Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 16th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 16th April 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 16th April 2013 Written Update

Dadaji says he can’t ignore what virman said. And law works on the basis of proof. He turns back and sees jeevika and is quiet. She asks him to continue. She asks whether he’ll stop fighting for his grandson if all the proof is against him. Sometimes even law can go wrong. And people get punished. But she doesn’t want viren to be one of them. Whatever people says i trust him. Dadaji says You are becoming emotional. Let police and court do their job. But jeevika replies viren can’t do anything wrong. He can’t murder anyone. I know him only now. But you people know him from before. She asks what if the law makes a wrong decision. Vanshika says there is no point in saying the same thing. Swamini bua tries to stop her from talking like this to dadaji. But she says she wants the answer to all her questions today. Whether dadaji ‘ll save viren. Dadaji doesn’t reply. And walks away from there. Swamini bua and vanshika tries to console her.

Beeji calls manvi and says why isn’t she picking up the call. She asks about the news. Whether it’s true. Manvi says even she hopes so. Manvi explains everything to her. Beeji asks about jeevika. And she replies jeevika isn’t talking to her. Beeji says she must be shattered. And asks her to take care of jeevika. Manvi thinks to herself, jeevika is elder to her. So she shouldn’t feel bad. And should go talk to her. Manvi goes to meet jeevika. But she can’t find her inside her room and washroom. Her purse is also missing. She sees sunder. He tells her that she went out. Manvi wonders where jeevika went alone.

Jeevika reaches sambhav’s home. Riya’s funeral is taking place. Seeing jeevika he greets her. But people start saying stuffs. Husband first murders and then wife comes for funeral. But sambhav asks them to stop talking like that. And says it’s his house. So if anyone has a problem, asks them to leave. Sambhav tells that viren tried his best to help riya. He doesn’t believe that viren murdered riya. Infact he wanted to see her become alright. But she left us all. Jeevika replies she knows everything. Even if god tells her, she wouldn’t believe that viren wouldn’t do something like that. I came here to support you. I know it’s impossible to complete riya’s absence. But me and my family ‘ll always support you. Manvi is calling a number of times and jeevika is disconnecting her. She asks sambhav to take care and is about to leave. Pandit comes and says we can’t do riya’s funeral. But can do rest of the customs with her photo. But he can’t find any photos. Sambhav replies that he packed all her photos and kept somewhere so that he doesn’t miss her. He goes with pandit to give the photos. Jeevika is doubtful hearing that.

Jeevika reaches back vadhera house. Manvi is still calling. Jeevika disconnects the call. And goes angrily to her and asks why is she calling again and again. Manvi asks where did she go and jeevika replies it’s not necessary to tell her. Manvi doesn’t tell her everything either. Manvi says not to make her stranger like this. She says she only said the truth what she saw. She angrily asks what truth. Manvi asks her to come with and she’ll tell her everything. When manvi insists jeevika goes with her.

Jeevika and manvi reaches the hill where riya’s accident happened. Manvi tells her we saw riya and viren here. We were trying to hear them talk. But by then, viren pushed riya from there. If someone else told this to us, we wouldn’t have believed. But we saw it. But jeevika rather than listening to manvi is observing the place. She sees a mangalsutra there.

Jeevika reaches jail to meet viren. Both look at each other. Viren holds jeevika’s hands. Viren tells sorry that because of him she’s made to come here. She says he’s innocent and it was an accident. But he protests. He says it happened with his hands. She asks to leave all those. And says she brought his favourite food. They both sit down. And she’s about to feed him. He says she also must ‘ve not had anything. They have food. Then jeevika says she has somethin to show him. And shows riya’s chain. Viren recognises it. Jeevika tells him that she got it from a platform like thing below the hill. When she went there with manvi. But viren says she fell down the hill. Jeevika replies she is confused. And police came soon after that. As If they were waiting for riya to fall. Who informed them. You are a lawyer. If you concentrate on these things. You can also see something is wrong. They look at each other. Episode ends on viren’s face.

Precap: swamini bua asks where jeevika is going. Jeevika looks at manvi and replies that she’s going to those people who doesn’t doubt her husband. Manvi tells virat that she saw only jeevika’s love till now. But she can’t take in her anger. Manvi is very upset. They hug.

Update Credit to: DesiTvBox

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