the existence of Riya’s bracelet on the platform. Viren sighs and tells Jeevika that she has to accept the fact that he has killed Riya. Jeevika denies with tearful eyes and tells him that she believes that her husband can never murder anyone. Viren is skeptical and tries to explain to Jeevika that she has to now face the truth, and prepare herself for a long punishment. She is in denial but Viren keeps telling her that their separation is inevitable. Jeevika counter answers that she has never been able to stay away from him, nor will she ever.

Just then the guard cop arrives and asks Jeevika to leave. She packs the food back; grabs hold of Viren’s hand, and assures him to trust her and she would get him out of all this mess soon. Then she turns to leave but then returns back and asks Viren to promise her that would take his statement back. Viren turns his back on Jeevika. Both have tears in their eyes. Jeevika reluctantly leaves. (Tu Hi Tu sad version plays in BG)

Jeevika-Maanvi at Vadhera Mansion

Jeevika is thinking about the bracelet and it’s concoction with the case. Just then Maanvi enters her room and asks if she didn’t mind the way she took her forcefully to the cliff. Jeevika moves Maanvi’s hand from her shoulder and shows the bracelet. When asked, Jeevika says that it is Riya’s and was found when Maanvi was busy accusing her husband of killing her. Maanvi asks Jeevika the use of this? And Jeevika explains that it’s not possible that the bracelet was found so far below the platform, because it should have been at the edge of it, if it fell while Riya was falling.

Maanvi is confused and tells Jeevika that she is thinking too much. Jeevika is stunned and screams at Maanvi that she shouldn’t even have informed her about the bracelet, because she has already decided to blame Viren as the murderer. She continues that it’s unbelievable at how Sambhav, being a stranger agrees that Viren could be innocent, while her own blood-related sister is busy accusing him. Before Maanvi can speak, Jeevika fumes off. Maanvi cries.

Virat-Manvi Breakfast Togetherness

Next morning, Maanvi brings breakfast for Virat. She asks him to have it. He instead asks her if Jeevika Bhabhi had hers? Maanvi says she has no clue and she has sent breakfast with Sundar. Maanvi then gets emotional and tells Virat about the recent differences between her and Jeevika, and how everything is messed up. Virat explains to her and they both cannot even think about what Jeevika must be going through at the moment. He tells that it’s better that they do not speak of anything that might make Jeevika feel bad, instead only say thing in her support. Maanvi agrees, but still cries that she can’t bear to see this attitude of Jeevika.

She then snaps out of it, and drags Virat to eat. He says that she hasn’t had her breakfast, and they will both do it together. They feed each other, and share a moment.

Sambhav’s Residence

Jeevika is seen leaving for somewhere, when she is stopped by Swamini Bua. When asked, she looks at Maanvi and indicates that she is going to someone who doesn’t blame her husband. Maanvi is put off by those words, and Jeevika leaves.

She arrives at Sambhav’s House, who is talking to a guy from the Press, and asking him to publish the news in tomorrow’s paper. The guy leaves and Sambhav inquires about Jeevika’s arrival. She shows him Riya’s bracelet and he is taken aback at seeing it. He breaks down as he remembers how he had gifted it to her during their 1st anniversary, and now he has lost her forever. Jeevika further tells him that she suspects some big secret behind Riya’s death and Sambhav replies that he is ready to do anything for this. Jeevika thanks him, but also feels sorry at his loss.

Maanvi-Viren at Jail

Maanvi enters the Police Stations and asks to meet her ‘Jiju’, the Inspector looks confused and then repeats asking for Viren Vadhera. As she enters, she sees him sleeping on the floor. Tears flow out of her eyes. She walks back to the inspector and asks if they cannot arrange for proper equipments, and if he cannot see that Viren is sleeping on the floor? Meanwhile Viren wakes up. The Inspector taunts her saying that they will order an AC and cooler at her behest.

Maanvi walks towards Viren. He inquires about everyone at home and Maanvi says that he stole the words from her mouth. She cries and tells him how everything was fine and now what has happened. Viren asks her if she too is here, like Jeevika, to tell him that hasn’t killed Riya? Maanvi just looks on. He tells her that they have to face it, and he has to pay for his sins. Maanvi says that he is too nice, and she cannot digest how all this can be happening with him. Both have teary eyes and Maanvi runs off saying she cannot see her Jiju in this state. Viren is left speechless.

Precap: The entire Vadhera family is in the hall, and Dadaji asks Inder what’s up. Inder informs that Viren has now given the Police a written statement of admitting his crime. Everyone including Maanvi are shocked. On the other side, Jeevika and Viren are holding hands outside the lockup, and Viren slowly lets go of her hand. He asks her to go away and walks towards the lockup. Jeevika is nodding in denial and both are crying.

Update Credit to: Predator.

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