Ek Hasina Thi 8th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Hasina Thi 8th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sakshi talking to doctor about Shaurya. The doctor says Shauyra will get fine, I guess. Shaurya gets angry. Sakshi asks him not to give any detail to Durga and keep it till him. He says good luck and leaves. The doctor tells Shaurya that we will start with basic exercise. Shaurya says you are so old, I will feel bad, you get some hot and good looking nurse, I will be fine. The doctor says next time. Rajnath talks to someone on phone angrily and asks him to find out. Sakshi asks what happened. Rajnath says Akash sent email, he has given resignation. She asks why, what reason he gave. He says nothing, that he is leaving the work, what happened, whats wrong with him.

She says relax, he is not family member, we will replace him. He says it takes time to get good people. He asks how are you calm, Akash did all plotting execution of your plan against Durga, tell me, is it you behind his resignation. She denies it. Rajnath doubts on her. Rajnath scolds her and says he is going for two week holiday and he will be in peace. She thinks Rajnath has to come back wherever he goes, and she will find out Akash tracking the IP address, its clear that I will have to find out Durga’s truth. Durga comes and asks are you thinking about me.

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Sakshi tells about Akash and says I wonder what work he did that he hid his face and run away, is it not strange Durga. Durga says yes, very strange, I know Akash, he is intelligent and smart man, he was courageous, he did all your imp work. Durga taunts her and says I hope your world does not turn upside down. She leaves. Sakshi thinks. Durga smiles seeing her from far and thinks wait, the phone will come anytime, its your son’s parting gift.

Dev asks his secretary to get the money Rs 2 crores from his accounts.He thinks how to get more 13 crores, I can’t ask mum, how will get money till evening. He smiles seeing the laptop. Rajnath tells Raima that he is worried because of Sakshi, I have to kick her out of my life, she is blo*dy irritating, my BP raises seeing her, she was becoming higher than me, I was not quiet today, I scolded her, once I get that tape, I will show her place, she knows my weakness, so she controls me, till she has the proof, I m ruined. Raima says I understand. He says once I get the proof, I will show Sakshi Rahmat Khan her place, she used me a lot. Raima pacifies him.

She says I don’t want you to talk about Sakshi in our two week holiday. Rajnath gets a call and says what, how can this be, are you sure. Raima asks what now. He says someone sold our shares in market. Raima says who can do this. He says who will sell it from family, so many problems, and even Akash has gone. She says who can do it from family. He says I will know later, will leave now. Raima asks him to take care. He leaves. Raima thinks Rajnath is worried with Sakshi, I feel bad for him, I think I should make my relation well with Sakshi to know her plan, get that tape and destroy it, Sakshi will go away from his life and I can become part of Raj’s life.

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Dev comes to meet Payal. Durga thinks about Kangana, she means a lot to me, her heart is very clean, I don’t want to spoil relation with her, please understand me. She gets Karan’s call to Kangana and says it means they are having an affair. Kangana comes and asks what is she doing in her room. She tells Karan that she will call her back. Durga says she wants to talk to her. Kangana says stay away from me and my life, please leave. Durga thinks she is going to meet Karan, he is not a good guy, I can’t let you go to that rapist, even if you hate me. The doctor calls Durga asking shall I allow Dev to meet Payal. Durga says yes, permit him.

She thinks she can’t stop Dev from being happy. Jatin calls Sakshi and says he has a shocking news for her. Sakshi says she don’t have time for his nonsense. He says Rajnath is having an affair. She is shocked and asks what, how dare you. He says he has sold proof for it. She says fine, tell me with whom he is having the affair. He says he knows, if you did not interfere in Raima’s alimony case, I would have not said this, I want Rs 2 crores for this proof. Sakshi says thanks, but I trust Rajnath, don’t call me again. He says Rajnath is lucky as you blindly trust him, but know the truth. He ends the call. She sees someone and goes out to see. Durga hears her and thinks well done Jatin, you have taken her smile, it will be fun to see her face now when she knows Rajnath is having an affair with best friend Raima.

Jatin asks Sakshi to get more money of Rs 5 crores. Sakshi asks for address saying she will come. Durga smiles seeing her tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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