Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 15th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 15th March 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 15th March 2013 Written Update

In Virika room, Jeevika walks in with mock anger, viren smiles seeing her,..after some time, Jeevika asks Viren why did he call Maanvi’s maid, Viren says he had to ask something, Jeevika asks what did he had to question her regarding braclet .. Jeevika keeps on shooting questions, Viren says he is lawyer and has right to ask questions…Jeevika is annoyed, Viren says alas nothing happened .,..Jeevika asks if he is diappointed as nothing happened.,.. Viren diverts the topic and goes off to bed with a smirk…leaving a miffed Jeevika

Jeevika nags Viren if he really wanted to ask the maid regarding the bracelet ,.. Viren says of course.. Jeevika is annoyed and blurts that he told the maid to lift her veil and show her beautiful face…Viren says, ohh so she told everything to you and further says he was just having fun .. she further asks him if he was trying to put her down before the maid .. Viren tries to defend saying he was having some fun out of curiousity.. Jeevika is exaspparated ,.. and blames him, Viren says that the maid was working for Maanvi on a per day basis ..so he thought of getting her permanently in this house and takes pride in his idea… which makes Jeevika very furious..she tells that they don’t need her here.. Viren stretches it saying that he heard of the delicious food she makes.. Jeevika asks when did he taste her food.. Viren says he did not taste her food, takes Jeevika’s hands in his and tells that her (maids) hands are beautiful, so food should be delicious…Jeevika’s anger is mounting, and blames all men are alike, unfaithful and pushes him on the bed and leaves behind a grinning Viren …

@outhouse, Virat is sleeping, Maanvi is thinking something, Virat wakes up and asks her to switch off the light and sleep . Maanvi screams “yesss I got the solution” Virat asks solution for what .. Maanvi diverts it and says that she is feeling sleepy and lies down ..

@next day, Maanvi is waiting for dhanno, and when she comes mock scolds dhanno for being late again and today also her husband left without having breakfast .. and gives her a shopping bag and asks her to follow ..Maanvi purchases vegetables, the vendor tells her to pay 150 Rs.. Maanvi screams for the 150 Rs.. Maanvi says she will give only Rs100 .. the vendor says no and both have a heated argument .. Maanvi walks with the bags of vegetables after keeping the Rs 100 note on the table.. Maanvi waits for Jeevika to save her as she did all this act for her.. the vendor goes behind Maanvi.. Maanvi stands on the road, and is waiting for Jeevika, a black car is approaching her.. Jeevika screams Mannuu and runs to save her and pulls her back, both the sisters fall on the side, they face each other with the bg score of title track..

Maanvi tells that she is not shocked seeing Jeevika, because she knew abt it long time back,, and she put up the act with the vendor only to get her unveiled .. they hug each other.. Jeevika says Maanvi is a nautanki .. Maanvi is emotional and says Jeeevika is a big nautanki as she played dhanno’s role to help her.. the sisters talk about helping each other in dire, Jeevika says she wanted to hide this from Virat … but couldn’t stay away from helping her either.. ..

Jeevika is feeding Maanvi, Jeevika goes to take her phone from the sofa, Virat walks in and closes the door,.. Maanvi is shocked to see Virat.. and screams Virat how come you are early so soon.. Jeevika is shocked. Virat says he finished his work fast .. .. and looks at dhanno who is without her veil… Virat was walking towards Jeevika,,, Maanvi runs to him and hugs him .. meanwhile jeevika pulls her veil over her face.. Virat asks how come she has no veil today.. Maanvi says that it is only before men and not women and tells dhanno to go as she finished her work..

Jeevika is walking towards the door.,. Virat tells her to stop.. both the sisters are shocked .. Maanvi tells Virat to let her go as she finished all her work.. Virat gives daily wage of Rs 50 to Dhanno .. both sisters are relieved

@Vadhera house.. – Jeevika is running towards her room., Viren stops her .. and starts flirting with her.. he says that he was just thinking abt her all day, night, at home, at work.. Jeevika miffed walks away, he pulls her back with her pallu .. he says that he feels that her face behind her veil has a deep connection with him which is why she came all the way from Rajasthan to Chandigarh only for him .. he holds her arms and comes close to her.. she stomps her feet on his and leaves ..

she is in her room and rants on Viren’s behaviour, she decides to tell him the truth and then thinks against it.. as it is the right way to test a husband’s character..

Virat is at the kids house tutoring him, his mom rants how all other kids sang in the function except her son who couldn’t sing a line.. and was embarassed before teh society and vents out on Virat saying that the music teacher is good for nothing who couldn’t teach single line .. Virat requests her to give some time… the lady still vents .. Maanvi calls Virat saying he forgot his wallet, and she would get it for him and asks for the institute’s adreess.. Virat says it’s ok .. he will manage it.. and starts to talk with the lady (without hanging up the phone) Maanvi is listening .. Virat tells the lady .. that Ronnie was not a bit interested last week.. now he is getting into the grove of it.. he is trying to learn it.. The lady says with this rate it wil take one year and she can’t wait that long . she wants her kid to perform on TV in a month .. he says that she was wrong in giving the job to a good for nothing teacher like him and also for giving him Rs5000 in advance…

Virat says that he took Rs5000 as it was an emergency and not to keep taunting him on that as he would return it ASAP.. and quits the job right then and leaves.. Maavi is shocked that Virat is giving private tutitions and not working in an institute.. she thinks that he could have taken the advance for her hospital bills

Precap: Virat is looking for Maanvi in the house, the lady gets the cops along with her and tells them to arrest Virat as he took 5000Rs from her ..the cops were about to arrest, Maanvi comes right then and is shocked …

Update Credit to: munnihyderabad

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