Ek Hasina Thi 9th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Shaurya talking to his friends working out in the gym. They have a gtalk and make fun of Shaurya for not able to win Durga’s heart. Shaurya sees few girls. Karan jokes on him. Shaurya says I won’t lose the Rs 5 crore bet. He gets a call. Shaurya says girls don’t leave me. Avantika calls him. Shaurya says I was going in a meeting. She says I m missing you. He says me too, lets go in long romantic drive. She says really. He says yes. He flirts with her and she becomes happy. She asks him to say that he loves her. He says ofcourse I love you.

Avantika becomes happy. Shaurya’s friend’s laugh. Shaurya says I will speak to you later. She says I love you too. She says I should tell my parents. Her dad slaps her knowing it. Shaurya’s friends ask him to give love tuitions. They ask are you going out with her tonight. Shaurya says yes, she gave me the offer so why to say no, and till I get Durga, should I be a saint. Avantika cries. Her dad says she wants to marry Shaurya Goenka. His wife says but you like him, why are you saying no. He says that rape case.

She says you said it was fake case, the girl blamed him to ease out money from him. Her mum says they look good together. Avantika leaves crying. Her mum says what problem do you have, tell me, shall I talk to Sakshi, we meet in clubs. She leaves. Her dad thinks how to tell them Shaurya is not innocent, he is a rapist, I have helped him and proved him innocent, its good the girl did not die, else he would also be a murderer. He thinks no, I can’t ruin her life, but she won’t agree, she has to see his real face, he is a monster in real.

Shaurya whistles. Raj asks him to shut the window as AC in on. Shaurya says end the dinner soon, as I have plans. Sakshi says why are we going to have dinner at commissioner Mr. Sahani’s house, his wife acts very friendly. Raj says he requested me to come. Sakshi says why we all. Raj says we have to find out. Akash messages Sakshi that Dayal and Durga are coming there too. Sakshi thinks one more coincidence, if Durga is there, something will happen, be careful.

Dayal and Durga come there. The dinner starts. Mr. Sahani thanks them for coming. Sakshi and Raj compliment Avantika. Shaurya and Avantika flirt. Raj says in your presence, the crime rate is zero. Sahani says people think this, but there are criminal and looks at Shaurya. Sakshi looks on shocked. He says criminals use their contacts and roam free. Dayal and Durga come there. Shaurya is shocked to see Durga. Dayal says Durga wanted to be here in this club so here I m. Raj says goob job Durga.

Dayal greets everyone. Durga says hi Shaurya. Sahani talks to them. Dayal compliments Avantika. Her mum says we want our daughter to get married in good house so we called Goenkas here. Sahani says I did not know Shaurya and Avantika were dating. He says so we thought to make our relation strong by marrying them married. Durga thinks now the perfect game begins.

Shaurya is shocked. Dayal says congrats to them and says we are lucky to hear this. Durga also says congrats. Sakshi asks Shaurya is this true. Shaurya says yes. Avantika smiles. Everyone are shocked. Shaurya says its true we are good friends and we went for many dates, but that’s it. He says she is not my type. Avantika is shocked.He says I cleared this to Avantika last time, then why are we discussing this. He says you can check my phone, she called me and I just replied.

Avantika cries and says you are so mean Shaurya. He says I m sorry, but you misunderstood my friendship. Raj and Sakshi try to cover up Shaurya. Raj says we are a family, don’t worry. Sahani gets angry and says do you think my daughter is lying. Raj says no, its misunderstanding, maybe miscommunication. Sahani says no way, your son told her that he loves her and wants to marry her. He says they were going to go on long drive tonight.

Sakshi asks Shaurya is this true, be honest. Sahani says I m saying the truth, I know his character certificate. Shaurya says Avantika, I m sorry, I did not know you are so immature to do this. He leaves. Durga smiles. Raj says I did not have any problem with this relation. Sakshi says exactly but we can’t help. Avantika says I don’t want to see his face. Raj says I will talk to Shaurya. They leave. Sahani sees Avantika crying. Durga thinks how Sahani was bribed by Sakshi.

Sahani promised her that he will erase all the evidences. Durga smiles and thinks he did not support her. He was sure that this would not happen with this daughter. Nitya argued with him but he has erased all proofs. Durga smiles and greets him. Maa Durga……………plays………………

Sakshi says after today’s dinner, its clear now that its time to get Shaurya married. Avantika is giving up her life eating many sleeping tablets.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

  1. shaurya is bad…..but i luv the guy who plays the character

  2. Eewwww he is not good looking

  3. I hate Shaurya Goenka’s character in dis show but da guy who plays him is a really gud actor nd I luv Sanjeeda’s acting, (Durga keep up ure justice!) 😉 ♥

  4. The character of sanjeeda is soo strong…..long way to go durga….. ♡

  5. I hate shauraya and his whole family. ..sakshi is so beautiful….raima is little beautiful. ..but I hate sakshi and raima’s character. …jatin shame on u…durga(sanjeeda)too nice keep it up very good outstanding…sakhsi too beautiful u look awesome in every dress your hair are awesome

  6. Ahsta very good keep it up u r very nice…what is ur relation with payal

    Oh sorry durgggga thakur

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