Ek Hasina Thi 7th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Durga thinking she was treated in the hospital. Dayal treated her as a doctor and apologized for hitting her by his car as she came infront suddenly. He was surprised that she was so serious and still not batting for her life. Dayal took the responsibility of giving her a new face. Durga says that night Nitya had to die and turn into ashes. She drops some ashes. She says so that Durga can live. She says whenever I go to meet Payal, I kill Nitya, Nitya lost but Durga is born to win, Durga will take revenge for Payal’s rape and my parents’ death. She says this time Goenkas will lose.

She comes to Payal and hugs her pacifying her. Payal says Nitya di. Durga is shocked. Payal holds her hand and says I knew you will surely come. Dayal looks on. Durga says I m not Nitya. Payal says no, you are my Nitya di, tell me you won’t leave me. Durga says I won’t leave you ever, I m not your Nitya Di. Payal says swear on me. Durga lies to her and says I m not her, but I m like her. Payal says fine, I will let you meet her when she comes, whats your name. Durga says I will meet her, my name is Durga asks her to rest and sleep. Payal sleeps.

Durga cries and tells Dayal that I can’t take any chance this time. She says I know Payal you will get fine if I tell you I m Nitya but your wounds will heal when I take revenge being Durga. She thinks how Shaurya tortured her. Dayal says it will really happen. Durga says yes, I will take the revenge for sure. Only then Nitya can meet her sister. She gets a call and leaves.

Shaurya comes to talk to Suchitra. She misses her husband and asks why did you come to meet me, do you have any questions in your mind. He says what, can’t I come without any reason. She says you can, but now you have something in your mind. He says you are the best, you are super smart more than mum. She asks what is it. He says my friend like an intelligent girl like you. He says I told my friend if you want to impress her, show her Kolkata, but the girl is not getting impressed. She asks who is she. He tells some name and says don’t tell anyone.

She smiles and gives him a book. He asks what is this, does it have tips. She says no, your Tau ji gave me this book to impress me. He says just a book? She says yes, he said you can know people by choice of books. He says my friend will be happy, thank you. He leaves. Shaurya come to meet Durga in the coffee shop. He flirts. She says you will be known for helping people now. He says I changed because of you, I m feeling good by helping someone.

Suchitra comes to Sakshi and sees her upset. She asks what happened. Sakshi says nothing, don’t know my heart is restless. Suchitra says she has good news and says Shaurya is in love. Sakshi is shocked. Sakshi asks what do you mean. Suchitra says he is in love, I m happy, he has found a perfect girl, she is smart and beautiful from good family. Sakshi asks who. Suchitra says Durga Thakur. Sakshi is shocked.

Shaurya brings Durga to a book store. She says wow, how interesting, you brought me here to gift me, impressive, you know me better. He says I know you very well. Sakshi says how did you know.Suchitra says Shaurya told her indirectly. She says what all Shaurya told asking for tips. She says I could see his love clearly. Shaurya looks at Durga and thinks you won’t be away from me for long. Suchitra says you must be happy. Shaurya got the right life partner.

Sakshi smiles. Suchitra says I came to share this excitement and leaves. Durga selects Bhagwad Gita. He says I knew this, but does this hold value. She says its life, not a book. It has everything, how to end evil and how to win after losing. He says I will gift you this. He whistles. Durga looks at him.

Sakshi asks Akash to find out about Payal and keep an eye on Durga. He says give me every min details of Durga. Sakshi sees Durga at an event.

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